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Lin Mo wanted to infuriate Yuan Cang so that he could make the first move.

This way, he would have a chance and a reason to kill Yuan Cang.

He would not mind getting one strong enemy off his back, after all.

However, he had underestimated Yuan Cangs patience.

To think that he could endure such harassment…

[ Congratulations, host, for successfully auctioning a high-grade tier 8 weapon, Blazing Flame Spirit Snake Bow ]

[ Triggered 7,000 times rebate from the auction ]

[ Obtained the Flaming Spiritual Snake Bow, a high-grade tier 9 weapon.


“High-grade tier 9 weapon…”

Lin Mo was overjoyed.

The rebate from the auction this time was equally shocking as the one from before.

The Flaming Spiritual Snake Bow was very powerful.

Even if he was not adept at using the bow, he could still display extraordinary power with this particular bow.

He would consider handing off this bow to Jiang Xiyue upon receiving a top-grade tier 9 weapon, or an even stronger spiritual sword…

“Everyone, this is the last item up for auction.

Once this item is auctioned off, Ill return the stage to you all.” Lin Mo smiled and stated.

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He took out a jade box from his Interspatial Ring.

As soon as it appeared, a gust of cold air surged out to the surroundings, causing the audience to shiver.

“To think that its contained within a Frost Jade container… I wonder what kind of treasure is housed within it”

“This is really unfair.

Why can others find so many treasures while I only found some ordinary spirit herbs…”

Some people were lamenting at how big the Ancient Flame Ruins was, especially since it far surpassed most peoples expectations.

At the same time, however, the size of the ruins was also a blessing, as it meant that the treasures housed within the ruins were also scattered, and no single person would be able to obtain them all.

“Tier 8top-grade Golden Bug King, an extremely rare insect.

It is extremely beneficial for the cultivation of the physical body.

The starting price is at 15 million.

Everyone, try not to miss out on it!” Lin Mo said with a smile.

Although he had other treasures that could cultivate ones physical body, the lowest rebate for a tier 8 top-grade mutated bug would still yield him a lower tier 9 one.

He really wanted to know what the effects of a Tier 9 mutated bug were…

“Hmph, I bid 15 million…”

Yuan Hong snorted coldly and called out the starting bid under everyones stunned gazes.

Some people wanted to bid, but when they saw Yuan Hongs cold gaze, they immediately retreated.

“Hehe… my little brother is mischievous, I hope Brother Lin wont take offense…” Yuan Cang smiled faintly and looked at Lin Mo, saying, “Since you decided to auction it at such a timing, Im sure you have no complaints, right”


The scene was still very quiet.

The pressure from the Primordial Sun and Profound Azure Holy Land factions were too intense, so much so that no one else dared to speak up.

Although the Golden Bug King was a very tempting prize, even if they were to participate in the bids, there was no chance of beating Yuan Cang and his brother.

Worse still, doing so would also offend two great Holy Lands, and the gains would not make up for the losses.

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“Sigh… Looks like Lin Mo will have to take a loss on this one…”

Many people felt regretful at the scenario.

After all, selling the Golden Bug King for 15 million would incur a huge loss for Lin Mo.

Its priced was slashed by more than half.

That combined with the items extraordinary value made it a very painful situation for Lin Mo.

“20 million.”

Suddenly, a clear voice rang out.

Bai Luo, who was sitting below the stage and feeling bored, finally opened her mouth.

Moreover, she had made a bid for 20 million, which shocked everyone.

“Who is this How dare she offend two Great Holy Lands”

“I dont know, but her realm is at a very high level.

I cant see through her…”

“Shes at tier 18 of the Dragon Transformation Realm.

To have such a cultivation at such a young age, Im afraid shes not to be underestimated.”

Everyone spoke one after another as they placed all their attention on Bai Luo.

“Wait, shes clearly on your side.

Youre raising the price maliciously.”

Yuan Hong snapped angrily as he pointed at Bai Luo.

“Shes on Lin Mos side.

Back when we fought for the Golden Bug King, this woman also made a move.”

Yuan Hong was at a disbelief as he assumed Lin Mo had arranged for Bai Luo to raise the price in this manner.

“The Golden Bug King is incomparably precious.

If I can get it for 20 million, Im naturally willing to do so.

As for raising the bid with malice, thats nonsense,” Bai Luo sneered.

“Ive been sitting below the stage from the very beginning.

Ive participated in some of the auctions before this.

Im sure someone here would remember me”

After hearing her words, everyone recalled that she had indeed been there since the beginning.

Lin Mo had brought out quite a few good items at the start.

During that period, Bai Luo made several moves, and since the prices she offered were extremely “generous”, she had gotten every item she bade for.

“Lin Mo and I obtained this Golden Bug King together, so well be splitting our profits fifty-fifty.

Ive already discussed with him that if I bid the highest, I only need to pay half of the spiritual stones…”

After Bai Luos explanation, everyone nodded their heads.

This was reasonable.

Everyone wanted the Golden Bug King, and since the Golden Bug King was half-owned by this woman, she indeed had the right to participate.

“30 million.”

Yuan Cang chimed in, “The price of the Golden Bug King is 30 million.

Sell it to me, and all the grudges from before will be written off.”

He looked at Bai Luo and Lin Mo.

if these two knew what was good for them, the deal would be done now, and everything would be fine.

Should they continue to act reckless, Yuan Cang would teach them a lesson they would not soon forget…

“35 million.”

However, much to his chagrin, Bai Luo did not hesitate for even a second.

She continued bidding, unperturbed by his declaration.

“Tch, you overestimate the strength of your background!” Bai Luo mocked.

Lin Mo nodded his head in agreement.

After all, from the fact that she was able to take out thirty high-grade spiritual stones without batting an eye, one could see how terrifying Bai Luos background was.

After all, despite being only a junior of her clan or sect, she already had this many treasures in her possession…


Yuan Cang choked for a moment, and his face turned green and red.

“Senior brother Yuan Cang, we dont have enough spiritual stones…” Han Yue informed Yuan Cang of the bad news.

“Oho You dont have enough But you were acting so arrogant just moments ago!”

Bai Luo curled her lips.

She had only increased his bid by five million, but it was enough to outbid Yuan Cang.

To think that this was the extent of what the Primordial Sun Holy Lands Saint was capable of.

“Youll regret this…”

In the end, Yuan Cang left with a harsh declaration along with the disciples of the two holy lands in a sorry state.

Although they had obtained many treasures from Lin Mo on this trip, they did not obtain the most precious of them all, the Golden Bug King.

[ Congratulations to the host for successfully auctioning the tier 8 top-grade mutated Golden Bug King ]

[ Triggered 10,000 times the auction rebate ]

[ Obtained spirit-grade tier 1 Mutated Ghost Spirit Bug ]

“10,000 times…”

Lin Mo was extremely excited.

He had actually hit a rebate of 10 thousand times.

He could not believe his luck.

Furthermore, looking back, the last two 10,000 times rebates he received were all because of Bai Luo.

The more Lin Mo looked at Bai Luo, the more he liked her.

It seemed like he had made the right decision to take in this little lass back then…

“Thank you all for your support.

The auction ends here.”

Lin Mo ended the auction.

He did not have many treasures left to auction off.

As for those at the 5th or 6th tier, he was already starting to look down on them.

After all, unless he returned 7,000 times the profits, these treasures would not be of much use to him.

This time, Lin Mos had received massive returns.

Not only did he obtain a tier 1 spirit-grade Ghost Spirit Bug, there were other treasures as well.

“I can go into seclusion now,” Lin Mo muttered to himself.

He need not make any other preparations.

As long as he refined the heavenly materials and earthly treasures in his hands, he would be able to achieve a perfect breakthrough.

With that, he gradually disappeared from everyones sight together with Bai Luo and the rest of his squad.

Once Lin Mo was gone, Yuan Cang brought the elders of the Primordial Sun Holy Land and the Profound Azure Holy Land over to this temporary base.

The place where they were stationed was not far to begin with.

After Yuan Cang sent someone to inform them, the elders rushed over without stopping.


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