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After saying this, Lin Mo went out alone and announced to the public that he was going to search for a new auction item.

Very quickly, a piece of news spread out from the Lin clans auction house.

The auction would be held seven days later, and there would be more than one tier 8 treasure being auctioned.

This news shook the entire city, and even the Su clan was shocked.

Tier 8 treasures were rarely seen even in Ancient Flame City.

Moreover, the auction that Lin Mo would be holding seven days later actually had more than one tier 8 treasure.

“Is this for real Can Manager Lin can find so many resources”

“I think so.

Havent you heard The Su clan immediately sent over a large number of auction items, saying that they wanted to support the auction.”

“I have a treasure that I plan to auction.

Originally, I was going to the Mu clan, but now it seems that going to the Lin clan might be better…”

“I saw Manager Lin leave the city two hours ago.”

“He might have gone to buy resources.”

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Ancient Flame City was in an uproar.

The pedestrians were talking about the Lin auction house.

For a time, although Lin Mo had just arrived in Ancient Flame City, his fame had already spread far and wide, faintly overshadowing the Sima family and the Mu family.

At this moment, in the Mu familys meeting hall…

“Father, this Lin Mo has gained all the limelight, it has affected our business too greatly,” Mu Feng said in the middle of the meeting hall.

Around them, sat the various elders of the Mu clan, each of them emitting a powerful aura.

“Didnt young clan leader say that he wanted to make this Lin Mo suffer a little, how could he lose so miserably” An elder mocked.

Earlier, Mu Feng had asked the clan to let this newcomer, Lin Mo, suffer a little.

Back then, because Lin Mo was the eighth princes subordinate, and the fourth prince did not say anything, no one dared to act rashly.

In the end, it was the Mu clans clan leader, Mu Song, who stepped in and asked Mu Feng to make a move.

Now, it looked like Mu Feng and Sima Xun had joined hands, but were ruthlessly tricked by Lin Mo.

Lin Mo had made good use of their methods.

A ferocious beast egg had allowed him to make a name for himself.

Not to mention Ancient Flame City, even the surrounding cities knew that the Lin clan would hold an auction seven days later.

“Enough, its already at this time.

Dont fight amongst yourselves.”

Mu Song said angrily.

The most important thing now was to not let Lin Mo shake the foundation of the Mu clan.

“Clan leader, theres news from the fourth princes side.”

At this moment, an old man walked in and said excitedly.

“The fourth prince said that the Su clan should have submitted to the eighth prince.

He wants us to get rid of Lin Mo and not let him hold an auction.”

At the same time, the Sima clan was also discussing.

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The first confrontation did not suppress Lin Mo.

instead, he took advantage of the situation to rise up.

Now, the crown prince and the fourth prince had given orders.

As the main character of this battle, Lin Mo had long since left Ancient Flame City.

He came to the forest outside the city, intending to cultivate in seclusion here.

“Lets do it here.

I dont know if the further deduction of the Ten Thousand Stars Arrival will be successful.”

Lin Mo stopped in a valley.

The fog here was thicker, and it was formed from spiritual Qi.

Cultivating here would help him save a lot of spiritual stones.

“Alright, this is the place.”

After remembering the time, Lin Mo took out a large number of spiritual stones.

This time, he had obtained a large number of spiritual stones from the auction.

If converted to middle-grade spiritual stones, it would be close to 10,000 spiritual stones.


Lin Mo began to evolve, turning this valley into a starry sky.

The surrounding spiritual stones in the sky turned into stars.

He roamed through the air, constantly moving around.

The power of the stars in the surroundings continued to transform, fusing into Lin Mos body.


With a crisp sound, a spiritual stone shattered.

The spiritual energy inside dried up and turned into dust.

Lin Mo walked in the air, wandering in the starry sky.

Every time he passed by a star, he would completely absorb the energy inside.

Every time a spiritual stone shattered, Lin Mos strength would increase by a notch.

In the blink of an eye, five days had passed.

The spiritual stones in the valley quickly dried up, and the surrounding fog had mostly dissipated.

“Absorbing the power of the starry sky and becoming so strong.

In the future, I will become an endless starry sky.

Who can rival me”

Lin Mo muttered.

At this moment, his strength had already reached the peak of tier 12 Dragon Transformation Realm, and he possessed six times the strength of a person of the same rank.

Moreover, he cultivated many tier 9 sword manuals and had the tier 9 weapon, Plain White Snow.

With the support of many factors, Lin Mo now truly possessed the combat strength of tier 15 Dragon Transformation Realm.

“Its time to return.”

Lin Mo raised his head.

This time, he had benefited greatly from his closed-door cultivation.

He had made new progress with the Ten Thousand Stars Arrival, and his strength had also increased.

Moreover, Lin Mo had unknowingly felt that his soul power was also increasing.

Even if he was not intentionally observing, Lin Mo could still feel his surroundings.

“Ten Thousand Stars Arrival can actually increase my soul power” Lin Mo was overjoyed.

Cultivation techniques that could increase soul power were extremely rare.

Once they appeared, they would definitely be snatched away.

While Lin Mo was evolving, Ten Thousand Stars Arrival actually had such an ability.

“What an unexpected surprise, this is great.” Lin Mo laughed loudly.

However, before he could be complacent, he suddenly felt a dense killing intent assaulting his face.

“Whos there”

Lin Mo was shocked as he stared fixedly at a large tree in front of him.

Only when he was so close did he realize that there was a cold and sinister aura there.

It was extremely strange.

“Cloud Breaking Sword Qi, first position.”

Lin Mos fingers formed into a sword as he slashed forward.

A stream of Sword Qi shot up into the sky and ruthlessly slashed onto the tree.


The sound of metal colliding rang out as this stream of Sword Qi was broken apart.

The space in front of the large tree started to squirm.

Soon after, a mans figure appeared with a cold expression.

“How did you discover me” The man asked coldly.

He was clearly hiding in the air, waiting for Lin Mo to pass by and kill him with one strike.

Who would have thought that Lin Mos soul perception was so strong that he could actually find him in the air

“Tell me who sent you here, and Ill tell you how I discovered you.

How about it” Lin Mo said with a smile.

“No need.

Ill know when I kill you.” The man laughed coldly as he took out a jet-black dagger.

A powerful aura was released, and a terrifying pressure rushed towards Lin Mo, forcing him to continuously retreat.

“Tier18 Dragon Transformation Realm, and hes even at the peak of perfection…” Lin Mo was shocked.

He had thought that someone would attack him, but he didnt think that someone would be so powerful.

“Die.” The man rushed over at an extremely fast speed.

Lin Mos soul perception sensed a strange movement, and he subconsciously used the swimming dragon steps, narrowly avoiding this attack.

“Dying struggle…”

Lin Mos dodge did not cause much of a ripple to the man.

The dagger in his hand stabbed out, stabbing into Lin Mos left shoulder.


Lin Mo roared.

The moment the man struck him, a figure suddenly appeared behind him.

At the same time, a snow-white longsword quietly appeared.

“Ten Thousand Stars Arrival, Star God Sword Qi.”

The puppet behind Lin Mo attacked together with him, while the mans dagger was still stabbed into Lin Mos left shoulder.

There was no time for him to retreat.



Two sounds rang out as Lin Mos figure was forced back.

The puppet caught up to him and caught him.

As for the man, he was caught off guard by the puppet that was comparable to a tier 18 Dragon Transformation Realm.

After receiving the Star God Sword Qi, he fell to the ground, not moving at all…


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