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Bai Luo and Lin Mo looked at each other.

The two of them called Yan Rong and flew toward the unicorns skeleton.

There was nothing they could do.

The unicorns rampage just now had caused too much of a ruckus.

It would not be long before someone would arrive.

If they did not want to be discovered, they had to hurry.

The four of them once again arrived at the cracked valley.

The unicorns below were still standing tall, radiating a boundless multicolored light.

The only difference was that they did not have any consciousness to control them.

“This entire upper body is a treasure…”

Bai Luo was extremely shocked, but she quickly fell silent, feeling extremely helpless…

“Im so angry.

If I knew this would happen, I would have brought more treasures.

Our spatial rings are too low-grade, we cant take them away…”

Lin Mo gave it a try.

He did not move the entire skeleton but instead found some broken bones, wanting to take them away.

Spatial energy spread out, and the broken bones started to fluctuate.

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A crisp sound rang out.

The energy within the broken bones was too dense, and they could not take them away…

“Weve already come this far, and they cant take them away”

Lin Mo was extremely unwilling, and he was almost killed by the unicorns consciousness.

In the end, he could only stare at this treasure…

“Mine is useless too, I need at least a spirit-grade spatial ring…” Bai Luo was helpless.

From the looks of it, they could only give up.

“This is really…” Lin Mo was extremely unwilling.

As long as he auctioned off a bone fragment, he would be able to make a huge profit…

“Oh right, the system space…” Lin Mo suddenly recalled that other than the spatial ring, he also had the system space.

As long as he could put it in there, he would be able to know what kind of treasure it was.

However, Lin Mo did not know if the system space would be able to keep these bone fragments.

He took this broken bone and tried it again.


[ The White Unicorn Horse has awakened part of its unicorn bloodline.

Its bones contain extremely rich heaven and earth energy.

It can be used as medicine or directly consumed.


[ Grade evaluation: Spirit-grade tier 7.


“Haha, I succeeded…” Lin Mo laughed loudly.

As expected of the system space, it could even accept spirit-grade treasures.

“How is this possible How did you do it” Bai Luos eyes widened in disbelief.

This bone fragment was even denser than some low-grade spirit-grade treasures.

This was also the reason why the spatial ring was unable to take it away.

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Now, Lin Mo was actually able to take a piece.

This would be a huge profit, right

“Lets try again.

Can we take all of it”

Bai Luo urged.

If they really took all of them, they could even directly return home…

With such a large skeleton, it was estimated that they could be heaven-grade treasure.

What else did they need other fortuitous encounters for

“Ill try again.”

Lin Mo licked his lips.

He did not know if the system space could take away such a large skeleton…

[ Collection failed.

The system space is insufficient.

Please expand the system space.


The moment he tried, the systems voice rang out, informing Lin Mo that the collection had failed.

“Sigh, I cant take all of them.

Theres not enough space…” Lin Mo sighed.

In the end, he tried to collect them again.

After collecting a total of five bone fragments, the system notified him that the space was full.

“Theres no other way.

I can only take five pieces…” Lin Mo said.

However, he was still satisfied.

The value of this item was simply too high.

However, there was no way to take away the most valuable single horn.

Lin Mo gave it a try and realized that it was probably a heaven-grade treasure.

“Hey, youve already taken five pieces.

Its not too much to give me two pieces, right” Bai Luo said.

Although she had an extraordinary background, this unicorns bone fragment was also a rare treasure, and she did not want to miss it.

“Naturally, theres no problem.

Furthermore, if you can buy it by auction, I can even give you a discount.

Ill sell all five pieces to you…” Lin Mo said with a smile.

These bone fragments were spirit-grade treasures.

With his current strength, he did not dare to sell it.

Once he sold it, the entire Eastern Continent would probably be shaken.

At that time, not only the Yanhuang Divine Empire, but the four divine empires and the nine great holy lands of the Eastern Continent would all want to kill him.

Rather than that, he might as well sell it cheaply to Bai Luo.

As long as he followed the auction procedure, the system would be able to give him a better return.

“Sell all five pieces” Bai Luos eyes lit up.

Lin Mo was actually willing to sell all of such a good item

“Are you sure The energy contained within the unicorns broken bones is the purest heaven and earth energy.

Its extremely rare,” Bai Luo said.

At this moment, they had just left when the distant valley shook once again.

The entire unicorns skeleton collapsed and sank to the ground.

This place started to collapse and dust flew everywhere.

Soon, the entire place was buried.

As for the skeleton of the unicorn, it was buried deep underground and could no longer be found.

“What a pity.

I was still thinking of taking the unicorn away in a few days…”

Bai Luo sighed.

Some of her tricks needed time to be executed, and she was lacking in materials.

“Now you understand.

This bone fragment is a rare precious treasure.

Are you still willing to sell it to me” Bai Luo asked.

She expressed that if Lin Mo was willing to sell it, she could guarantee that Lin Mo would not suffer too much losses, but Lin Mo would not earn too much…

“Arent we friends now Even if we suffer a little, its fine.

Deal.” Lin Mo agreed without even thinking.

Hearing this, Bai Luo looked at Lin Mo and revealed a sweet smile.

“Thank you…”

She walked forward and a clear voice sounded, “I cant take those bone fragments away now.

Ill leave them with you first.

Well exchange them in a few days.”

The few of them sped away from this place.

“What a great fortune.

However, this also shows that the level of the Ancient Flame Ruins is beyond our imagination.

We must be very careful,” Bai Luo said.

As soon as she finished speaking, an earth-shattering roar sounded from ahead.

In an instant, the earth shook and the mountains shook.

The towering ancient tree that was a thousand meters tall shook violently and countless leaves fell.

“That is” Lin Mo raised his head.

At the end of his line of sight, there was a gigantic black bear.

Its entire body was covered in thick fur as it pounded on the ground in front of it, letting out a deafening roar.

This was a gigantic bear at the level of tier 23 Dragon Transformation Realm.

It was over a thousand meters tall and its thunderous roar caused the surrounding mountain peaks to split apart.

“This is a Giant Spirit Bear.

Its inner core should be of top-grade tier 7.

It has a miraculous effect on experts who cultivate their physical bodies.

Its really extraordinary,” Lin Mo commented.

“If its auctioned off, it will earn 10.2 million…”

Bai Luo rolled her eyes.

She had a misconception about Lin Mo.

This fellow clearly did not care much about treasures, but he seemed to have a special liking for spiritual stones.

He wanted to auction off everything…

“Lin Mo, do you really lack spirit stones” Bai Luo asked.

“Why do you ask that” Lin Mo was stunned.

He really did not know how to answer Bai Luos question.

If he said that he was not lacking in spiritual stones, that would not be true.

However, the most important reason why he wanted to auction everything off was because of the system of rebates.

“This lady has plenty of spiritual stones.

Do you want them” Bai Luo rolled her eyes at Lin Mo and asked.

“Of course I want them.

Who would complain about having too many spiritual stones” Lin Mo smiled.

The Origin Soul Puppet required spirit stones, and his cultivation also required spiritual stones.

Strictly speaking, he was really lacking in spiritual stones.

“Alright, the auction will begin now.

Five unicorn bone fragments.

Ill bid thirty high-grade spiritual stones.

Do you have any higher bids”

Bai Luo smiled faintly.


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