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“Forget it, thats the patriarch of the Su clan.

Its not something we two juniors can afford to offend.”

Sima Xuns expression was calm.

Their first confrontation with Lin Mo could be said to have been a complete defeat.

Moreover, now that the Su clans patriarch had come, the remaining items would most likely not have any fate with them.

“The Su clan clearly wants to curry favor with the eighth prince.

We can withdraw and report this matter to the higher-ups.”

Sima Xun said.

There was no longer a need for the subsequent auctions.

As expected, after the two of them left, the auction items that Lin Mo took out were all taken by the Su familys patriarch.

This was the end of Lin Mos auction.

The auction ended and everyone left one after another.

Only the Su clans private room did not show any signs of activity.

Only after everyone had left did the Su clans private room open.

An old man walked out with a few people.

Before he could speak, Miao Qing had already been waiting for them.

He said, “Greetings, Elder Su.

Master invites you in.”

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He brought everyone from the Su clan to the reception hall, and Lin Mo had been waiting there for a long time.

When he saw that the Su clans people had arrived, he stood up to welcome them.

When he saw the Su clans patriarch, Lin Mo frowned.

He had a head of grayish-white hair, and the wrinkles on his face were not dense, but his entire person carried an aura of death.

Even the spiritual energy on his body was very low and did not have much vitality.

“This is the sign of his life being on the verge of death.

No wonder the Su clan is in decline,” Lin Mo muttered to himself.

The Su clans patriarch was about to die.

“Greetings, Manager Lin.” Within the Su family, a middle-aged man walked over and cupped his fists to greet Lin Mo.

“I am the current clan leader of the Su clan, Su Nanshan.

This is my father, Su Hanhai, and my son, Su Yuelong.”

Su Nanshan first paid the price that he had called out in the auction hall.

including the items that were auctioned later on, there was a total of 7,300 middle-grade spiritual stones.

“Clan Leader Su, may I know why you especially stayed behind” Lin Mo asked.

After he finished speaking, he looked at Su Hanhai and already had a guess in his heart.

Su Hanhai was the pillar of the Su clan.

With him around, the Su clan would not fall.

“As you can see, it is indeed related to this old man.” Su Hanhai laughed bitterly.

In the next moment, a terrifying aura was released, extremely terrifying.

This pressure spread throughout the welcoming hall, causing even Lin Mo to be shocked.

“Tier 31 Dragon Transformation Realm Completion…”

Lin Mo took two steps back.

This Su Hanhais strength was actually so terrifying.

“Its strong on the outside but weak on the inside.

His strength is lacking in the future…”

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Lin Mo hit the nail on the head, pointing out the problem with Su Hanhai.

He was about to reach his limit, and the life force in his body was weakening.

“However, from your appearance, you dont look like someone who has reached his limit.

Did you receive any injuries” Lin Mo asked.

A person who had reached the end of his life would age to the extreme.

It would not be like Su Hanhai.

His head was just white and there were some wrinkles on his face.

“This is the result of my attempt to break through to the Nirvana Realm.

I was ambushed.” Su Hanhai sighed.

Recalling what had happened back then, a ball of fire burned in his heart and did not dissipate for a long time.

He was only one step away from breaking through to the Nirvana stage.

He was just a little bit away.

In the end, all his efforts were for naught.

“Was it the other two clans” Lin Mo asked.

“The one who made a move was the Mu clans patriarch, Mu Ming.

His strength was originally inferior to mine, but with the fourth princes help, his strength increased by leaps and bounds.

In the end, he also reached the Tier 31 Dragon Transformation Realm.”

“It was also the fourth princes instructions for him to make a move and interfere with my breakthrough, causing me to be heavily injured.”

Su Hanhai sighed.

His breakthrough had failed, so he was heavily injured and on the verge of death.

In the end, he relied on medicinal pills to hang on to his last breath.

Every day, he relied on consuming a large amount of life force to maintain his own strength.

“Little friend Lin Mo, this old man knows why youre here.

May I ask, does the eighth prince have any extraordinary people around him who can cure this old man” Su Hanhai asked.

If one wanted to cure him, one would either be an eccentric person who specialized in strange spells or a high-level alchemist.

“From my point of view, if I want to cure elder Su, I need at least a tier 9 spiritual pill.” Lin Mo frowned.

At this moment, he felt a little regretful.

If he had known earlier, he would have bought that Qi Boosting Pill.

Although the system might not be able to give Lin Mo a healing spiritual pill, as long as it gave him a tier 9 spiritual pill, with Su Hanhais strength, he would definitely have connections.

He would just have to exchange for the healing spiritual pill himself.

However, right now, he really could not get a tier 8 spirit pill in a short amount of time.

“If the eighth prince can cure me, then the Su clan will follow the eighth princes lead,” Su Hanhai said in a deep voice.

The current Su clan relied on him alone to support them, so he could not fall.

“Of course, the prerequisite for curing me is to keep my strength,” Su Hanhai reminded him.

After all, he had lived most of his life and knew about the matters of the royal family.

Once he lost his value, he would be mercilessly abandoned.

“I can cure you,” Lin Mo said with a smile.

It would be a waste to not take a favor that came to his doorstep.

“Is what you said true, young friend” Su Nanshan was shocked.

This Lin Mo actually had the confidence to cure him.

“There is a legendary spirit pill called the Immortality Pill.

After taking it, you can heal all the injuries on your body.”

“Not only that, but the Immortality Pill can also bestow a second life, allowing you to return to your youth and once again create glory.”

Lin Mo said.

However, the Immortality Pill was a top-grade tier 9 spirit pill, and it was extremely precious.

Not only that, the process of refining the Immortality Pill was extremely complicated.

Even a tier 9 alchemist would not be able to do it.

Every single one of the ingredients was a precious treasure.

Not to mention the eighth prince, even the emperor himself might not be able to obtain the Immortality Pill.

This youth in front of him actually said such words.

“Could it be that…” Su Hanhai said with some doubt.

“Dont look at me.

I dont know if I can obtain the Immortality Pill either.

However, I can obtain one of the main ingredients, the Nine-Colored Longevity Grass.” Lin Mo hurriedly waved his hand.

He did not dare to say that he could get his hands on an Immortality Pill.

If he got his hands on another spirit pill, it would be terrible.

“Nine-Colored Longevity Grass Thats fine too.

It can extend your life by a hundred years, grandpa,” Su Yuelong said excitedly.

“It can only extend your life by a hundred years.”Lin Mo was shocked.

The injuries on Su Hanhais body were really serious.

The Nine-Colored Longevity Grass that could extend ones life by nine hundred years could only extend his life by a hundred years.

“100 years is also fine.

How long will it take for you to find the Nine-Colored Longevity Grass” Su Hanhai was overjoyed.

“How about this I will hold the second auction in seven days.

The Su clan will be welcome to attend the auction.” Lin Mo smiled.

The Nine-Colored Longevity Grass was in his hands.

It was still unknown whether the Su clan were friends or enemies.

“I still have to search for new auction items, so I wont keep you.

Please go back.”

After sending off the Su clan members, Lin Mo called Duanmu Jia and Miao Qing over.

“Master, what can I do for you”

Miao Qing and Duanmu Jia walked over.

Yan Rong followed them as well.

He brought Lin Die with him to see if he could be of any help.

“Im going out for a while.

You guys keep an eye on the auction house.”

“Jia Jia, there will be a new auction in seven days.

You will collect the auction items and borrow some from your family whenever necessary.

You will owe the money first and settle it after the auction.”

“During this period of time, if you have any difficulties, go to the Su clan.”


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