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Ever since Luo Haoyu appeared, Bai Luo had been silent, not making a sound.


The wooden door of the private room slowly opened, and Bai Luo poked her head out and walked out.

Looking at her slightly frightened appearance, Lin Mo was instantly infuriated.

“Looking at you, how did you know that something like this would happen” Lin Mo frowned.

This girl could not be deliberately trying to trick him, right

“A normal tier 9 would naturally be like this, but this is only an incomplete copy…”

Bai Luo said with a face full of frustration.

Looking at her expression, she also felt a little regretful.

“Sigh, although Ancient Flame City is a great city, isnt it a little too much to send a tier 5 executioner to guard it…”

After repeatedly making sure that no one was spying on them, Bai Luo was no longer restrained, but she was still very dissatisfied.

“Your Yanhuang Divine Empire is really boring.

Youre so controlling of the outside world.

No wonder the overall strength of the entire dynasty is ranked last.” Bai Luo rolled her eyes and continued to ridicule.

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Hearing this, Lin Mo became interested and said, “What From your words, are you not a member of the Yanhuang Divine Empire”

Thinking about it carefully, it made sense.

The Yanhuang dynasty had very strict control over cultivation resources.

Not to mention tier 9, even tier 8 treasures were rarely leaked out.

For some of the more powerful ones, such as the tier 8 top-grade Great Luo Spear Technique that Bai Luo had just obtained, the Yanhuang Divine Empire would definitely come looking for them if the news spread.

They would either let Bai Luo take up a position in the imperial family, or they would use other methods to take it away.

In any case, it would be the case if it was at tier 8, let alone tier 9.

“Of course Im not.

Im just here to gain some experience,” Bai Luo curled her lips and said.

She said that if she had known that the Yanhuang Divine Empire was so strict with the outside world, she would have gone to Great Yan Divine Empire.

“Oh right, prepare some spirit pills and elixirs to heal your wounds.

Something big is going to happen in Ancient Flame City,” Bai Luo reminded Lin Mo.

After receiving the Great Luo Spear Technique and the remaining spiritual stones from Lin Mo, Bai Luo stood up and took her leave.

However, her words surprised Lin Mo a little.

What big thing could happen in Ancient Flame City

Moreover, she even asked him to prepare the healing pills.

Could it be that some evil cultivator sect was going to attack Ancient Flame City

As Lin Mo guessed, he was amused by his own thoughts in the end.

The Yanhuang Divine Empire was very strict with the forces in their territory.

Evil cultivator sects would be killed as soon as they appeared.

There were very few evil cultivators who could grow to the Dragon Transformation Realm, let alone the Nirvana stage…

Seeing that Lin Mo did not take her words seriously, Bai Luo frowned and stepped forward, “Believe me, unless you dont plan to participate in a prosperous era.”

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“In short, hurry up and collect the life-saving items on your.”

Bai Luo finished speaking with a solemn expression.

Seeing that Lin Mo was starting to believe her, she nodded her head in satisfaction and turned around to leave.

However, just as she walked to the door, she seemed to have sensed something and retreated back.

“Whats the matter again” Lin Mo was speechless.

Why did this lass keep turning her head back every step she took

“Hey, your auction houses security measures arent good at all…” Bai Luo said with a bitter expression.

Hearing that, Lin Mo looked out of the door.

Other than the servant who was cleaning, there was nothing wrong with the rest.

“Thats not right.

The strength of this servant…”

Suddenly, Lin Mo sensed something unusual.

His soul power spread out, and finally, he felt the strength of a tier 10 Dragon Transformation Realm from the servant.

“Who sent them” Lin Mo frowned and looked at Miao Qing and Duanmu Jia.

“Master, thats the servant who came to apply for the job.

Is there a problem” Miao Qing stood out and asked.

Duanmu Jia was in charge of collecting the treasures in the auction house and buying them while he was in charge of managing them.

“Theres a big problem.

Your master isnt that shameless.

How can a tier 10 Dragon Transformation Realm to sweep the floor for him…” Bai Luo curled her lips and said.


Miao Qing was shocked.

His strength was still one step away from the Dragon Transformation Realm.

Moreover, this was also the reason why Lin Mo gave him so many cultivation resources.

As for Duanmu Jia, her cultivation level was even lower.

This also caused the two of them to not be able to see through each others background, causing the servant to sneak in.

“Master, do you need me to handle it”

Yan Rong stepped forward and asked.

At the same time, he also indicated that he would be responsible for the safety of the auction house in the future.

This way, he could prevent any more experts from sneaking in.

“Theres no need.

You continue to teach Lin Die how to cultivate.

Only make a move if Miao Qing and Duanmu Jia cant handle it.” Lin Mo shook his head.

As for this servant, he did not intend to deal with her.

He wanted to keep the servant for now and see what tricks the other party could pull.

“Wait, a tier 10 Dragon Transformation Realm expert.

Will you be afraid of her” Lin Mo looked at Bai Luo.

“Of course not.

However, who is standing behind this person I dont know.

What if its the Mu clan” Bai Luo shook her head.

She found a place to sit down, not willing to leave this place no matter what.

“Anyway, this place of yours is big enough, having me here isnt a big deal.” Bai Luo smiled sweetly at Lin Mo.


Her smile was very sweet, and her current shameless attitude made people feel even more adorable.

However, Lin Mo was not affected, and with a straight face, he said, “Im not letting you stay, get out.”

“Dont be so stingy.

At least I auctioned off a tier 9 top-grade movement technique,” Bai Luo said with a bitter expression.

However, when she saw Lin Mos expression, she immediately rolled her eyes.

She was acting cute for the blind to see…

“Alright, Ill tell you a big secret, but you need to let me temporarily stay in the auction house.

How about it” Bai Luo said.

This piqued Lin Mos interest.

He found a place to sit down and said, “Is it the big event that you just mentioned”

He was still very curious about what exactly was going to happen in ancient flame city and how Bai Luo knew about it in advance.

Luo Haoyu did not tell him, which meant that Jiang Xiyue did not know about it either, so the chances of the crown prince and the fourth prince knowing about it were very small.

This made Lin Mo even more curious about Bai Luos identity.

“Let me say this first.

Dont ask about things I dont want to tell you.

I wont tell you even if you ask me,” Bai Luo said with her head raised.

After sorting out his thoughts, Bai Luo slowly told him what she knew.

“There is a ruin under Ancient Flame City.

Do you know about this” Bai Luo asked.

“Of course I know.” Lin Mo nodded.

Not only did he know, but he also came for this.

“Thats easy to say.

In about half a month, the Ancient Flame Ruin will appear.

At that time, not only Ancient Flame City but also the nearby forces will come to join in the fun.” Bai Luo smiled.

“You must know that the Ancient Flame Ruin was left behind after the Ancient Flame Sect was destroyed 30,000 years ago.”

“Its said that within the ruins, there might be spirit grade treasures that appear.

Their value is hard to estimate.”

After Bai Luo finished speaking, her large eyes were filled with little stars, as if she had already pocketed these treasures.

“How did you know” Lin Mo turned pale with shock.

How did Bai Luo know about the Ancient Flame Ruins when there were no signs of it

“Hey, I already said not to ask too much.” Bai Luo waved her hand, unwilling to say anything more.

“A spirit-grade treasure huh.

If we obtain it, even if we are wanted by the Yanhuang Divine Empire, it wouldnt be a problem.”

“When the time comes, follow me.

Ill bring you to a bigger place and let you see the world.”

Bai Luo said with a smile, looking forward to it…


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