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The four of them rushed forward.

Despite encountering several more demonic beasts along the way,they did not bother to hunt them down.

After all, Lin Mo was eager to sell the treasures he had on him,

“Sigh, my only hope is that they have a lot of spiritual stones on them.

Otherwise, Ill have to sell my items at a loss…”

Lin Mo sighed.

In order to obtain the rebate from the auctions, he needed to sell the items regardless of their prices…

At the very least, Bai Luo would still be able to profit from it.

In that case, Lin Mo would just turn a blind eye to her actions.

After all, the most important thing for Lin Mo right now was to raise his strength.

At the same time, he had to raise his puppets strength as well.


Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled in the distance.

In the next instant, a volcano erupted, and endless lava spewed out from it.

From afar, it looked as if two individuals were facing off against one another.

The power that they had unleashed was far beyond what Lin Mo and his squad cultivation level could handle.

What was going on

Lin Mo and the rest were shocked.

Why were these people fighting From the looks of it, the two of them were extremely powerful.

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Along the way, they had already encountered quite a few battles between fellow cultivators, and they all seemed to be very intense.

They sped along, and after half an hour, they finally arrived at the temporary stronghold.

There were many people there, and there were also quite a few people setting up stalls.

All of them were selling good stuff, and their goods seemed extremely precious.

Lin Mo asked around, and only then did he understand why this area was so lively, and why so many people had come.

“Looks like theyve obtained the incomplete map of the Ancient Flame Ruins, and from it, theyve learned that there are tier 9 demonic beast eggs hatching here…”

There were many demonic beasts in the forest.

There was once a king among the demonic beasts, and after giving birth to a child, it used a great array to protect it.

However, being a ruin and all, the demonic beasts child could not be birthed and had remained as an egg until now.

After all, with the number of demonic beasts present in the ruins, the kings child would only end up as food to the other demonic beasts if it were to hatch early.

However, after many long years of nourishment, if it were to hatch now, it would most likely attain the strength of the Nirvana Realm.

A being of such strength would undoubtedly lay waste to the entire Ancient Flame Ruins.

“Do you know what kind of demonic beast it is” Lin Mo asked.

“I dont know.

It seems to be just an egg.

Moreover, no one has seen it and everyone is still searching for it.” A cultivator told Lin Mo what he knew.

Nevertheless, the general location of the egg had been pinpointed.

It was located at the center of the forest, tens of thousands of miles away from here, within a spiritual mountain that was protected by a powerful array formation.

Outside the formation, it was said that one could vaguely see the movements of demonic beasts inside.

There were even rumors that the rank 9 demonic beast had already hatched, but it was trapped inside the formation, unable to leave.

“These guys are really willing to spend so much money…” Lin Mo shook his head.

An egg laid by a rank 9 demonic beast was probably not that easy to feed.

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“Naturally, all of us are willingly to spend a fortune on it.

Those who managed to obtain the young demonic beast would definitely see their strength soar!”

According to the cultivator, the tier of demonic beast eggs were usually on the lower end of things.

After all, they were only eggs, and they would have to mature fully in order to display their full power.

On the other hand, the demonic beast egg that was currently being hunted was able to reach tier 9 despite being only an egg.

This was enough to show how much potential it held.

Once it grew up, it would probably become its masters right-hand man.

Its combat strength would be extraordinary.

At the same time, demonic beasts that could reach tier 9 were not only powerful in terms combat strength, they also had powerful senses towards natural treasures.

Whoever that manages to lay their hands on the egg would be able to acquire endless possibilities in the future…

After asking around, Lin Mo shook his head and lost interest in the demonic beast egg.

Putting aside the fact that there were a few tier 31 Dragon Transformation Realm experts eyeing the egg…

Lin Mo already had Lin Die by his side.

Although it was only a tier 8 Colorful fire demon, as an innate rare beast, it was likely on par to the tier 9 one.

There was no point in biting off more than he could chew.

The most important thing for him now was to increase his strength and auction off the items he had collected.

“Lets go to the center of this stronghold, to hold the auction.”

Lin Mo led everyone forward, and at the center of the stronghold, there was a huge platform.

“Everyone, dont judge a book by its cover, cause despite its shabby appearance, this right here is a Warm Spirit Jade.

Its highly beneficial for the cultivation of the soul!”

On the stage, a man was holding a palm-sized blue jade in his hand as he tried his best to explain its properties.

However, the people below were not interested in his item.

They were mostly rogue cultivators.

Although they had obtained many treasures from the Ancient Flame Ruins, they had yet to obtain any soul cultivation techniques.

Without any cultivation techniques, recklessly cultivating ones soul would cause irreversible damage to it.

Although everyone knew that the Warm Spirit Jade was a good item, their desire to purchase it was not particularly high.

“How much do you plan on selling this Warm Spirit Jade for”

Lin Mo had just arrived, and upon spotting the item, his interest was immediately piqued.

“Hehe, this friend has a good eye for treasure.

Not only is it cheap and good, once I leave this stronghold, I will also close up shop…”

He was still trying his best to introduce it, but Lin Mo could not wait any longer.

He said, “Alright, stop with the theatrics, just tell me, how much does it cost”

Hearing this, this person did not hesitate and immediately stretched out two fingers.

“20 million.

I wont yield if theres even a single spiritual stone missing.”


The people below were instantly shocked.

The Warm Spirit Jade was clearly broken, yet he was still selling it at such exorbitant prices.

“I have three top-grade tier 7 blood coagulation pills here.

How about using them to cover 20 million” Lin Mo thought for a moment and offered.

He only had 30 top-grade spiritual stones from Bai Luo.

He could not bring them out.

Otherwise, should he leave the Ancient Flame Ruins, even Jiang Xiyue would not be able to protect him if she were to personally appear…

“Three top-grade tier 7 spirit pills.”

The entire crowd was in an uproar.

They looked at Lin Mo in disbelief.

who was this person He was actually so straightforward.

Three top-grade tier 7 blood coagulation pills could sell for well over 20 million if he were to put them on an auction.

It was considered to be quite a loss to exchange them for a broken Warm Spirit Jade.

“Ill take you up on your offer.

Thank you, brother.”

The man handed the Warm Spirit Jade to Lin Mo.

Upon receiving the spirit pills, the man leaped with joy as he was able to make a killing off of an item he had thought to be a dud…

Following this, the man handed the stage over to Lin Mo.

Being a fellow businessman himself, he could tell that Lin Mo was aiming to sell his goods.

Everyone turned their gazes towards Lin Mo.

Their interest was piqued, and they wanted to know what other treasures that Lin Mo carried.

“Hello everyone, my names Lin Mo.

I have some treasures that I wish to exchange for spiritual stones.

Of course, if you have any treasures that you dont need, you can also offer them to be exchanged for my goods.”

After exchanging some pleasantries, Lin Mo took out the Giant Spirit Bears inner core and said.

“The inner core of a top-grade tier 7 Giant Spirit Bear has a miraculous effect on those who cultivate their physical bodies.

The starting bid is six million low-grade spiritual stones.”

Lin Mo said with a smile.

The first item to be auctioned off was the top-grade tier 7 Giant Spirit Bears inner core.

“What, auctioned off”

Everyone was shocked.

They did not expect Lin Mo to start an auction there of all places…

Moreover, looking at Lin Mos current state, he seemed to be carrying more than just the Giant Spirit Bears Inner Core as part of his goods.

Auctioning them all off would take up too much time…

“Fellow Daoist, holding an auction would take up too much time.

All of us have treasures of our own that we wish to sell too! Just name a price! Once you sell your stuff, just hurry up and leave!”

Some people booed in an unfriendly manner, asking Lin Mo to settle this as soon as possible…


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