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After chatting for a while more, Lin Mo asked Miao Qing to arrange a place for Bai Luo.

At the same time, he took Bai Luos words seriously.

The Ancient Flame Ruin was about to appear, and this might be an opportunity.

Furthermore, he had the complete map of the Ancient Flame Ruin in his hands, and it could be of use inside.

“Jiajia, keep an eye out for healing pills and elixirs.

As long as they appear, take them all.”

“Remember, the more the better.

Its best to use up all the spiritual stones in your hands.”

Lin Mo reminded Duanmu Jia and told her to leave.

After everyone had left, Lin Mo walked toward the auction halls secret room.

He took out the breathing technique he had just obtained and studied it carefully.

Perhaps it was because Bai Luo did not pay much attention when she was creating it, but a few of the runes were very shallow.

This breathing technique was not difficult to learn.

In less than half an hour, Lin Mo had already learned it.

After learning it, he realized that there were only three runes in it, and they gave off a mysterious feeling.

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“This should be a technique that was not passed down in her family.

If I only auctioned these three runes, would I be able to obtain the complete technique”

Lin Mo pondered for a moment before shaking his head.

He had a good impression of Bai Luo.

Furthermore, even though Bai Luo had concealed her identity, she did not hide anything from him.

He had already told her everything he needed to know, and he had even given her a secret manual.

It would not be appropriate for him to place his attention on her secret art.

“Forget it, Ill cultivate Traceless Wind first.”

After expelling the distracting thoughts in his mind, Lin Mo flipped through the complete version of Traceless Wind and memorized every move and move within it.

The more he read, the more shocked Lin Mo became.

The profoundness of Traceless Wind had exceeded his expectations.

Every time he circulated his spiritual Qi according to the method of Traceless Wind, he would feel as if he was in midair.

Not only that, he also felt a faint breeze around him.

This shocked Lin Mo, because this breeze had affected another power within his body.

This was the power of the God Slayer body.

Unknowingly, the God Slayer body had been triggered, resonating with the power of Traceless Wind.

“This is the power of the Dao.

This Traceless Wind might have the same immeasurable potential as the Ten Thousand Stars Arrival.”

Lin Mo was overjoyed.

He did not expect to gain so much this time.

Most importantly, Lin Die had obtained the correct cultivation method.

The success rate of breaking through had increased significantly.

Lin Mo gradually entered a meditative state as he was immersed in joy.

A gentle breeze slowly blew around him.

Faintly, shadows of Lin Mo appeared one after another.

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These shadows surrounded Lin Mo and took a step forward.

The gentle breeze blew past, leaving no traces behind.

The complete version of the Traceless Wind continuously appeared in Lin Mos mind.

In the end, they were connected and connected to each other.

Time passed.

During this period, Duanmu Jia came to look for Lin Mo.

however, after sensing the dense spiritual Qi in the secret chamber, she did not dare to disturb him and retreated.

Seven days passed in a flash.

What awakened Lin Mo from his cultivation state was a bolt of lightning from a clear sky.

Thats right.

On a cloudless day, a bolt of lightning suddenly fell from the sky.

The power of the Lightning exploded, creating a ravine in the center of the Thousand Rocks Mountain Range outside of Ancient Flame City.

At the same time, an astonishing spiritual Qi spread out, and an ancient aura spread out.

The entire Ancient Flame City, and even the cities thousands of miles away, all sensed the abnormality.

When the lightning and spiritual Qi dispersed, someone took the risk to enter the Thousand Rocks Mountain Range and arrived in front of this ravine.

At the bottom of the ravine, a spatial crack appeared, and anyone who approached was swallowed up.

No one was spared, and as a result, many people died.

Among them, there was also a powerhouse at tier 20 Dragon Transformation Realm.

Lin Mo withdrew from his cultivation state, his face filled with regret.

He already had a simple control over Traceless Wind, and the speed at which he used it was astonishing even though he was at tier12 Dragon Transformation Realm.

He felt that even if a powerhouse at tier 20 Dragon Transformation Realm were to chase after him, he would be able to escape easily.

“Its a pity that Traceless Wind isnt like Ten Thousand Stars Arrival where it can be modified.”

Lin Mo shook his head.

Perhaps it was because his realm was not high enough, thus he still hadnt been able to understand the profoundness within.

Walking out of the secret cultivation room, Lin Mo quickly met the bored Bai Luo.

“Youre really slow.

If it was not for that lightning bolt in the sky, Im afraid you would still have to continue cultivating, right” Bai Luo said with a frown.

“The Ancient Flame Ruin has appeared” Lin Mo asked.

“Thats right, it was blasted out by the heavenly lightning bolt.

I didnt expect that theAncient Flame Ruin, which the world has been searching for for so long, would actually appear in such a manner.”

Bai Luo smiled and told Lin Mo that the Ancient Flame Ruin had just experienced a lightning strike.

The spatial energy at the entrance was unstable.

Now, unless a Nirvana Realm expert entered, anyone who entered would die.

“Wait for another two days, and the spatial energy will weaken.

At that time, well be able to enter.” As she spoke, Bai Luo asked Lin Mo if the healing pills and herbs had been prepared.

After all, they would probably be attacked from both sides after entering.

Without the supply of pills and herbs, they might not be able to last until the time when the spirit-level treasure appeared.

“Thats right, I almost forgot to take care of business.”

Lin Mo smacked his forehead.

Only then did he remember that Duanmu Jia should have collected a lot of healing spirit pills and spirit herbs in the past eight days.

“Jiajia, how are the healing spirit pills and spirit herbs coming along”

“Master, you gave me too many spiritual stones, so I bought a lot of good things.” Duanmu Jia walked up and said respectfully.

“Among them, there are 170 tier 6 spirit herbs and 225 tier 6 spirit pills.”

“There are 93 tier 7 spirit herbs and 52 tier 7 spirit pills.

I bought them from the Duanmu family.”

“As for tier 8 spirit herbs, there are five of them.

Theres also a spirit pill that is a half-step tier 8 Mystic Jade Pill.”

The lack of spirit pills was specially sent by the Su clan after they found out that she was collecting healing spirit pills and spirit herbs.

Due to Su Hanhai, the Su clan had very few healing spirit pills.

If Duanmu Jia had bought them any later, even this Mystic Jade Pill would have been eaten by Su Hanhai.

“Miao Qing, well hold an auction tonight.

We wont sell anything else.

Well only sell healing pills and herbs,” Lin Mo said with a smile.

As long as he auctioned off these pills and herbs, the rebate he would get would be more than ten tier 8 and more than a hundred tier 7 pills.

As long as he was careful in the Ancient Flame Ruis, there would definitely be no problems.


Bai Luo was originally quite satisfied after hearing Duanmu Jias report.

After all, there were quite a few survivors.

As long as they did not seek death, they should be fine.

However, before she could be happy, Lin Mos words made her dumbfounded.

“Hey, are you kidding me It wasnt easy to collect them, and you want to sell them” Bai Luo said hurriedly.

It was not possible that Lin Mo had never been to the ruins, so he did not know how dangerous the battles in the ruins were, right

“Master, you cant.”

“Master, Ive been to the ruins before.

The chances of surviving without healing pills are almost zero.” Yan Rong walked over from afar.

Miao Qing followed behind him.

When she heard that Lin Mo was planning to sell the healing pills, he hurriedly tried to persuade him.

“Dont be agitated.

Sell these.

I can buy even better ones with the spiritual stones from them.” Lin Mo smiled mysteriously.

When everyone heard this, they recalled the many good things in Lin Mos hands…


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