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The three clan leaders of the three big clans were the main characters of this auction.

There were fewer items in the auction today, but the Su clan provided high-quality items.

Even the three big clans did not want to miss them.

“320,000!” After Duanmu Jia said that, someone started to bid.

“350,000!” The price continued to rise.

Many people were tempted by tier 7 martial arts.

The price continued to rise.

In less than a minute, the price had already risen to 550,000.

Moreover, there were still five people bidding, and the bidding continued for a while.

When the price was fixed at 750,000, the number of people bidding finally decreased.

After all, this was only a martial art, and there was no cultivation technique attached to it, so the price would not be too high.

750,000 was already considered top-notch.

“750,000 going once.”


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“750,000 going three times, sold.

Congratulations to this customer.”

[ Congratulations to the host for successfully auctioning the low-grade tier 7 martial art, Thunder Palm.


[ Triggered 1,000 times auction return.


[ Obtained the high-grade tier 7 martial art, Thunder Palm.


“Its only 1,000 times…”

Lin Mo smiled bitterly.

His luck this time was a little bad.

Not to mention a tier 8 return, it was not even a top-grade tier 7 martial art.

“The next item up for auction is a tier 7 defense-type talisman.”

“According to the tests, this talisman can defend against a tier 18 Dragon Transformation Realms head-on attack, but it cant hold out for too long.”

“However, its not a bad choice to have a life-saving talisman.”

Duanmu Jia smiled and said, “A tier 7 defense talisman.

The starting price is 800,000 low-grade spiritual stones.”

Once the defense talisman was out, the auction house instantly quieted down.

Unlike spirit pills, talismans could cause a stir and were even more shocking.

This kind of thing was a life-saving talisman at a critical moment.

It was hard to find even if one had thousands of gold coins.

Although it was also a consumable, the process of making talismans was very cumbersome and costly.

Even talisman masters would not auction talismans after they had made them.

This was their hard work.

This also resulted in the scarcity of talismans in the market, and the prices were generally high.

After a short period of shock, everyone came back to their senses and looked forward with fiery eyes.

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“I bid 900,000!”


The clamor resounded throughout the auction hall and the bidding voices rose and fell one after another.

A talisman that could block a tier 18 Dragon Transformation Realm was enough to shock even the clan leaders of the three great clans.

“Father, you said that those assassins failed.

Is it because of this talisman” Mu Feng asked in shock.

From the moment he saw Lin Mo walk into Ancient Flame City unscathed, he felt that it was impossible.

However, if Lin Mo was holding such a talisman, then it was not impossible for him to block the assassins.


Mu Song leaned against the chair.

After a long while, he heaved a sigh of relief and said, “The assassins I hired came from the Secret Ghost Sect.”

“They are not only an assassin sect, they also started from talismans…”

“The talisman and aura on this talisman are the unique techniques of the Secret Ghost Sect.

We can be sure that the assassins of the Secret Ghost Sect were killed by Lin Mo.”

“Two assassins, one at tier 14 and the other at tier 18.

Even with this, they still failed…”

As he said this, a trace of fear flashed across Mu Songs eyes.

For the first time, he felt that the Mu clan had made a wrong decision to provoke this youth.

After spending money to hire the assassin, he asked Patriarch Mu Ming to keep an eye on Su Hanhai.

He could be sure that Su Hanhai did not make a move and that the assassin was dealt with by Lin Mo.

“Dont touch this talisman.

We cant afford to offend the Hidden Ghost Sect.”

Mu Song leaned on the sofa, telling his son, who wanted to bid, to stop.

At the same time, the other two great clans also fell silent.

They recognized the origin of the talisman.

Therefore, while the three great clans remained silent, the price of the defensive talisman was raised to 1.5 million.

“Father, could it be that the Secret Ghost Sect has some sort of deal with Lin Mo”

In the VIP room of the Su clan, Su Yuelong had a puzzled expression on his face.

The Secret Ghost Sect never passed down talismans above tier 7.

This point was known by everyone in the upper echelons.

However, where did Lin Mo get the talisman from

“The deal is uncertain, but I just took a look at Lin Mo from afar.

He has an injury on his left shoulder.”

“Looks like it didnt go well for Manager Lin when he went out…”

He suddenly thought of many things, and finally, a helpless expression appeared on his face.

At this point, even if the Su clan wanted to protect him, they could only guard Lin Mo…

“May I ask Miss Duanmu something I dont have enough spiritual stones, can I use other treasures to exchange for them”

At this moment, a crisp voice sounded, drawing everyones attention.

In a corner of the auction house, there was a person wearing a loose black robe that covered her entire body.

If she had not spoken earlier, no one would have been able to tell that she was a woman.

On the stage, Duanmu Jia thought for a moment and said, “Im sorry.

The seller said that they only want spiritual stones.

However, if you have any treasures on you, you can go to Manager Lin.

If the price is high, we can arrange an auction.”


The woman nodded and sat on her seat as if she was thinking.

In the end, she seemed to sigh, stood up, and walked toward the back of the auction stage.

Seeing this, Lin Mos interest was piqued.

What kind of auction item could this woman bring out.

“Miss, what are you planning to auction… Hmm”

Behind the stage, Lin Mo slowly walked over.

When he approached the woman, he was a little stunned.

This was because the woman had just come over when she took off her bamboo hat and revealed her face.

It was an extremely beautiful face with a purple crescent mark on her forehead.

Her black hair had lost the shackles of the bamboo hat and fell down like a waterfall.

In Lin Mos impression, other than Jiang Xiyue, there was probably no one else who could compare to such a face.

However, what truly shocked Lin Mo was that this womans face was exactly the same as the painting he had just obtained.

Could it be that this woman was related to those assassins

“Eh There seems to be some injuries on the body of Manager Lin.” The woman raised her head and looked at Lin Mo with some doubt.

Although Lin Mo had concealed his injuries very well, his injuries had yet to completely heal.

Those with slightly stronger soul power would still be able to sense it.

“When I was collecting the auction items, I encountered some bandits who tried to kill me.

Fortunately, Im fine.”

“After all, its normal for someone to want to get a treasure…”

Lin Mo smiled indifferently.

However, when he said these words, the womans eyes actually showed some sympathy.

She nodded and said, “Manager Lin, Im very interested in this defensive talisman.

I wonder if you can help me contact the seller and barter with them”

As she said this, she took out a spirit pill that emitted a fragrance from her spatial ring.

“This is the Green Ganoderma Red Blood Pill.

Its a high-grade tier 7 pill.

It can soothe the meridians and clear the blockage.”

“This is very useful for cultivators who have cultivation deviation and can not expel the impurities in their bodies.”

A high-grade tier 7 spirit pill was also very useful.

If it was auctioned off, it could be auctioned off for at least two million spiritual sones.

However, it would be a little difficult to obtain a defensive talisman.


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