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Bai Luo was also speechless.

Lin Mo actually tripled the price.

Was this the starting bid This was probably not the closing price.

“The starting bid of 300,000, are you kidding me”

“This is too f*cking shady.

Thats triple the price.

In terms of wickedness, even the robbers would have to bow to you.”

“Yeah, this is too expensive.

Who can afford it”

The crowd was in an uproar.

The starting price of 300,000 and each bid could not to be lower than 50,000 each time.

It was indeed very evil…

“Cough, cough, be quiet.

When you need money, you will always regret not having enough.

Everyone, dont think that its too expensive.

The fact that I can sell a large number of healing spirit pills at this time is enough to prove my sincerity.” Lin Mo coughed dryly and persuaded the crowd.

“Moreover, what if you guys get injured when you go to the Ancient Flame Ruins and the healing spirit pills are gone Then whats the use of holding a pile of spirit stones”

The auction hall was still very quiet.

No one made a bid.

Many people stared at Lin Mo.

They did not have many spiritual stones, yet ten pure heart pills were already asking for so much…

Lin Mo looked at everyone like this.

For a moment, the situation was a little awkward, and no one said anything.

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“I… bid 350,000…”

Finally, after nearly three minutes of silence, a young man stood up and increased the bid by 50,000.

After shouting these words, he seemed to have exhausted all the strength in his body as he slumped down on the chair.

“Who is it Why are you so impatient”

“Im afraid this isnt an act.”

“Wait for it.

As long as we hold out, the price will definitely be lowered.”

Many people complained, especially when someone said that the price would be lowered later on.

The young mans face was even paler, and he was filled with regret.

“This customer has bid 350,000.

Is there anyone who wants to bid higher”

Lin Mo said with a smile.

There was finally someone who had bid.

He knew that once someone compromised, everyone would compromise in the end.

This was only a matter of time.

After three times, the ten Pure Heart Pills were bought by the young man at a high price of 350,000.

He threw the jade bottle forward and was caught by the young man in the end.

He was somewhat puzzled.

“Todays auction is a bit special.

Well hand over the goods as soon as you hand over the money,” Lin Mo said with a chuckle.

This made everyone speechless once again.

‘So you also knew that the price is ridiculously high and people might go back on their words.

Under Lin Mos insistence, the young man took out a beast skin bag and threw it at Lin Mo.

[ Congratulations, host, for successfully auctioning a tier 5 middle-grade Pure Heart Pill.


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[ Triggered 100 times the auction return ]

“Obtained a tier 6 top-grade Pure Heart Pill.”

After confirming that there were 350,000 low-grade spiritual stones in it, Lin Mo smiled and took out the next item.

“The next item is still a tier 5 spirit pill.”

A large jade bottle appeared in Lin Mos hand once more.

The moment he opened it, a fragrance of flowers flowed out from it.

“Falling Flower Pill, a detoxifying pill.

It can detoxify all kinds of poisons.

Consuming it in advance can also defend against poison.”

“There are a total of five pills in there.

The starting bid is 250,000 low-grade spiritual stones.

Each increment must not be lower than 50,000 low-grade spiritual stones.”

After announcing with a smile, Lin Mo waited for someone to bid, even though it was still ridiculously expensive…

“The highest price for a Falling Flower Pill is 40,000.

This fellows starting bid is 50,000 for one pill…”

Everyone gritted their teeth, wishing they could rush up and skin Lin Mo alive.

“Everyone, there might be poison in the Ancient Flame Ruins.

After all, its an ancient ruin, no one can say for sure…”

Lin Mo continued to persuade.

“Alright, stop talking, Ill bid 300,000 yuan.” A strong man stood up and directly increased the bid.

Just as Lin Mo said, there was everything in the Ancient Flame Ruins, there might even be poison.

If he could obtain an antidote spirit pill, it would be safer.

“That profiteer is right, there might be poisonous substances in the ruins… I bid 400,000.”

Another man stood up and increased the bid by 50,000.

400,000 for five Ancient Flame Ruins, each worth 80,000.

It was double the price.

What a ruthless rip-off…

“Wolf Head, what are you doing Are you taking the spiritual stones seriously” The brawny man was shocked.

He did not expect that there would be people snatching such expensive Falling Flower Pills.

“HMPH, you can raise the price.”The Man called Wolf Head snorted coldly.

After spending so much money, he was not in a good mood either.

It was 400,000 spiritual stones.

Naturally, no one would raise the price.

If they were to raise the price, they would really become a sucker.

“Congratulations to this customer for winning the falling flower pill.

Please take out your spiritual stones,” Lin Mo said with a smile.

After completing the transaction, the system notification sounded.

[ Congratulations to the host for successfully auctioning the tier 5 mid-grade Falling Flower Pills.


[ Triggered 200 times the auction return.


[ Obtained tier 6 high-grade Rejuvenation Pill.


After completing another auction, Lin Mo smiled as he took out another jade bottle.

It was still a spirit pill.

“Tier 6 low-grade Meridian Renewal Pill.

It can reconnect severed meridians.

Even if someone is severely injured, it can still save a life.”

“The starting bid is 700,000 low-grade spiritual stones.

Each increment must not be lower than 100,000.”

Lin Mo smiled as he completed another round of auction, causing everyone below to gnash their teeth in anger.

However, it was not a good time for them to flare up.

In the earlier stages of the auction, most of the items were tier 5 and tier 6 items.

There were also people who bid during the auction, but most of them would stop after raising the bid once or twice.

Of course, this situation would change after a period of time.

Many people were shocked because the tier of the spirit pills that Lin Mo was auctioning had gradually increased.

At this moment, Lin Mo took out a jade box, which was emitting a jade green energy.

“Low-grade tier 7 treasure, Jade Spirit Snakes inner core and two snake galls It contains an extremely dense life aura.

Are you all interested”

Lin Mo laughed.

At this moment, everyone was shocked.

The Jade Spirit Snakes combat strength was not strong, but it lived deep underground.

It was not easy for an ordinary person to dig it out.

Furthermore, the skin on the Jade Spirit Snakes body could ignore the prying eyes of the soul force.

This also made it extremely difficult to capture the Jade Spirit Snake, let alone a tier 7 Jade Spirit Snake.

By selling the inner core and snake galls together, the price would not be low…

Furthermore, they were being sold by a profiteer like Lin Mo, which made them even more expensive…

“The starting bid for the Jade Spirit Snakes snake galls and inner core is 8 million.

Each increment must not be lower than 1 million.”

Lin Mo laughed as he announced the start of the auction.

“Damn it, the money isnt enough…”

Someone immediately cursed.

Just the starting bid for the Jade Spirit Snakes inner core was enough to eliminate him.

“Ill bid ten million.”

A mercenary group leader stood up and scanned the surroundings with his tiger eyes, causing those who wanted to bid to shut their mouths.

“Hehe, Bahu, youre still so direct, but I wont give up the Jade Spirit Snake.”

Another man stood up.

He was also a mercenary group leader and was active in several cities near Ancient Flame City.

The strength of the two mercenary group leaders was at tier 25 Dragon Transformation Realm, and they were very powerful.

To be able to reach such strength, one could directly dominate a city like Lin City.

“11 million.”

“12 million.”

The two did not give in at all, and the surrounding people shut their mouths.

After three price increases, the price had already more than usual.

No matter how expensive the Jade Spirit Snakes inner core and snake galls were, they would only be 8 million to 10 million.

Now, it was already 12 million.

From the looks of it, the two of them did not intend to give in.

“13 million.” The man known as the Bahu called out the price, but he was still pushed back.


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