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“Hes not dead…”

Lin Mo frowned.

His soul energy could sense that the other party was still alive.

Even though he was severely injured, he still had the strength to fight.

“However, it wont be long now…”

Lin Mo passed Plain White Snow to the puppet in his hand to the puppet and ordered it to make its move.


Just as the puppet made its move, space rippled once more.

A young man appeared in front of him, holding a unique talisman in his hand.


Plain White Snow struck the talisman, causing an intense shockwave to erupt.

The sharp Sword Qi found it difficult to approach.

“Such strong defense.”

Lin Mo was shocked.

This should be a defensive talisman, able to block the attack of tier 18 Dragon Transformation Realm puppet.

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Furthermore, the puppet wielded a tier 9 weapon, Plain White Snow.

From the looks of it, this talisman was at least at tier 8.


The puppet attacked once more, using its full strength.

The talisman could no longer bear the burden, and cracks appeared on it.


When the talisman shattered, the man on the ground finally recovered a bit of his strength.

He hurriedly made his move, bringing the youth with him as he retreated.

“Use your full strength.”

Lin Mo gave the order.

Using his fingers as a sword, he executed the Swimming Dragon Steps, quickly appearing behind the two of them.

“If youre here, dont leave.”

The Star God Sword Qi was unleashed, and Lin Mo and the puppet attacked from both sides.

The sharp Sword Qi sliced through the air.


The man cursed angrily, and then, under Lin Mos shocked gaze, he threw the young man who had saved him out.

In the next moment, the puppet charged over, directly tearing the young mans body apart.

However, because it was blocked, the puppets footsteps came to a halt.

Lin Mo wanted to stop it, but because of the injury on his left shoulder, the other party had broken through the blockade.

“How ruthless.

However, even if thats the case, you still cant escape.”

The Swimming Dragon Steps instantly brought Lin Mo to catch up.

A sharp Sword Qi appeared, and Lin Mos right hand slashed down.

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The Spring and Autumn Exchange was executed.

The powerful sword move caused the surrounding space to tremble slightly, and it seemed as if it was about to be torn apart.

“How can this be”

The man was shocked.

He used all of his strength to block the attack, unleashing the power of a tier 18 Dragon Transformation Realm.

In just the instant of contact, the Spring and Autumn Exchange was broken apart by the other party.

The rebounding force sent Lin Mo flying.

However, this kind of explosion also caused his injuries to be triggered, causing him to fall from mid-air.

The puppet behind him rushed over, throwing out a punch with the momentum of sweeping through an army.

At the same time, it slashed out with Plain White Snow in its hand.

A powerful force shook the void, emitting a terrifying trembling sound.


The man held a golden talisman in his hand.

Spiritual energy was injected into it, and endless power surged out to block the puppets and Plain White Snows attacks.

However, this was only temporary.

Soon, the talisman was filled with cracks.


Lin Mo rushed over from behind.

Ten Thousand Stars Arrival devoured the surrounding spiritual energy, and a streak of Sword Qi condensed.

The sword slashed down from behind, shattering the amulet.

The other party still wanted to resist, but in the next moment, his head was chopped off by the puppet, and he fell to the ground.

“It was a close call, but I dont know who sent those fellows over…”

Lin Mo frowned as he rummaged through the duos spatial rings.

In the end, he found nothing.

After some searching, he only found a tier 7 offensive amulet and a tier 7 defensive amulet path.

Other than that, there were only 30,000 low-grade spiritual stones, and nothing else.

“Eh, whats this”

Just as Lin Mo was about to give up, he found a special piece of paper in the corner of the spatial ring.

After breaking the restriction on it, Lin Mo opened it up, and on the paper was a drawing of a woman.

“Why isnt there anything special about this other than its beauty…”

Lin Mo frowned and kept the portrait in the system storage.

However, the notification he received was that it was only an ordinary scroll.

“I thought I found something good, but it turned out to be an ordinary scroll…”

Shaking his head helplessly, Lin Mo tidied up the scene and turned around to leave.

After leaving the mountain range and returning to Ancient Flame City, Lin Mos soul power instantly sensed something strange.

At the entrance of Ancient Flame City, in a small restaurant, he sensed Mu Fengs aura.

“Mu Feng is here, could it be…”

Thinking of the attack that he had encountered, Mu Feng might be waiting for news here…

Thinking of this, killing intent appeared in Lin Mos eyes.

“The auction is about to start, Ill deal with you guys next time,” Lin Mo said in a low voice.

He ignored Mu Feng who was secretly spying on him and turned around to leave.

The Lin auction house was holding an auction.

Due to Mu Feng and the others momentum, it was very popular now.

After Lin Mo returned, Duanmu Jia hurriedly came over to report.

Her expression was very unsightly.

“Master, this is bad.

The Sima clan and the Mu clan are ganging up on us.”

Duanmu Jia handed over a scroll that recorded the auction items received at this auction.

“Other than the 20 tier 7 treasures that the Su clan sent over, we didnt obtain a single high-level treasure.”

“The Su clans patriarch, Su Nanshan, sent news that the Mu clan and the Sima clan had secretly made a move and threatened many sellers to not allow them to sell their treasures.”

If the Mu clan and the Sima clan joined forces, the Su clan would not be able to resist them.

Although the Su clans patriarch had personally come to assist them previously, the effects were not obvious.

“The auction is going to be held tonight.

Master, how many auction items did you collect this time” Duanmu Jia asked.

Hearing this, Lin Mo smiled.

There were only twenty or so items, so it was not impossible.

“Dont worry, Lets start the auction now.

I still have some tier 7 treasures here, you can start the auction first.”

He had already thought of this long ago when the Mu clan and the Sima clan joined forces.

In fact, the people behind this were the crown prince and the fourth prince.

Their goal was naturally to suppress Jiang Xiyue.

When the news spread, although they did not send the auction items over, it did not affect Lin Mo much.

Moreover, he still had quite a few tier 8 treasures on him.

In the previous auction, he had only taken out the Myriad Poison Beasts egg.

He had kept the rest.

Very quickly, the Lin auction house was packed with people.

It was completely packed.

Moreover, the ones who came this time were not juniors like Mu Feng and Sima Xun.

The Mu clan leader, Mu Song, the Sima clan leader, Sima Kong, and the Su Clans clan leader, Su Nanshan.

The appearance of the clan leaders of the three great clans in Ancient Flame City was enough to show how much importance they placed on this auction.

“Even the three great clans are here.

I wonder how intense the competition will be later.”

“Yeah, I heard that theres more than one tier 8 treasure this time.

I wonder if its true.”

“Its not easy to accumulate reputation.

I dont think the forest farm owner would destroy it himself.”

Everyone sat down in their seats and waited for the auction to begin.

“Sorry to keep you waiting.

Ill be the one holding the first half of the auction this time.”

Duanmu Jias voice spread out as she took out a scroll.

“This is the tier 7 low-grade palm technique, Thunder Palm.

Its extremely powerful after being mastered.”

“Its said that the Thunder Palm has unparalleled offensive power and can rival tier 7 high-grade martial art after being mastered.”

“The starting price is 300,000 low-grade spiritual stones.”

Duanmu Jia said with a smile.

She looked around and finally stopped at the three VIP rooms at the front.


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