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The few of them walked through the forest.

Suddenly, Lin Mo stopped and looked ahead.

“Who is it”

Yan Rong took the lead and stood in front of Lin Mo.

he stared ahead vigilantly.

“Its okay.

Were on the same side.”

Lin Mo waved his hand and asked Yan Rong to leave.

The other party was very strong, but he did not feel any killing intent.

He thought of how Jiang Xiyue had sent people to protect him in secret.

Now that he did not live in seclusion and went to the Ancient Flame City in a high-profile manner, the person in the dark could not sit still anymore.

“Senior, please show yourself.” Lin Mo cupped his fists and asked the person to show himself.

“Are you going to disobey the order”

An old voice was heard.

The space in front of Lin Mo suddenly cracked open, and an old man walked out abruptly.

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“What kind of method is this…”

Miao Qing was shocked.

To travel through space, what kind of expert could do this

“May I ask this seniors name” Lin Mo said with a smile.

He did not expect Jiang Xiyue to arrange such a powerful existence for him.

Was she showing concern for him

“I am Luo Haoyu.”

The old man wore a bamboo hat, and his eyes were sharp.

His body was hidden in a black robe.

He reached out his hand, and there was a yellow water dragon pendant in his hand.

Lin Mo nodded.

This pendant was the one that Jiang Xiyue usually wore.

There was no mistake about its aura.

The one who could hold this pendant must be the person that Jiang Xiyue arranged to protect him in the dark.

“Elder of the Royal Execution Hall, fifth-class executioner Luo Haoyu” Yan Rong was shocked and recognized this name.

“You have some knowledge.”

The old man turned his head and glanced at Yan Rong.

His eyes flashed with a cold light.

Yan Rong staggered backward as if he had been struck by lightning.

He actually felt a sweetness in his throat and was injured by a single glance.

“What do you mean by disobeying orders” Lin Mo smiled and protected Yan Rong behind him.

The strength of this old man was at least tier 25 Dragon Transformation Realm.

In fact, it was very likely that he was an existence at the peak of the Dragon Transformation Realm.

He could not be underestimated.

He really did not expect that Jiang Xiyue could mobilize such a powerful existence.

Moreover, it was to protect him…

Luo Haoyu looked at Miao Qing and the others with suspicion in his eyes.

Finally, he put his hand on Lin Mos body and said, “Follow me.”

In an instant, Lin Mo felt the world around him spinning and the space fluctuating.

When they reappeared, the two of them had already appeared on top of a mountain.

Luo Haoyu let go of Lin Mo and said.

“The princess asked you to live in seclusion, but you want to take risks.

If this isnt disobeying orders, then what is”

“Do you know that the Ancient Flame City is the territory of the fourth prince and the crown prince They divide the area into two parts and dont interfere with each others affairs.”

“Once you go, youll break the balance.

Its very likely that youll be destroyed by the combined forces.”

Luo Haoyu said.

There was a limit to the number of experts Jiang Xiyue could mobilize around her, especially those at his level.

It was already dangerous for her to return to Jingdou.

Now that she had sent someone to protect Lin Mo, she was even weaker.

At this time, Lin Mo still wanted to put himself in danger.

This made Luo Haoyu, who was loyal to Jiang Xiyue, very unhappy.

“Senior, could it be that Jiang Xiyue might also be assassinated in Jingdou” Lin Mo was shocked.

The emperor had personally summoned her.

Could it be that these princes still dared to make a move in front of the emperor

“How could it not be The emperor doesnt like her highness the princess.

Even if she was assassinated, it would just be a show to execute a scapegoat.”

Luo Haoyu said angrily.

Compared to the other princes, Princess Jiang Xiyue really did not have any advantage.

“So, you should listen to orders now and wait for the Jingdou Dao Conference to start before going to Jingdou,” Luo Haoyu said.

Now that Lin Mo had come out, he planned to bring Lin Mo to his secluded place and give Lin Mo some pointers on cultivation.


While Luo Haoyu was deep in thought, a golden light flashed and a few treasures appeared in Lin Mos hands.

“This is”

Luo Haoyus eyes widened as he looked at Lin Mo, feeling extremely incredulous.

“This is a tier 8 top-grade gilded golden armor.

It doesnt have any special amplification abilities, but its defensive power is comparable to a low-grade tier 9.”

“This is a tier 8 cultivation array, Ten Directions Sealing Array.”

“And this is a tier 7 movement technique, Swimming Dragon Steps.”

Lin Mo took out three treasures in one go.

Defensive armor, cultivation array, and movement technique.

He did not expect Jiang Xiyue to encounter danger when she returned to Jingdou, so he did not give these things out back then.

Now that he thought about it, he was selfish.

Fortunately, Luo Haoyu told him.

Otherwise, if anything happened to Jiang Xiyue, he would regret it for the rest of his life…

“Senior, please help me to give these treasures to Jiang Xiyue.”

As he spoke, Lin Mo stuffed all the things into Luo Haoyus hands and continued, “At the same time, please pass on a message to Jiang Xiyue to trust me.”

“Before the Dao Conference in Jingdou starts, I will definitely take down the Ancient Flame City for her.”

After saying this, Lin Mo did not say anything else and turned around to leave.

He found Miao Qing and the others, who were anxiously waiting.

Seeing Lin Mo return, they finally let out a sigh of relief.

“Big brother…”

Lin Die ran over and hugged Lin Mos leg, unwilling to let go.

To her, Lin Mo was the most important person, so when she saw that Lin Mo had been taken away, she was very anxious.

“Dont be afraid, Ill be fine.” Lin Mo rubbed Lin Dies small head and revealed a gentle smile.

“Lets go.

Our target is Ancient Flame City.”

After Lin Mo and the others left Lin City, a piece of news spread, shocking the various factions once again.

Lin Mo did not choose to protect himself.

Instead, he entered Ancient Flame City.

All the major factions in Jingdou knew that the Ancient Flame City was divided between the fourth prince and the crown prince.

No one could touch it.

Moreover, this was exposed.

No one knew if there were other princes secretly involved.

At least with the second princes strength, he would not be completely pushed out of the Ancient Flame City.

However, another voice appeared.

They said that Lin Mo had submitted to the eighth prince.

Under his instructions, Lin Mo headed to the Ancient Flame City to develop his strength.

He wanted a piece of the pie.

There were many different opinions and all kinds of messages.

At this moment, in a mountain range, a spaceship was flying in the sky.

There were only a few people in it.

“Milady, isnt it a little overkill for you to ask my master to secretly protect Lin Mo”

On the ship, Qianqian was wearing night clothes.

She walked in front of Jiang Xiyue and was a little confused.

She had clearly returned to Jingdou and was in danger.

An assassination could happen at any time.

In the end, she even transferred a few experts to protect a person she had just recruited…

“Compared to me, hes in even more danger…” Jiang Xiyue shook her head.

She knew what Lin Mo was doing right now.

Perhaps this strong fellow had already begun to head to a great city to share the pressure with her.

Although the princes might send people to assassinate her, the success rate was still not high.

Moreover, they did not dare to create too much of a ruckus in Jingdou.

If the emperor was enraged, they would not be able to endure it.

However, Lin Mo was different.

As long as he appeared in everyones sight, anyone could go and kill him…

If they really killed him, who else would be there by his side

“Milady, Senior Luo is here.

He says he has something to report.”


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