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Lin Mo was extremely calm.

Although he yearned for this Traceless Wind manual, it was not to the extent of that he would scam others.

Unless the other party was an enemy, then killing and plundering would be fine.

“This is indeed a portrait from the Secret Ghost Sect…” Bai Luo was shocked as she looked at Lin Mo.

This young man was about the same age as her.

It was rare for him to have such strength.

Moreover, this temperament made her satisfied.

“If ManagerLin says so, but arent you afraid that I wont sell it”Bai Luo said with a faint smile.

“I believe that Miss will sell it.

I have a lot of good things in my hands.

I believe that they will catch your eye,” Lin Mo said with a smile.

Putting everything else aside, if this talisman was sold, Bai Luo would definitely be tempted if the systems rebate was a tier 8 offensive talisman.

Even if she were to endure it, the subsequent treasures would be even better and she would not want to miss out on them.

“Alright then, Ill have to trouble Manager Lin to help me with the auction.” Bai Luo smiled and said, “Ill be auctioning the Traceless Wind.

Do you want to arrange a VIP seat for me”

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Hearing this, Lin Mo smiled and said, “Miao Qing, bring her to the VIP seat.”

Miao Qing walked over and waited for Bai Luo to put on her bamboo hat before bringing her to the VIP seat.

[ Congratulations, host, for successfully auctioning a Tier 7 attack talisman.


[ Triggered 10,000 times auction profit.


[ Obtained a tier 9 attack talisman.


Just as he sent Bai Luo away, the system notification came.

This time, he actually triggered 10,000 times auction profit.

“F*ck, my luck is so good.”

Lin Mo was extremely excited, and his consciousness immediately entered the system space to check.

A tier 9 attack talisman could unleash an extremely powerful attack, and its power was a full-strength attack from a tier 30 Dragon Transformation Realm powerhouse.

With this talisman, anyone in the Dragon Transformation Realm who wanted to attack him would have to think twice.

Apart from the patriarchs of the three big families, no one in the Ancient Flame City would be able to withstand a full-power attack from a tier 30 Dragon Transformation Realm powerhouse.

“No, this talisman cant be sold.

Ill give another treasure to Bai Luo.”

Lin Mo shook his head.

After some thought, this defensive talisman was not that important anymore.

After Duanmu Jia finished auctioning off the items, it was his turn.

[ Congratulations, host, for successfully auctioning a low-grade tier 8 Meridian Nurturing Pill.


[ Triggered 5,000 times auction return.


[ Obtained a top-grade tier 8 Meridian Nurturing Pill.


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Very quickly, another piece of information was sent over.

The auction return had given him a top-grade tier 8 spirit pill.

The Meridian Nurturing Pill was able to allow ones meridians to be in contact with the spiritual Qi of heaven and earth for a long period of time.

After consuming it, ones cultivation efficiency would increase by several folds.

It had a very good effect.

“Another good item.

Ill keep it.”

Lin Mo laughed loudly.

The next items to be auctioned were all tier 7 treasures.

Duanmu Jia only had one last treasure left in her hands.

“Everyone, this is a low-grade rank 8 spear technique, the Profound Spear Technique.”

“Moreover, this isnt just a spear technique.

It also has a supplementary cultivation technique.

This technique cant be easily obtained.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, this spear art was sent by the Su clan for auction.

It has an orthodox origin and doesnt have any additional troubles.

You can purchase it with ease,” Duanmu Jia said with a smile as she held the scroll in her hands.

“Miss Duanmu, hurry up and announce the starting price,” someone below said impatiently.

Duanmu Jia looked down.

The atmosphere in the auction hall had already reached its peak, and everyone was eager to purchase this spear art.

“Profound Spear Technique.

The starting bid is 5 million low-tier spiritual stones.”

As soon as the sky-high price was announced, the crowd immediately quieted down.

Clearly, there were not many people who were qualified to participate in the auction.

In the VIP room, Bai Luo, who had just made a bid, was interested.

However, she soon frowned.

“The spear art isnt bad, but its a pity that its grade is too low…” Bai Luo said helplessly.


She thought that if the grade was a little higher, she would be interested in bidding.

“Sigh, Ill go and tell Manager Lin if he has better spear techniques and long spears, I can place a bid.”

Bai Luo said to Miao Qing who was at the back, and at the same time, waved her hand to let Miao Qing leave.

Seeing this, Miao Qings face twitched.

This was a tier 8 spear technique, yet this girl actually felt that the grade was too low.

One had to know that if the Su clan had not taken it out, they would not even be able to find a tier 7 spear technique.

The price of 5 million made the scene a little desolate.

Duanmu Jia held the auction hammer for a long time and did not drop it.

She looked a little embarrassed, but she still wore a smile on her face.

She knew that the attraction of a tier 8 cultivation technique was only temporary.

Among these people, there might be people who would go bankrupt to buy this technique.

“5.1 million.”

Just as she expected, a middle-aged man stood up and called out the price.

This bid also caused the scene to explode.

“5.2 million.”

A yellow-clothed old man stood up and followed suit.

But his price was quickly drowned out, and the calls for a price rose and fell.

“6 million.”

When everyone was calling out the price, someone in the VIP room took the lead in bidding, attracting everyones attention.

The people at the back saw that someone in the VIP room was bidding.

After thinking for a moment, they could only sit down helplessly.

“6.5 million.”

A crisp voice sounded.

Bai Luo, who had previously complained about the low level of this spear technique, had bid.

“Isnt that the lady who bought the talisman Why did she enter the VIP room”

“Who knows Maybe she took out a high-level auction item and tempted Manager Lin.”

“7 million.” Someone raised the price.

“7.5 million.” Bai Luo did not show any weakness and raised the price again.

“8 million.”

“8.5 million.”

The other party kept raising the price, and Bai Luo also kept raising the price.

Without any hesitation, she looked like she was determined to get it.

In the end, when the price was raised to 9.5 million by Bai Luo, the other party had no choice but to stop the competition.

Although that person had quite a bit of influence in Ancient Flame City, his financial resources were still rather meager.

In order to bid for a spear technique book, he had fallen into an economic crisis.

The gains did not make up for the losses.

“10 million.”

Seeing the other party retreat, Bai Luo did not have the time to be happy.

From where the Mu clan was located, a bid was heard.

It was Mu Fengs bid.

The Mu clans bid also made Bai Luo very angry.

She fiercely glanced at where the Mu clan was located.

“11 million.” Bai Luo continued to bid.

“12 million.”Under everyones gazes, Mu Feng once again bid.

“Hehe, Miss, please dont blame me.

After all, Im also proficient in spear techniques.

This Profound Spear Technique will be of great use to me.” Mu Feng lightly smiled.

“Wait, I want to report.

This miss is bidding all over the place.

She cant take out 11 million spiritual stones.”

At this moment, a man suddenly stood up and shouted towards the auction stage.

“She said that she didnt have any spiritual stones when she was auctioning the talismans just now.

If she isnt randomly bidding now, then what is she doing”

“Manager Lin, someone is randomly bidding at your auction.

What do you think” Sima Xuns voice also came.

“This lady has gone to the backstage of the auction twice.

Is she colluding with Manager Lin to intentionally raise the price to scam us” That man said once again, turning the spearhead toward Lin Mo.

“You… Who said that I dont have spiritual stones” Bai Luo was flustered and immediately wanted to argue.

“This girl sold me a treasure.

She can afford to pay these spirit stones.”

Lin Mos voice sounded, proving that Bai Luo had enough spiritual stones.

Then, he continued, “Alright, the auction continues.”


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