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At this moment, everyone was looking at Lin Mo with eyes filled with disdain.

No matter what Lin Mo said, they would not believe him.

Seeing this, Lin Mo felt extremely uncomfortable and sighed.

His image was completely destroyed.

In the end, this Arctic Needle was bought by the Mu clan for 12,000,000 spiritual stones, which was equivalent to the price of a tier 8 weapon.

[ Congratulations, host, for successfully auctioning the tier 7 top-grade Arctic Needle.


[ Triggered 30 times the profit from the auction.


[ Obtained tier 7 top-grade Yin Poison Needle.


However, the 30 times profit was not even enough to break through to tier 8.

Lin Mo could not help but sigh.

Looks like the 10,000 times profit from the previous auction had used up all his luck.

As the auction continued, Lin Mo made a huge profit, causing countless people to be envious of him.

Just the income from low-grade spiritual stones alone was already over 800 million.

If converted to middle-grade spiritual stones, that would be 80,000 spiritual stones.

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Furthermore, the system had returned him many treasures, including four tier 9 items.

However, the most precious items were the Cloud-patterned Pythons inner core and snake gall.

“Alright, the second last item in this auction has been auctioned off.

Now, its the last item.”

Lin Mo dropped his hammer and smiled at the crowd.

At this moment, everyones interest was piqued because Lin Mo had repeatedly said that the last item in the auction would wash away his reputation as a profiteer.

“Hmph, I want to see how this kid will wash away his reputation as a profiteer.” Mu Songs voice rang out from the Mu clans VIP room.

Their Mu family originally operated the auction house, and most of the people from Ancient Flame City went to their place.

However, ever since Lin Mo came, all kinds of treasures came out one after another, and the Mu clan was directly hit until they closed their doors.

Now that Lin Mo was raising the prices on them, to be honest, he was still very happy.

No matter how much Lin Mo earned today, he would not be able to survive in Ancient Flame City in the future.

His reputation had been destroyed.

Unless he gave a tier 7 treasure, it would be difficult to convince the public.

However, did this Lin Mo still have a tier 9 treasure Even if he did, would he be willing to give it away Would he dare to give it away

Thinking of this, Mu Song laughed out loud.

He looked at Mu Ming and said respectfully, “Father, the reputation of the Lin auction house will be destroyed.

We dont need to worry anymore.”

“I suggest that we take out some of the treasures in the treasure vault and sell them cheaply to earn a good reputation.”

“When the Ancient Flame Ruins is over, the treasures that people dont need will definitely be sold at our Mu auction house.”

“Thats right, grandfather.

This is a good opportunity to take down the Lin familys auction house,” Mu Feng also said.

“Yes, this method is indeed feasible.

Now, lets see how this Lin Mo will end up,” Mu clans patriarch, Mu Ming said.

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How Lin Mo would end this was a question that everyone wanted to know.

If it was not for the Su clans patriarch holding the fort, the angry crowd would have long come up and cut Lin Mo into pieces.

“Everyone, I dont plan on auctioning off the last item because its value is hard to estimate.”

Lin Mo smiled mysteriously as he looked at the confused crowd.

In his hand, he took out a broken scroll.

“This is an incomplete version of the Ancient Flame Ruins map.

It contains about a third of the entire map.”

As soon as he finished speaking, everyone was shocked.

At the same time, not far in front of Lin Mo, a masked man dressed in nocturnal clothes flew up.

A dagger appeared in his hand and stabbed fiercely toward Lin Mo.

“Tier 20 Dragon Transformation Realm.”

Everyone was shocked.

They did not expect that someone would be so anxious and attack without waiting.

At the same time, two men dressed in nocturnal clothes flew out from both sides of Lin Mo.

The three of them attacked at the same time, aiming for Lin Mos throat.

“Why is there still someone attacking…”

Lin Mo frowned and waved his hand, causing a human figure to appear in front of him.

The puppet raised its hand and grabbed a man.

Its indestructible body directly shattered the dagger.

At the same time, it kicked out, sending the other man flying.

As for the last person, although he had rushed in front of Lin Mo, his strength was only at tier 14 Dragon Transformation Realm.

The weakest of the three had just arrived in front of Lin Mo when he started to regret it.

Lin Mos fingers turned into a sword, and the Sword Qi that soared into the sky surged.

He raised his hand and slashed out, and a terrifying Sword Qi erupted.

“Spring and Autumn Exchange.”

That person wanted to retreat, but Lin Mo used Traceless Wind, and his figure was like a ghost.


With just a single attack, this tier 14 Dragon Transformation Realm expert fell onto the auction stage.

The powerful aura on Lin Mos body disappeared, and a smile appeared on his face once more.

“Hmph, youre courting death.”

A deep voice sounded out, mixed with Su Hanhais anger.

With him guarding the auction, there was actually someone who dared to cause trouble.

They really did not put him in their eyes.

“Wait, spare my life…”

The remaining two people wanted to beg for mercy but were slapped to death by Su Hanhai who came out from backstage.

The stench of blood filled the auction hall.

Many people swallowed their saliva and did not dare to speak.

“If you want to snatch it, youd better consider your strength first.” Su Hanhai looked at the crowd.

Although he appeared old, he could still intimidate the crowd.

“Elder Su, what are you saying We are not those three villains…”

“Thats right, Elder Su.

We are only here to participate in the auction.

Arent we waiting for Manager Lin to fulfill what he said earlier…”

Someone mustered up his courage and said, wanting Lin Mo to come out.

Facing Su Hanhai, they really did not have the courage to speak loudly.

Be it the previous Leader Bahu or the three assassins, each and every one of them was a powerful person.

However, they were nothing in front of Su Hanhai.

Moreover, from the exchange just now, this Lin Mo was not some soft persimmon.

That puppet had at least the combat strength of tier 18 Dragon Transformation Realm.

Adding on to the fact that it did not feel any pain, it was probably able to fight against a tier 19 Dragon Transformation Realm.

As for Lin Mo, there had long been rumors that he had mastered the complete Four Seasons Sword Technique, and that move just now had been confirmed.

The final profound of the Four Seasons Sword Technique was the Spring and Autumn Exchange.

It was incomparably profound and involved the laws of time.

To be able to master it at such a young age, one could see just how talented he was.

“Everyone, dont worry.

I have registered all those who participated in the auction.

In the future, my Lin auction house will change the commission from 10% to 5%.

It will be effective forever.”

Lin Mo said.

This was a huge profit, but he could not hesitate when it was time to give it up.

“I hope everyone can forgive me.

I am in dire need of spiritual stones, which is why I came up with this plan.

This incomplete map of the Ancient Flame Ruins can be considered as an apology.”

After saying those words, Lin Mo opened up the map and floated it in the air, showing it to everyone.

After doing all of this, Lin Mo turned around and left, leaving behind the crowd that was in a heated discussion.

As for Su Hanhai, he was also observing the map, wanting to know what was going on in the Ancient Flame Ruins in advance.

Everyone quieted down.

The person who had just denounced Lin Mo for being a profiteer was now carefully observing the map.

“Is this map… real or fake”

Mu Mings eyes were ice-cold as he asked.

In the private room, Mu Song and Mu Feng were silent, not daring to make a sound.

At first, they thought that the Mu clans business could be saved.

Now, it seemed that they would still be suppressed by Lin Mo.

“Hmph, report this matter to the fourth prince and ask him to make a decision.

I think that when the Ancient Flame Ruins appear, the royal family will also send people over…”


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