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The two of them raised their glasses and drank together.

They were both people who had fought for their lives in this world.

At this moment, they were together.

“Hehe…” Jiang Xiyue let out a laugh that sounded like silver bells.

She sat on Lin Mos lap, and it was heart-stirring.

Lin Mo held Jiang Xiyues slender waist, picked up the wine pot on the table, and poured it into his mouth.

Jiang Xiyue also came up and grabbed the wine pot, then poured it down toward her red lips.

The moonlight was very beautiful, and the scenery in the courtyard was even more beautiful.

Lin Mo was not the kind of person who prided himself on being noble.

Although the roses were prickly, they could still be picked.

He picked up Jiang Xiyue, used the Swimming Dragon Walk, and disappeared into the courtyard.

Every moment of spring was worth a thousand gold coins…

In Lin Mos room, a woman lazily climbed up from the quilt made of white jade and silk.

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Jiang Xiyue opened her eyes, and there were stars in them.

Her hair was messy, and she got up from the bed with a gentle smile on her face.

“I should go…” She put on the messy clothes by the bed and combed her long hair.

Lin Mo was very calm.

Lying on the bed, he felt that it was a little unreal.

After a long time, he smiled gently, and his smile was very bright.

“Are you in such a hurry to leave”

“Father summoned me.

I have no choice…” Jiang Xiyue shook her head.

She had to leave as soon as possible.

She could not be delayed.

“You have to be careful.

The second prince is not to be trifled with.

He wont tolerate you killing his people.”

Jiang Xiyues voice was a little ethereal.

Coupled with her beautiful face, she was a little like a fairy who had fallen into the mortal world.

Lin Mo was a little infatuated with her like this.

“Second prince, huh… After I rose to power, I was destined to be involved in the battle between you princes.

Between power and beauties, Im more inclined towards the latter…”

Lin Mo smiled as he said that.

He reached out and pulled Jiang Xiyue into his embrace, sniffing the fragrance on her body.

Jiang Xiyue snuggled into Lin Mos embrace and said, “I believe that you will succeed and leave a great mark on the world.”

“The world is unpredictable.

Many people pay attention to me, and all the forces are watching me.

I might die prematurely,” Lin Mo said casually.

He would be in great danger in the future.

“If I leave in the end, Ill just be a joke to them.” Lin Mo smiled bitterly.

It was really dangerous to rise up on his own…

“Are you that unconfident” Jiang Xiyue looked at him calmly with doubt in her eyes.

“Im only at tier 9 of the Dragon Transformation Realm now, but I just havent fully revealed my trump cards yet,” Lin Mo said calmly.

“If I really die prematurely, what will you do” Lin Mo asked.

“Naturally, Ill feel a little regretful.” Jiang Xiyue smiled, broke free from Lin Mos embrace, and stood up.

“You and I are both gambling, arent we” Jiang Xiyue turned her head and said.

“If we fail, at worst, well just die.”

“Its not bad that you have such a state of mind.” Lin Mo was stunned, and he had a new opinion of Jiang Xiyue.

“So, we can only succeed, we cant fail.” Jiang Xiyue shook her head and moved closer to Lin Mo.

her beautiful red lips lightly imprinted on Lin Mos face.

“Thats it.

Ill see you again at the Dao Conference in Jingdou.”

At dawn, Jiang Xiyue left and walked on the streets of Lin City.

Not long after, she disappeared.

The pedestrians on the road were shocked and did not know what had happened.

Lin Mo walked out of his room.

Miao Qing sent over a pile of visitation cards.

Some were from the forces of Lin City, and some were from the cities next door.

These people all wanted to curry favor with Lin Mo and get on the list.

Lin Mo did not meet anyone.

He took a walk in the mansion until Lin Qingyue came and said that the chief had summoned him.

Only then did he return.

“Lin Mo, a lot of people are paying attention to you.

What do you plan to do” Clan Leader Lin Xuan asked.

He was able to become the clan leader, so he naturally had some insight and could see Lin Mos current situation.

Although it was extremely glorious, it was still difficult to get out of it.

Working together with the eighth prince to trap the second prince and even kill the second princes subordinate Cao Zhen, this enmity was formed.

Many people wanted to see how the second prince would face it.

At the same time, there were also people who did not want Lin Mo to grow and wanted to kill him in the cradle.

Before Jiang Xiyue left, she had said that she had sent people to protect him in secret.

However, no matter how strong this person was, it was estimated that he could only protect him for a while and not for a lifetime.

“Clan leader, do you have anything to say” Lin Mo asked.

“There is nothing left to develop in Lin City now, and you have been targeted.

If you continue to stay in Lin City, it will be very dangerous.”

Lin Xuan opened his mouth and gave a suggestion.

He was just like Jiang Xiyue, cultivating in seclusion.

When the Dao Conference of Jingdou began, he would be able to go to Jingdou with an invitation letter in hand.

In that case, his life would not be in danger before the Dao Conference ended.


Lin Mo smiled and did not agree to this arrangement.

“If I have to do something, and if I dont do it, how can I easily back down” Lin Mo laughed loudly.

Now that he had made up his mind, he was not willing to live in seclusion.

It was not in his character to continue living in seclusion.

Moreover, the auction profits from the system would be wasted if he hid like this, right

“Brother, dont tell me youre going to Jingdou now”

Lin Qingyue did not understand.

Lin City could no longer support Lin Mo in what he was doing.

He had almost completely plundered all the cultivation resources.

Moreover, Lin Mo had offended the second prince.

If he continued to make a big move, his life would be in danger.

“Of course not.

I want to go to the Ancient Flame City and open a Lin auction house there.”


Lin Mo did as he was told.

He did not listen to the dissuasion of the crowd.

He called Duanmu Jia and Miao Qing.

At the same time, Lin Die and Yan Rong followed.

She was timid to others.

Only by being by Lin Mos side could she let go.

Now that she heard that Lin Mo wanted to go to the Ancient Flame City, she would follow him no matter what.

“Big brother, dont be afraid.

Lil Die will protect Big Brother.”

On the way out of Lin City, Lil Die waved her chubby little fist and said her childish words.

There were many people paying attention on the way.

Some people wanted to go up and strike up a conversation, but in the end, they stopped.

The group quickly disappeared from everyones sight.

They walked out of Lin City and dived into the forest.

Ancient Flame City was one of the important cities of the Yanhuang Divine Empire.

There were many treasures there that could greatly increase Lin Mos strength.

Similarly, Ancient Flame City also had places where several princes fought over.

“Master, Ancient Flame City is a mix of various factions.

There are all sorts of factions and there are also princes involved,” Duanmu Jia said.

There was quite a lot of information about the Ancient Flame City, but most of it was public information.

It was not so easy to find out about matters like the princes stationed there.

“First Elder Duanmu Cheng is still in Forest City.

He sent me a letter after he found out that you were going to Ancient Flame City.”

Duanmu Jia took out a letter and handed it to Lin Mo.

However, the information on the letter only stated that there was a princes influence.

It was unknown which prince it was.

In other words, there was more than one prince in the Ancient Flame City.

Even the crown prince might have infiltrated it.

“Master, wouldnt it be bad for us to compete with these princes” Miao Qing asked worriedly.

They did not have any backers.

Although they had offended the second prince, they still had to extend their hand into the Ancient Flame City.

In this way, they would probably offend the other princes at the same time.

The gains would not make up for the losses.

“Its fine.

When the time comes, well just have to find out which forces the princes have in the Ancient Flame City,” Lin Mo said with a faint smile.

He did not mind these things.


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