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At the end of his sentence, Su Yuelong even laughed out loud.

Indistinct laughter could be heard from the private room.

Mu Fengs current situation was very awkward.

He could neither advance nor retreat.

If he was not in the VIP room right now and was in the hall, it would be even more awkward.

“Alright… Su Yuelong, Ill remember this grudge.”

Mu Feng panted heavily.

After saying these words, he became silent.

Lin Mo waved his hand in response to the extra five million.

This was not arranged by him.

Thinking of this, Lin Mo shook his head and started the auction once again.

The items that appeared at the end of the auction were all at tier 8 without exception, causing everyone to be dumbfounded.

In the end, the Su clan, Sima clan, and Mu clan no longer had any funds left.

This also caused the few remaining items to be bought by a few wealthy merchants and the top clans of Ancient Flame City.

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Seeing that he had already earned enough money, Lin Mo also gave up on the idea of continuing the auction.

If he continued to sell tier 8 treasures, he would suffer a loss…

“Next is the final item of this auction.

Taking into account that everyone might not have enough funds…”

“This auction can be done on credit.

Of course, dont think about going back on your word.

Even if you are stronger than me, there will still be people who will come looking for you…”

Lin Mo smiled as he looked at the Mu clan and Sima clan.

It was not just them.

The other large clans and mercenary groups in Ancient Flame City all had a few spies.

Lin Mo was the eighth princes subordinate and basically could not be considered a secret.

Hence, they also knew the consequences of going back on their word.

“Manager Lin, we cant wait any longer.

Hurry up and bring out the final item.” Someone laughed loudly.

They could not wait any longer.

“Alright, then I wont waste any more words.”

After saying this, Lin Mo took out a light green scroll from his spatial ring.

As soon as it appeared, a faint breeze was transmitted over, swimming around the auction ground.

“This is the tier 9 top-grade movement martial art, Traceless Wind… incomplete version.”

As Lin Mo introduced, he placed the wordincomplete at the end of the list.

Furthermore, he spoke extremely slowly.

In an instant, the atmosphere in the auction hall reached its peak.

Everyones eyes turned red as they felt incredulous.

“Heavens, a tier 9 martial technique.

Its too unbelievable.

This is a treasure that even the royal family has never auctioned before…”

“Thats not right.

The royal family doesnt allow tier 9 martial techniques to be left outside.

How did Manager Lin obtain it”

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Everyone discussed animatedly.

Some people knew the pros and cons of this, and their faces immediately turned pale.

“How is that possible Its tier 9 martial arts! Even if its an incomplete version, it shouldnt appear here.

Is this Lin Mo trying to kill us”

Mu Ming and Sima Kongs expressions were similar.

They were extremely shocked, and then they started to panic.

The Ancient Flame city was a great city of the Yanhuang Divine Empire, and there was definitely the imperial familys spy within it.

These princes and followers were all under the emperors surveillance.

Now that a top-grade tier 9 movement technique had appeared here, it was bound to make the emperor pay attention to this place.

If they were not careful, these princes and followers would be exposed.

If they were found out about what they had done in the past, they would definitely implicate their master.

At that time, their two families would probably be exterminated…

“Its just an incomplete copy.

Is there a need to be so agitated” Lin Mo frowned and looked down.

Especially the people sitting in the second row.

Their statuses were not low either.

At this moment, their faces were deathly pale.

They actually did not know what to do.

“Manager Lin, I want to ask, where did you get this Traceless Wind manual” A voice suddenly appeared in the auction hall.

When everyone turned around, they saw a figure appear like a ghost.

He wore a bamboo hat and a knife at his waist.

“This aura… its Senior Luo.”

Lin Mos heart froze and he shook his head inwardly.

He had been careless.

He had auctioned off a top-grade tier 9 martial art without permission.

It seemed like he had gotten himself into trouble.

“Its the punishment halls executioner…”

Su Hanhai looked at the person who appeared with a grave expression.

After a long while, he said again, “Even if I were to recover to my peak, I wouldnt be a match for him…”

When he said this, Su Nanshans face instantly turned pale.

If that was the case, who would be able to protect Lin Mo

“Senior, this item was obtained by me in the mountains.

After I studied it, Im taking it out to auction it off,” Lin Mo said respectfully.

“Whats the starting price” Luo Haoyu asked in a deep voice.

“The starting price is 20 million,” Lin Mo replied.

“Ill bid 40 million.

Is there anyone who wants to bid against me” Luo Haoyu directly placed a bid.

At the same time, his sharp gaze swept the surroundings, and no one dared to say anything.

The entire place was deathly silent.

Some people did not understand, but after seeing the fearful expressions of the group of people at the front, they tactfully shut their mouths.

“Alright, deal.” Lin Mo nodded and did not say anything else.

A black cloth bag was thrown over and landed in Lin Mos hand.

Lin Mos soul power swept over it, and within it were 4,000 mid-grade spiritual stones.

The light green scroll in his hand also disappeared.

In the next moment, everyone felt a ripple in space, and Luo Haoyus figure disappeared.

[ Congratulations, host, for successfully auctioning the incomplete version of the tier 9 top-grade movement technique, Traceless Wind.


[ Triggered 7,000 times auction return.


[ Obtained tier 9 top-grade movement technique, Traceless Wind.


After receiving the rebate from the system, Lin Mo remained expressionless.

At the same time, a soft voice entered Lin Mos ears.

“Dont sell a tier 9 with an unknown origin…”

Lin Mo nodded his head without a change in expression.

Judging from Luo Haoyus hurried tone, this matter might be very troublesome.

‘Xiyue, I hope I wont cause any trouble for you… Lin Mo prayed in his heart.

He had also been blinded by the tier 9 top-grade movement technique and had not analyzed the pros and cons of it.

If he had known earlier, he would have bought it in private…

“Alright, the auction is over.

Those who have bought the items will pay Miao Qing to receive the treasures.”

Perhaps it was because of Luo Haoyus appearance, the crowd did not dare to stay any longer.

Those who did not bid left the venue one after another.

Those who had participated in the auction also went to Miao Qing and quickly exchanged for the treasures.

When the crowd was almost gone, the people from the Su family finally walked out of the VIP room.

“Little friend, you really scared me to death…”

Su Hanhai had a face full of lingering fear as he told Lin Mo about his perception just now.

“What Elder Su, youre not a match even when youve recovered to your peak” Lin Mo was shocked and found it unbelievable.

Previously, he had guessed that Luo Haoyus strength was above level 25 Dragon Transformation Realm, but he had still underestimated it.

From Su Hanhais description, Luo Haoyu was most likely a Nirvana Realm powerhouse.

As expected of a tier 5 executioner of the hall of punishment, his strength was so terrifying.

“Little friend, lets keep a low profile.

When his highness the eighth prince gives the order, this executioner today should listen to the Emperor.”

Su Hanhai said.

He was also glad that the executioner would listen to the emperor.

If the executioner listened to a prince, Lin Mo would probably be eliminated.

“I understand.

Elder Su, please rest assured.

I will report this matter to the higher-ups.” Lin Mo nodded.

After sending the Nine-Colored Longevity Grass to Su Hanhai and chatting for a while, the Su clan members left.

After sending them off, Lin Mo looked at a private room in the auction house and said, “Everyone has left.

Why arent you coming out”


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