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30 high-grade spiritual stones…

In other words, that was 300,000 middle-grade spiritual stones and three billion low-grade spiritual stones.

This was equivalent to a years worth of income for the Yanhuang royal family.

Lin Mo did not expect Bai Luo to be able to take out so many spirit stones.

More importantly, these were high-grade spiritual stones.

There were not many high-grade spirit stones in the entire Eastern Continent…

“You… Where did you come from” Lin Mo frowned.

Bai Luos background was a little frightening…

“Since its not the Eastern Continent, why dont you guess for yourself Do you want to sell them for 30 high-grade spiritual stones” Bai Luo said with a smile.

Honestly speaking, it would be a loss for Lin Mo if he were to sell it like this.

However, this might be the best way to deal with it.

“30 high-grade spiritual stones, sold.”

Lin Mo let out a faint laugh and held a symbolic auction, concluding the transaction with Bai Luo.

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[ Congratulations, host, for successfully auctioning off the bone fragments of a spirit-grade tier 7 unicorn ]

[ As this is the first time that the host has successfully auctioned off a spirit-grade treasure, 10,000 times the profit from the auction has been triggered.


[ Acquired earth-grade tier 1 unicorn inner core.


[ The system has returned an earth-grade treasure.

The systems storage has been expanded to accommodate a large number of earth-grade treasures.


A series of system notifications made Lin Mo extremely excited.

Earth-grade tier 1.

He did not expect that the reward for this auction would be 10,000 times and gave him an earth-grade treasure.

He looked at the unicorn inner core in the warehouse and was extremely satisfied with the results.

Five pieces of bone fragments had given him two unicorn inner cores.

However, these were unicorns that had evolved from ordinary demonic beasts.

Their bloodline was not very pure, but Lin Mo did not have anything to be picky about.

After consuming an inner core, he would be able to obtain an auspicious Qi to protect his body.

During this period of time, comprehending the Dao would result in twice the result with half the effort.

He had been comprehending the Ten Thousand Stars Arrival, the Four Seasons Sword Technique, the Traceless Wind, and his God Slayer Body.

The Dao was extremely mysterious, and it was difficult for an ordinary person to control.

However, once he controlled it, he would be able to erupt with power that surpassed his own level…

“Hey, what are you grinning foolishly for” Bai Luo frowned as he looked at Lin Mo and said with disdain.

“Cough, cough, my constitution is special and requires a lot of spiritual stones to train.

Your thirty high-grade spiritual stones have solved my urgent need.”

Lin Mo coughed dryly and explained.

In the greater world, there were all sorts of strange things.

There were countless people with special constitutions.

Bai Luo naturally did not doubt this.

Instead, she understood why Lin Mo was so passionate about spiritual stones.

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“Alright, lets go first and take down this Giant Spirit Bear.”

Lin Mo smiled and equipped the puppet with Plain White Snow.

At this moment, the puppet had consumed quite a number of spiritual stones, and now had the strength of tier 23 Dragon Transformation Realm.

Moreover, it had the battle prowess of a peak tier 23 Dragon Transformation Realm.

With Plain Snow White, dealing with a Giant Spirit Bear was a piece of cake.


The Giant Spirit Bear had a fiery temper as well.

When it saw the Origin Spirit Puppet charging over with Plain White Snow in hand, it struck out furiously.

“Bai Luo, go to its left.

Ill interfere from the right.

Assist the puppet,” Lin Mo instructed.

The Giant Spirit Bear was not weak.

If it wanted to escape, even the Origin Spirit Puppet would not be able to catch up.

Hence, they could not delay any longer.

They had to kill it in one strike.

“Dont underestimate me.

This ladys level and battle prowess far exceed what you can imagine.”

Bai Luo replied with a smile and charged forward with a bright silver spear in hand.

The spear pierced through the heavens and earth, appearing extremely domineering.


In the end, the giant spirit bear was not a match for Bai Luo and one of its arms was severed by the Origin Spirit Puppet.

It wanted to escape, but Bai Luos spear pierced through its head.

This world-shocking spear strike shocked even Lin Mo..

“Tier 18 Dragon Transformation Realm…”

Lin Mo looked at Bai Luo, who had put away his spear, and felt extremely incredulous.

Furthermore, Bai Luos spear attack had a very familiar smell to it.

“Thats the power of the Dao.

She has comprehended a Dao art.

At such a young age, what a terrifying talent…”

Lin Mo swallowed his saliva.

There was indeed a sky beyond the heavens.

He was a little older than Bai Luo, and he was still researching how to cultivate and comprehend the Dao.

Bai Luo had already grasped it and used it in actual combat…

“Hehe, I still have to thank you for the Great Luo Spear Technique that you gave me, which allowed me to break through.” Bai Luo smiled, very proud.

Yan Rong rushed over from afar and dug out the Giant Spirit Bears inner core.

He looked at the Giant Spirit Bear and said to Lin Die, “Lil Die, it seems that eating it will make you stronger…”

As soon as he finished speaking, Lin Die looked at the Giant Spirit Bear with a look of disdain and shook her head.

“I dont want it.

Its so dirty…”

Lin Mo walked over and smiled when he saw Lin Die like this.

To be honest, Lin Die had already taken human form.

Although the nature of demonic beasts could not be lost, swallowing other demonic beasts alive…

That scene was toobeautiful and was a little hard to accept.

“You guys really dont know how to enjoy yourself.

Sigh, two ascetic cultivators…”

Bai Luo looked at Yan Rong and Lin Mo with disdain.

She pulled Lin Die over and said with a smile, “Lets go.

Big sister will bring you to eat something good.”

Lin Die still resisted a little, but under Bai Luos bewitchment, she still nodded her head.

Bai Luo skillfully took out a huge copper cauldron from her spatial ring and poured clear water into it.

This water was also from the spirit spring, and as soon as it was poured out, it emitted a refreshing fragrance.

“Lil Die, light a fire.

Do you want to eat bear paws The taste will satisfy you.”

Bai Luo took out some special seasonings, and even took out the bowls and chopsticks.

The crowd stared at her in shock.

Very soon, under Bai Luos urging, Lin Mo and Yan Rong went to deal with the Giant Spirit Bears corpse and cut off the four bear paws.

At the same time, they also cut off a lot of meat and put them into the bronze cauldron to boil.

“Put some more spirit herbs in.

This is a great tonic, right” Bai Luo sniffed the fragrance and looked satisfied.

Lin Die was also very excited.

After seeing the Giant Spirit Bear fall, she indeed had the urge to devour it.

However, after transforming into human form, she really could not devour demonic beasts.

Now, she could not wait to eat the bear paw…

“As long as youre human, youll have the desire to eat.

Since youre going to devour it, wouldnt it be better to choose the most delicious method” Bai Luo laughed mischievously.

Regarding this, Lin Mo agreed.

After coming to this world, it seemed like he had never tasted delicious food with his heart.

“Lil Die, dont stop.

Increase the firepower.

The meat of this bear paw is very good.

Itll only be delicious after its stewed,” Bai Luo urged.

Soon, the fragrance wafted out.

Lin Mo could not wait any longer.

The huge cauldron emitted multicolored light from time to time, containing an extremely rich spiritual energy.

Not only that, the fragrance also stimulated ones appetite.

Six hours later, Bai Luo lifted the lid of the cauldron.

The fragrance spread out and spread for dozens of miles.

“Its so fragrant.” Lin Die swallowed her saliva.

Without any hesitation, she began to taste the delicacy.

Lin Mo and Yan Rong did not stand on ceremony and started to eat heartily.

As the meat and bear paws were boiled together with the spirit herbs, the medicinal properties seeped into them.

They were really cultivating while eating…

“Wow, Sister Bai Luo, you are so awesome.

Its so delicious…”

Lin Dies small face was filled with a smile.

This was not a bloody scene of devouring the flesh of demonic beasts, it was simply tasting the delicacies of the human world…

It turned out that training could be like this…


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