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“Also, there are a lot of items up for auction.

You dont have to fight for them.

There might be even better ones…” Lin Mo said with a faint smile.

“Oh, is that so” Bai Luos voice was filled with excitement.

Following that, she said with a smile, “Since thats the case, I wont raise the bid.

Its better to keep them for auction.”

After she stopped raising the price, the auction house fell silent.

The high price of 12 million was something that no one else could afford.

Those who were capable of bidding had no choice but to give up this auction item because of the Mu clans reputation.

“12 million three times, sold.

Congratulations to Young Master Mu Feng for successfully bidding for the Profound Spear Technique.”

Duanmu Jia dropped the auction hammer and retreated at the same time.

The auction item in her hand had already been auctioned off.

Next, it was Lin Mos turn.

Seeing this, under everyones puzzled gazes, Lin Mo walked onto the stage and took the hammer.

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“Everyone, Ill be the one holding the next auction.”

“Congratulations to the host for successfully auctioning the low-grade tier 8 Profound Spear Technique.”

“Triggering the 5,000 times auction return.”

“Obtaining the high-grade tier 8 Great Luo Spear Technique.”

“The high-grade tier 8 spear technique isnt considered high to me, but its not low either.” Lin Mo nodded.

It just so happened that he found Bai Luo quite pleasing to the eye.

Both of them were targeted by the assassins of the Secret Ghost Sect, and it seemed like they were in the same boat.

“Hehe, I believe that everyone is waiting for something good.

Since thats the case, I will naturally be satisfied.

This first item is a stalk of tier 8 spiritual medicine.”


Just as Lin Mo said that it was a spiritual medicine, Mu Fengs voice sounded from the Mu familys VIP room with disdain.

“Manager Lin, even though a tier 8 spirit medicine is not bad, its price is only equivalent to a tier 7 spirit pill.

Is this the treasure you were talking about” Mu Feng mocked.

As he said this, a few chuckles sounded from within the auction hall, expressing disdain toward Lin Mos auction item.

“Hehe, dont be anxious.

Lets see what this is first…” Lin Mo smiled mysteriously.

A jade box appeared in his hand.

The moment it appeared, a rich life aura spread out.

“It smells so good.

This spiritual medicine is considered top-grade among tier 8, right” Someone sighed.

He could smell the fragrance from afar.

“Hmph, no matter what, its still just a spiritual medicine.” Mu Feng was still disdainful.

Compared to Mu Fengs disdain, the VIP room of the Su clan was a little excited.

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Su familys patriarch, Su Hanhai, stood up, his expression extremely excited.

“This is the Nine-Colored Longevity Grass.

Theres no mistake about it.

Moreover, its quality is extremely good.

It can suppress my injuries and extend my lifespan by a hundred years.”

Seeing this, Su Nanshan almost laughed out loud.

He hurriedly shouted, “Manager Lin, quickly open the jade box.

Let us broaden our horizons.”

Su Nanshans words caused everyone in the auction house to be a little stunned.

Was it not just a tier 8 spiritual herb Why was Su Nanshan so excited

In Ancient Flame City, as long as it was considered a first-rate force, there were more or less rank 8 spirit herbs planted in the medicinal fields…

“Nine-colored Longevity Grass.

Its quality is extremely good.

Its one of the main ingredients used to refine the tier 9 top-grade spirit pill, the Immortality Pill.”

“Even though this spirit herb is classified as tier 8, its value is comparable to tier 9.

This is publicly acknowledged.”

“Alright, I wont waste any more words.

The starting bid is 10 million low-grade spiritual stones.

Each increment must not be less than 500,000.”

Lin Mo had a smile on his face, but in the eyes of the crowd, this smile was a little cunning.

Even Bai Luo, who was in the VIP room, could not help but curse Lin Mo for being a profiteer.

Unless the effect of a tier 8 top-grade spirit pill was good, it would only be worth around 10 million.

However, the starting bid for this spirit herb was 10 million…

“Forget it, I hope that this fellow didnt lie to me that theres a really is a good spear technique for auction…” Bai Luo curled her lips and began to watch the show.

The price of 10 million made the scene a little cold.

However, soon, an old Dragon Transformation Realm powerhouse stood up.

He really wanted this Nine-colored Longevity Grass.

“Ill bid 11 million.”

He was an old man from a mercenary group in Ancient Flame City.

He had been taking risks all his life and had extremely high strength.

Unfortunately, his talent was limited.

He was about to die.

In a few more decades, his soul might return to heaven.

Therefore, this Nine-colored Longevity Grass was more important to him than all of his assets.

“This old man is willing to bid 11 million.

Is there anyone who is willing to bid higher” Lin Mo asked with a smile.

“11.5 million.”

“12 million.”

The silence in the audience ended.

The clamor rose and fell, and shouts of bids were heard one after another.

The old man who had bid at the beginning was also very anxious and kept increasing the price.

In the end, after the price was raised to 15 million, he could only shake his head with a bitter smile and sit back down.

Hearing the increasing prices around him, Lin Mo smiled faintly, and his gaze turned towards the VIP seats at the front.

The price was almost raised, and now it was time for these people to make their bids.

“16 million.”

It was not the Mu clan, nor was it the Su clan.

The first to bid was the Sima clan who had been silent from the start.

They did not dare to use the Nine-colored Longevity Grass, as they would have to hand it over to the higher-ups.

For the Nine-colored Longevity Grass, even if they had to pay a higher price, the higher-ups would forgive them.

After all, this was one of the main ingredients of the Immortality Pill.

“17 million.”

Su Nanshans voice sounded, participating in the auction.

“Haha, Brother Su, I didnt expect you guys to be interested in the Nine-colored Longevity Grass, so Ill join in.”

“18 million.”

Mu clans Patriarch Mu Ming opened his mouth and joined in the bidding.

Sima Kong followed closely behind and raised the price to 20 million, doubling it.

The bidding of the three great clans caused the others to not dare to say anything.

Meanwhile, Lin Mos face was full of smiles as he dropped his hammer, continuously inducing the three great clans patriarchs to bid.

“This really surprises me.

The Su familys patriarch has bid 26 million, but theres still an even higher price.”

Lin Mo smiled faintly.

Was the atmosphere getting warmer These guys were beginning to not take spiritual stones seriously.

If that was the case, there would definitely be a good price for the auction later on.

“Hmph, this Su Nanshan is trying to argue with me, isnt he”

In the Mu clans VIP room, Mu Ming fiercely threw the wine cup in his hand onto the ground.

The Sima family had already given up on bidding and planned to save money to buy other auction items.

However, the Su clan kept raising the price and did not give in in the slightest, as if the spiritual stones were free.

Just as Mu Ming was about to continue bidding and fight to the death with Su Nanshan, Mu Feng suddenly thought of something and hurriedly said, “Father, be careful of any tricks.

Dont forget the relationship between the Su clan and Lin Mo.”

Mu Fengs reminder caused Mu Ming to instantly wake up.

Although the Nine-colored Longevity Grass was good, it was still just a main ingredient.

Moreover, even if he managed to find all the medicinal ingredients, it was still a little impossible to refine a true Immortality Pill.

If he did not refine the Immortality Pill, then the value of this Nine-colored Longevity Grass was equivalent to 900 years of lifespan.

This was at most 20 million low-grade spiritual stones, and the price had already exceeded it…

“Damn it, I was almost tricked by that b*stard Su Nanshan.” After understanding everything, Mu Ming cursed angrily.

He was certain that as long as he increased the price, Su Nanshan would definitely give up and let him be the sucker…


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