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Yuan Cangs efforts were for naught.

Lin Mo had already led his group deep into the forest, and they were no longer able to be located.

“Little b*stard, just you wait, I will definitely get my revenge on you!” Yuan Hong roared angrily.

The weapon that he was so proud of had been snatched away, and in the end, he had no choice but to buy it back from Lin Mo at a high price.

This was a humiliation, a great humiliation indeed…

Lin Mo headed off into the distance and found a secluded spot.

Upon digging out a cave abode in the mountains, he immediately began his seclusion.

As for Bai Luo who did not have much need for a breakthrough, she brought out two jade talismans and planted soul imprints on them.

With that, she would be able to locate the position of those who carried the talismans.

With her preparation all done, she brought Lin Die and Yan Rong away to search for treasures.

Regarding this, Lin Mo was not worried about the safety of Lin Die and Yan Rong.

After all, Bai Luo carried many treasures on her.

Her vast arsenal of treasures essentially meant that she had a great supply of life-saving trump cards.

Even if those treasures were insufficient to bring down her opponents, she would still be able to make an escape if it came to it.

As such, Lin Mo was able to hide and isolate himself within his cave dwelling without a single shred of concern for the outside world.

He dug out a small pool and poured in his supply of Spirit Spring Water.

This was a special spring water that he had received from the auction rebate system.

It was a tier 8 treasure.

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Should he cultivate while being immersed in said spring water, his cultivation rate would increase two-fold.

“Whether or not I make a breakthrough in the Dragon Transformation Realm is of little consequence.

Most importantly, I must comprehend the Dao principle of the God Slayer Body.” Lin Mo said to himself.

Soon, the Spirit Spring Water took effect.

Strands of special aura floated out and entered Lin Mos body as he breathed in the air around him.

“The Spirit Gathering Root contains a large amount of spiritual energy.

It should be capable of fulfilling the God Slayer Bodys energy needs.” Lin Mo nodded to himself as he brought out the Spirit Gathering Root and placed it into the pool.

A mere instant later, the originally clear pool water turned golden, and Lin Mos body was dyed with the golden medicinal liquid.

The fragrance assailed the nostrils, making one feel as if they were floating in the air.

This was undoubtedly Lin Mos most extravagant spending of his medicinal herbs ever.

It had far surpassed all of his previous efforts.

After all, the Spirit Gathering Root was only the opening dish.

Following that, Lin Mo took out two unicorn inner cores, consumed one, and threw the other one into the pool water.

In an instant, the golden pond water turned white.

It was not a murky white, however.

Rather, it shone with a dazzling white light that seemed almost divine.

Rays of holy light seemed to shoot out from the pool as they converged onto Lin Mos body.

Following that, Lin Mo took out the thirty high-grade spiritual stones that Bai Luo had given him, gritted his teeth, and threw them all into the pool.

The spiritual energy contained within those stones were nothing short of terrifying.

Lin Mo was only able to withstand such a barrage of spiritual energy because he possessed the God Slayer Body.

Had it been anyone else in his position, they would likely have been crushed, even if they were a Nirvana Realm cultivator.

Naturally, his generous spending of resources had yielded results almost instantly.

“Its coming…”

Lin Mo gritted his teeth as waves of intense pain radiated from the meridians in his body.

He sat cross-legged in the pool water as his God Slayer Body continuously absorbed the spiritual energy contained within the pool.

The God Slayer Body was a voracious beast that devoured all the spiritual energy that was available.


All kinds of rare spiritual medicine could be seen at the bottom of the pool.

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It was truly an extravagant use of resources.

After all, the resources that Lin Mo had expended for the sake of cultivating his low-tiered Dragon Transformation Realm had already surpassed the resources available to some Holy Lands!

At the rate he was going, even the Yanhuang Divine Empire would be hard-pressed to support his cultivation to the Nirvana Realm.

As Lin Mo sat cross-legged within the pool, Ten Thousand Stars Arrival rotated around him, and gradually turned his surroundings to that of a starry sky.

Stars appeared one after another, and in the end, they spewed out endless energy for him to absorb.

“Perhaps, I can create a cultivation technique that revolves around the God Slayer Body…”

Lin Mo subconsciously thought to himself.

At the same time, the Ten Thousand Stars Arrival gradually appeared in his mind, revealing the cultivation path that he should take.

The rich heaven and earth energy in the surroundings spread out and continuously surged into Lin Mos body.

His aura rose immensely at this moment.

Before long, he had already reached tier 16 of the Dragon Transformation Realm.

Despite this, his growth showed no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Lin Mo silently comprehended and felt the changes occurring as a result of the God Slayer Body.

Thousand Stars Arrival, Traceless Wind, and the Four Seasons Sword Technique were continuously evolving right before his minds eye.

In the end, even the God Slayer Body had undergone some changes.

The originally silent sea of Qi within his Dantian suddenly became active.

However, what shocked Lin Mo the most was that the spiritual energy in his Dantian was gradually disappearing.

Not only that, the water within the pool was also beginning to dissipate, and the heaven and earth energy was decreasing at an even greater rate!

“Is this still not enough to satisfy the God Slayer Bodys appetite!”

Despair surfaced in Lin Mos eyes.

Thirty high-tier spiritual stones, a Spirit Gathering Root, two unicorn inner cores, and countless other treasures…

How could the consumption of this much materials still fail to fulfill the God Slayer Bodys requirements!

“Ill do it! Ill do it!”

Lin Mo muttered to himself.

In truth, he had already realized how difficult it was to fulfill the God Slayer Bodys requirements long ago.

It was only due to the fact that he possessed such an abundance of resources that he decided to take a chance at cultivating it.

At this moment, he knew very well what was occurring within his body.

Should he fail at cultivating the God Slayer Body at this juncture, not only would the God Slayer Body devour his cultivation base, but also his life force as well…

As his sea of Qi burned, the bones in Lin Mos body emitted light and continuously erupted with power.

This was especially true for his spine, in which the number of bones it contained corresponded to the 31 levels of the Dragon Transformation Realm.

At this moment, 16 bones of his spine were glowing and unleashing divine light.

Under the influence of the God Slayer Body, the full potential of Lin Mos body was unleashed.

This process was extremely painful.

Lin Mo almost passed out from the sheer agony he was experiencing.

Throughout this process, Lin Mo suffered greatly.

The amount of divine energy that his spine was emitting was so intense that it almost killed him.

“What doesnt kill you makes you stronger…”

Lin Mo resisted, circulated his spiritual energy, and began to try to communicate with the God Slayer Body in an attempt to draw out the Dao principles it contained.

At the same time, he guided the power of the God Slayers Body to circulate throughout his body.

This was an extremely tiring process.

Most would have been crippled after experiencing such immense pain.

At this moment, Lin Mo was also feeling extremely uncomfortable.

Nevertheless, he gritted his teeth and persevered.

“Come out…”

He used every ounce of his consciousness to forcefully circulate his spiritual Qi and poured it into the whirlpool formed by the God Slayer Body in his sea of Qi.


A crisp sound could be heard.

Lin Mo felt a great fear.

He had an ominous premonition that should the whirlpool grow any stronger, he would become a cripple.

“No… Could Ive been following a wrong cultivation path”

Lin Mo calmed his heart and carefully thought about the steps that he had taken.

However, the God Slayer Body did not give him any time to think through his options.

Once Lin Mo had let down his guard, the God Slayer Body immediately pressed the attack.

However, the cracks that were forming in his Sea of Qi gradually began to heal before disappearing completely.

At the same time, Lin Mo had a realization that his previous efforts were not for naught.

His consciousness rushed into the God Slayer body along with spiritual energy, and it was beginning to feel as if he had some control over it…


Lin Mo gave an order.

In the next moment, the vortex stopped completely.

It was as if it had never appeared before…


The spiritual energy that had been circulating according to the Ten Thousand Stars Arrival technique had also changed at this moment, and it was moving in the direction that Lin Mo had expected.

“I… succeeded…”

After a short moment of shock, Lin Mo leaped with joy upon the realization that he had really taken control of the God Slayer Body…


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