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If it was not for the large number of treasures that Lin Mo had brought, the Mu clan would have become a laughingstock.

“This is a low-grade tier 8 item.

Its called theQi Boosting Pill.

Not only can it increase ones cultivation, it can also increase the purity of the spiritual Qi within ones body.”

“This is an item that our Mu family head has carefully selected.

The highest bidder will get it.

The starting bid will be 5,000,000 low-rank spiritual stones.”

Mu Yang dropped the hammer and announced the start of the auction.

The appearance of the low-grade tier 8 Qi Boosting Pill caused the atmosphere to reach its peak.

Almost 80% of the people were extremely excited and participated in the auction.

Although the starting bid of 5,000,000 was very expensive and caused many peoples hearts to ache, the low-grade tier 8Qi Boosting Pill was extremely attractive to cultivators.

“A low-grade tier 8 Qi Boosting Pill.

If I buy it and sell it, I might be lucky enough to get a tier 9 spirit pill…”

Lin Mo was a little hesitant in the private room.

Originally, he did not intend to participate in the auction.

However, the rebate from the Qi Boosting Pill had also moved his heart.

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If he could really obtain it, he would be able to obtain a rank 9 spirit pill.

“Lets observe it first.

If its not expensive, I can buy it.”

After thinking for a moment, Lin Mo made his decision.

He would wait and see.

Perhaps the Mu clan still had a backup plan.

“This is so exciting.

VIP number 1 has made his move.

He has offered ten million low-grade spirit stones.

It seems like he is determined to obtain this spirit pill.”

Mu Yang smiled.

The only ones who were still bidding were the people in the VIP rooms.

These people had a lot of financial resources.

In just a few short bids, the price had already reached 15 million.

“Whats going on This Lin Mo is so calm.

Why isnt he making his move” At this moment, in the number 1 VIP room…

Mu Feng frowned.

He had just made another bid, raising the price to 15 million.

One had to know that this spirit pill was obtained by a medium-sized family in the city through their connections.

The final bid price was someone elses.

Their Mu family did not lack a tier 8 spirit pill.

If he were to really buy it back, he would probably be reprimanded.

“Young Master, dont be impatient.

That kid Lin Mo has brought over 30 treasures to auction.”

“From this, we can see that he definitely wants this spirit pill.”

One of Mu Fengs guards said, extremely certain that Lin Mo would make a move.

“Is that so That kid really can endure it.” Mu Feng frowned and looked towards the auction stage.

At this moment, Mu Yang had already dropped the auction hammer twice.

If he dropped one more time, the pill would be sold to Mu Feng for 15 million.

“No friend is willing to bid” Mu Yang looked at the crowd and spoke again.

“15 million three times…”

“16 million.”

Before Mu Yang could say the wordsold, a bid came from another VIP room.

“Oh, our VIP number 8 bid 16 million and only made a move at the last moment.

This friend is really patient.”

Mu Yang praised and once again introduced the effects of theQi Boosting Pill, hoping to attract the interest of others.

However, the surrounding people were unmoved and just watched.

Those who could enter the VIP rooms were all powerful people.

They knew who the person in the VIP room number 8 was.

They were not afraid of Lin Mo, but they still had to be wary of the eighth prince that was backing Lin Mo.

At this moment, in Lin Mos VIP room, he slowly sat down and drank a cup of tea.

16 million was basically the maximum price of this Qi Boosting Pill.

Even if it was auctioned off, it would not be profitable and would instead be a loss.

However, Mu Feng had painstakingly dug a hole, so if he did not jump in, would it not be a little disrespectful

“You want me to buy it at a high price and sell it at a low price…”

Lin Mo sneered.

Even so, he would not lose out.

Moreover, who said he had to buy it…

“17 million.”

On Mu Fengs side, a wave of laughter rang out.

After shouting out the price of 17 million, he laughed loudly.

“He has finally taken the bait.

Since you dare to come to Ancient Flame City to provoke me, just wait for your loss.”

A subordinate poured tea for Mu Feng and complimented, “Thats right.

Young Masters arrangements are flawless.

Even if Lin Mo knew, he wouldnt be able to jump out of this hole.”

“18 million.”

“20 million.”

“22 million.”

The auction house was bustling with noise and excitement, and everyone was shocked.

A low rank 8 spirit pill had been raised to 22 million.

This price was not something an ordinary person could afford.

“Haha, this friend is really generous, to actually be able to bid 22 million.

Looks like hes determined to obtain this Qi Boosting Pill.”

Mu Feng laughed loudly and actually became polite with Lin Mo.

“Haha, Your excellency is quite generous to be able to bid 20 million.”

In the VIP room, Lin Mo snorted coldly and revealed an angry expression.

This expression caused the surrounding factions to shake their heads.

The person sent by the eighth prince was not too good.

He had just arrived and already suffered such a huge loss…

“Sigh, I originally thought that I could rely on the eighth prince.

Now, it seems that theres still some consideration…”

In a VIP room, an old man sighed and shook his head helplessly.

Beside him, a young man hurriedly handed over a teacup and respectfully waited on him.

“Father, this Lin auction house that Lin Mo bought will have an auction three days later.

Do we still have to make a move”

From the looks of it, it was obvious that Lin Mo wanted to use this Qi Boosting Pill as the finale item.

However, Lin Mo would be playing right into his hands, right

Mu Feng and the rest were probably already waiting for Lin Mo to make a fool of himself.

“Lets see how it goes.

The decline of our Su clan is already set in stone.

This Lin Mo is our turning point.

Lets wait for him to counterattack…”

The old man shook his head, even though he did not believe Lin Mo at all.

One of Ancient Flame Citys three great clans, the Sima clan, and the crown prince had joined hands to control the underground black market.

The Mu clan and the fourth Prince had joined hands to control the auction house and the chamber of commerce.

As for the Su family, although they also had some businesses, many of them had been suppressed and were already on the decline.

In addition, the ancestor of the Su clan had suffered heavy injuries in order to break through to the Nirvana Realm.

Now, no one in the Su clan could carry the banner anymore.

“I offer 25 million.

If Brother Lin is still willing to raise the price, then I can only bear the pain and give up.”

Mu Fengs voice sounded from the VIP room.

A low-grade eighth-grade spirit pill usually sold for around 13 to 14 million.

Now that Mu Feng and Lin Mo had been raising the price, they had actually raised the price to 25 million.

“Sigh, the start wasnt good.

This Lin Mo has been scammed badly…”

Quite a few people shook their heads, feeling sorry for Lin Mo.

He had just arrived here and had already given away 10 million low-grade spirit stones.

If the eighth prince knew about this, she probably would come all the way from Jingdou to kill him.

However, at this moment, Lin Mo, who everyone did not think highly of, could not help but laugh out loud.

“Enough, I wont fall into your trap.

You can deal with it yourself.”

Lin Mo stood up and walked out of his VIP room.

As soon as he appeared, everyones gaze turned towards him.

Some of them had gloating smiles on their faces.

However, Lin Mo did not have any expression on his face.


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