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He cupped his fists and smiled at the VIP room number 1.

“Since Brother Mu is so fond of this spirit pill, then I wont take it away from you.”

“Congratulations, Brother Mu, for bidding 25 million for a low-grade tier 8 Qi Boosting Pill.”


Lin Mo laughed out loud and turned around to leave, leaving the dumbfounded crowd behind.

“What did you say”

The door of VIP room number 1 was kicked open fiercely, and Mu Feng ran out with a stunned expression.

The shock on his face had yet to dissipate when the surrounding jeers rang out.

“Everyone, dont laugh.

Brother Mu is rich and generous, he doesnt care about spending 10 million more.”

Lin Mo smiled and advised.

At the same time, he added salt to Mu Fengs wound.

“Lin Mo…” Mu Feng glared at Lin Mo.

If it was not for the fact that they were in the auction house, the Mu clan would not be able to make a move.

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“Oh, Mu Feng, do you have anything else to say” Lin Mo smiled and said indifferently.

“You really dont want this tier 8 Qi Boosting Pill” Mu Feng said through gritted teeth.

“Thats right, Brother Mu is already able to bid a high price of 25 million.

You must really like this tier 8 low-grade spirit pill.”

“Since thats the case, I will naturally fulfill your wish and let Brother Mu have it.”

Lin Mo smiled faintly and said, “What As the host of the auction, could it be that Brother Mu is deliberately bidding to make me spend more money”

Absolute kill…

Everyone was shocked as they gave Lin Mo a thumbs up.

No matter what, as long as the Mu clan still wanted to open an auction house in the Ancient Flame City, they would definitely not admit it.

It was already a little inappropriate for the owner to participate in the auction.

If their goal was to raise the price, then their reputation would be tarnished.

“How is this possible…” Cold sweat broke out on Mu Fengs back.

Although that was what he wanted, he would definitely not admit it.


If he really admitted it, his father would skin him alive.

“I bought it at a high price because I had recently reached a critical juncture in my cultivation,” Mu Feng said.

“I see.

Then its my fault for making Brother Mu spend so much money.” Lin Mo laughed loudly.

Just as he was about to continue to disgust Mu Feng, the door of VIP room number 2 not far away opened.

A handsome young man walked out from inside, holding a folding fan in his hand as he walked over.

“So this is the Lin auction houses Owner Lin.

Nice to meet you.”

He cupped his fists and smiled at Lin Mo.

Such a refined and refined person made people feel that he was easy to get along with at a glance.

Hearing the discussions around him, Lin Mo nodded, cupped his fists, and said, “Sima clans Young Master, Sima Xun.

Ive heard a lot about you.”

Sima Xun waved his hand and smiled, “I heard that Brother Lin has made a big move the moment he arrived in Lin City.”

“Im looking forward to it.

Is there any news that I can divulge”

Hearing Sima Xuns words, many people were at a loss.

They did not know what big move Lin Mo was going to make.

“Hehe, you guys still dont know, right Brother Lin has bought the Wanxiang auction house and changed its name to the Lin auction house.”

“At the same time, there will be a grand auction three days later and many people have been invited.”

Sima Xun smiled and urged everyone to go and support him.

“Brother Lin, I wonder if the publicity I did for you is satisfactory”

Lin Mo said indifferently, “Its alright.

Thank you, Brother Sima.”

After saying a few more words, Lin Mo did not want to stay any longer and left the auction house.

Lin Mo was rather shocked when he received the spiritual stones from the auction at the counter.

Only at this moment did Lin Mo realize that other than low-grade spirit stones, there were also mid-grade spiritual stones in circulation in the Ancient Flame City.

At least this time, the auction house gave him 11,300 mid-grade spiritual stones.

If converted to low-grade spirit stones, it would be 113 million.

“Its said that the spirit energy contained within the mid-grade spirit stones is extremely dense.

These 10,000 or so should be enough for me to break through.”

Lin Mo muttered to himself and quickly returned to the Lin clan auction house that he had just bought.

Leaving behind 1,300 mid-grade spirit stones for Duanmu Jia, Lin Mo brought the remaining 10,000 to the secret chamber.

There were many experts in Ancient Flame City, and his strength was not sufficient anymore.

If Mu Feng and the others sent people to assassinate him, it would be very difficult to resist.

“Oh right, theres still the puppet.”

Lin Mo recalled that he still had the puppet, which had the strength of tier 15 Dragon Transformation Realm.

Moreover, the introduction said that he could increase the puppets strength through materials.

Lin Mo opened the systems warehouse, found the puppet inside, and examined it carefully.

[ Origin Spirit Puppet: originated from the ancient times.

The refining method has been lost.

You only need to put the inner core of demonic beasts and spiritual stones in its Dantian to increase its strength.


“Demonic beasts inner cores and spiritual stones.”

Lin Mo was stunned for a moment.

He originally thought that it was an ordinary puppet, but he did not expect that the refining technique was from ancient times.

“As for inner cores, I have three here.

Two are top-grade tier 7, and one is top-grade tier 8.”

Lin Mo thought for a moment and then injected all three inner cores into the puppet.

Although top-grade tier 8 inner cores were worth at least 15 million, compared to spiritual stones, he preferred powerful trump cards.

“Alright, I can start cultivating too.”

After injecting 5,000 middle-grade spiritual stones and three demonic beasts inner cores into the body of the Origin Spirit Puppet, Lin Mo began to cultivate in seclusion.

In his mind, he recalled the scene when he was cultivating the Ten Thousand Stars Arrival.

When he was cultivating back then, he once thought of transforming himself from a celestial body into a black hole.

Devouring the eight stars, the sea contained a hundred rivers, giving birth to an even more powerful strength.

At that time, it was just a preliminary attempt, but his strength had improved by leaps and bounds, reaching tier 9 Dragon Transformation Realm.

Now that he had enough spiritual stones, he could evolve once again.

He did what he said, and Lin Mo was not the kind of person who would dawdle.

He immediately took out the spiritual stones and began to cultivate.

Different from the last time, in that instant, Lin Mo felt that he was in the universe, surrounded by the starry sky.

The endless power of the sea of stars was surging towards him.

And Lin Mos aura also reached tier 10 Dragon Transformation Realm in the next moment, entering a new height.

“With me as the master, ten thousand stars will come to pay homage, the sea will embrace all rivers, and with tolerance is great!”

In a trance, Lin Mo chanted an incantation, and traces of Dao appeared around him.

The power of the god-slaying body was also active.

The surrounding mid-grade spiritual stones were continuously turned into dust, and endless spiritual energy surged into Lin Mos body.

At this moment, the sword technique of myriad heart pilgrimage could no longer be described as a sword technique.

“Ten Thousand Stars Arrival is no longer just a technique.

It contains the law of Dao, resonating with the God Slayer Body, and developing in the direction of Dao.”

Lin Mo understood in his heart that his direction was correct.

To roam the starry skies and be companions with the starry skies, borrowing the power of the starry skies, was not called the Ten Thousand Stars Arrival

Now that he had transformed into a master, devouring the power of the starry skies and using all the power for his own use, this was the Ten Thousand Stars Arrival.

It was no longer restricted by the starry skies.

This was the Dao, a power that belonged to him.

“I dont know why, but I feel that the Ten Thousand Stars Arrival seems to have surpassed tier 9.”

Lin Mo silently experienced this feeling.

He was already unable to sense the passage of time.

His strength was also rapidly increasing, and his aura was gradually expanding.

However, this feeling quickly dissipated.

Just as he felt that the starry sky was under his control, the next moment, space shattered, and Lin Mo was forced to withdraw from his cultivation state.


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