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“Ill leave now,” Mu Ming said coldly.

After memorizing the map of the Ancient Flame Ruins, he disappeared and left the auction house.

The appearance of the incomplete map of the Ancient Flame Ruins attracted the attention of most people.

Some people even lost their lives because of it.

They wanted to sell the map to people who did not know about it, but they were killed in anger.

Lin Mo did not care about this at all.

At this moment, he once again entered the secret chamber and began his closed-door cultivation.

As for Su Hanhai, Lin Mo gave him half of the map of the Ancient Flame Ruins.

He also gave him a lot of spiritual pills as a token of gratitude.

Regarding this, Su Hanhai was extremely excited.

He bade farewell to Lin Mo and returned to the Su clan to prepare manpower.

He was about to set off for the Ancient Flame Ruins.

At this moment, in the secret chamber, Lin Mo took out the Origin Spirit Puppet and took out all the spiritual stones at the same time.

800 million spiritual stones.

This figure was probably equivalent to the income of all the clans in Ancient Flame City for a month.

“Sigh, in order to raise your strength, Ive been called an unscrupulous merchant by many people…”

Sighing, Lin Mo gritted his teeth and poured all the low-grade spiritual stones into the Origin Spirit Puppets dantian.

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In an instant, an extremely terrifying aura pervaded the air.

If it was not for Lin Mo standing guard by the side, this energy would have rushed out of the secret chamber and destroyed the entire Lin auction house.

“800 million spiritual stones, I wonder how much I can improve it.”

Lin Mo rubbed his hands and stood guard in front of the Origin Spirit Puppet, waiting for it to level up.

In the blink of an eye, two days had passed.

In Ancient Flame City, the original prosperity was gone, and there were few people.

Almost seventy percent of people went to the Ancient Flame Ruins.

When Lin Mo came out of seclusion, only Duanmu Jia and Miao Qing were in the auction house.

“Master, Miss Bai Luo took Yan Rong and Miss Lin Die to the ruins, and went with the Su clan.”

Duanmu Jia said.

She and Miao Qing were weak, so they did not go there.

“So what if they go Whats the point of bringing Lil Die”

Lin Mo frowned.

Lil Die had just broken through to the Dragon Transformation Realm, so her combat strength could not be of much help.

Was she going to cause trouble

“Master, Miss Bai Luo said that innate rare beasts have an innate ability.

They have an extremely strong sense of danger and opportunity.”

Duanmu Jia stepped forward and said.

When Bai Luo wanted to bring Lin Die along, they did not agree.

In the end, after Bai Luos constant persuasion and Lin Dies own consent, they brought her along.

“Its really worrying…”

Lin Mo was helpless.

After giving a few instructions, he got up and left the auction house.

He casually looked for someone to ask for directions.

After confirming the direction, Lin Mo walked out of Ancient Flame City.

He used Traceless Wind to fly all the way.

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On the way, he could occasionally see some people flying by.

Just like him, they had arrived relatively late and were very interested in the Ancient Flame Ruins.

The few of them nodded to each other before setting off towards the ancient flame ruins.

The Thousand Rocks Mountain Range was extremely large, and it was the largest mountain range that Lin Mo had ever seen.

The mountains were towering, and layers of rocks stood tall.

Occasionally, there would be a huge beast roar that was extremely terrifying.

After arriving here, Lin Mo felt as if he had returned to nature.

“No wonder so many people chose to become mercenaries and live in the boundless mountain range.”

Lin Mo sighed.

Living in such a primitive place had great benefits for cultivation.

It was said that there were many demonic beasts in the mountain range, and their numbers even surpassed that of humans.

Now, it seemed like what he said was true.

Along the way, Lin Mo had met many powerful demonic beasts.

However, these demonic beasts were hidden in the mountain range, and one could not see anything from their appearance.

Only when one walked into the mountain range would they attack and treat one as prey.

Only this boundless mountain range could bury the treasures of ancient times, only waiting for the fated person to come and open it.

Lin Mo walked into the Thousand Rocks Mountain Range and the mountain range was now completely lively.

He could faintly see some figures appearing and disappearing.

Clearly, the appearance of the Ancient Flame Ruins had caused many people to come over.

Seeing this scene, Lin Mo frowned slightly.

So many people had come to a single Ancient Flame Ruins.

Perhaps Lin Mo would not be afraid of a single expert.

However, those sects and clans had to be on guard.

Moreover, what made people even more worried was the Yanhuang Divine Empire.

Spirit-grade treasures were something that even the imperial family would be moved by.

Once they appeared, not to mention the Ancient Flame Ruins, even Ancient Flame City would become a river of blood.

From Bai Luos appearance, she should be very interested in that spirit-grade treasure.

However, Lin Mo did not know what methods she had to use to obtain it.

Lin Mo was also very curious about Bai Luos identity.

However, it was a pity that the other party was unwilling to reveal it, so there was nothing he could do.

After walking through the Thousand Rocks Mountain Range for half a day, Lin Mo finally arrived at the entrance of Ancient Flame Ruins.

“Im finally here.

wWere did Bai Luo take Yan Rong and Xiao Die” Lin Mo frowned as he looked at the pedestrians everywhere.

The people here were all very strong.

Even though everyone could hide their aura, Lin Mo could still sense it with his soul power.

“Sigh, lets look for the Su clan first.” Lin Mo was helpless and started to look for people to ask for information.

“Youre looking for the Su clan of Ancient Flame City” A passerby was a little curious.

Could this be the Su clans lost junior

“Young friend, if youre looking for the Su clan, you have to go to the front.

However, youd better contact them and send someone to pick you up,” someone kindly reminded him.

In their eyes, Lin Mo was only a junior of the Su clan.

If they rashly entered the deepest part of the city, someone might harm them.

Without the protection of an elder, it would be difficult for a junior to survive here…

After thanking him, Lin Mo walked deeper into the mountain.

Not long after, a tender voice sounded.

“Big brother…”

He saw Lin Die standing on a mountain peak and waving at him.

Yan Rong and Bai Luo were looking at him from the side.

“Eh, Yan Rong, are you injured”

Lin Mo frowned.

Looking at Yan Rongs appearance, he was more or less in a sorry state.

His face was covered with bruises, and his face was a little pale.

He must have just fought with someone.

“Sigh… This guy is really bad.

He doesnt know how to run even if he cant win.

If I didnt come in time, he would have been crippled,” Bai Luo said with a disappointed look.

While Lin Mo was in closed-door cultivation, she even took the time to give Yan Rong some pointers on cultivation.

Along with some cultivation resources, Yan Rongs strength improved very quickly, reaching tier 11 Dragon Transformation Realm.

However, it was still not enough in the Thousand Rocks Mountain Range, and he was injured.

“What happened” Lin Mo frowned and asked.

“Brother…” Lin Die tugged at Lin Mos clothes and said apologetically with her small face.

“Its all my fault.

I asked Brother Yan Rong to take me out for a walk.

We met many people on the way, and it was very lively.

However, when we were about to go back to look for Sister Bai Luo, we met a group of people who claimed to be disciples of the Battle Immortal Sect.”

“Battle Immortal Sect” Lin Mo frowned.

He was familiar with this sect.

When he was in Lin City, those people whom he killed were disciples of the Battle Immortal Sect.

He did not think too much about it before.

Now, it seemed that the people of the Battle Immortal Sect knew that their people were killed by him…

“Thats right, Battle Immortal sect.

Besides, theres a man named Lin Huaiyuan with them.” Bai Luo nodded as she looked at Lin Mo with a questioning look.

“How come its him…”

Lin Mo was stunned.

After Lin Huaiyuan and his son were dealt with by him, they were no longer a threat to him.

They just hid from him.

‘Why did Lin Huaiyuan start to cause trouble again Why did he come here with the Battle Immortal Sect


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