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As he circulated his spiritual energy, Lin Mo discovered some changes had taken place after his cultivation of the God Slayer Body.

There was a deep black color emitting from his spiritual energy.

This was a result of the God Slayer Body.

Although he still was not completely sure that he had truly mastered it, for now, the fact that he could utilize it was good enough.

He observed his body through his minds eye and noticed his meridians greedily devouring the heaven and earth energy in his surroundings to form a terrifying vortex in his Dantian.

Lin Mo opened his eyes and discovered that the water in the pool had long since dried up.

The place where he sat cross-legged had turned into dry soil.

The spiritual energy it contained had been devoured completely, leaving only the residue from his cultivation resources.

“Hmm, I shall name this new cultivation technique the Soul Devouring Art.”

Lin Mo muttered to himself, his heart filled with joy.

His body had been strengthened after the ordeal.

It now sparkled with a translucent luster, and boundless spiritual energy from heaven and earth was being seeped into his body through his skin.

The injuries he had suffered previously due to cultivation were also rapidly recovering at this moment.

Upon completing the recovery process, the energy was then used for strengthening himself instead, making him a living cultivation machine.

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Lin Mo sat cross-legged within the cave abode, healing his injuries and sensing the changes that had occurred to his body.

His eyes were deep and his entire body was emitting multicolored light.

All he felt at this moment was that he had an endless amount of power.

He desperately desired an opponent to fight against.

It would be best if he could meet Yuan Cang after he came out of seclusion.

He was certain that Yuan Cang would make a good sparring partner…

Despite only mastering the God Slayer Body at the surface level, Lin Mo was still filled with boundless confidence.

Upon exiting his cave abode, Lin Mo changed his clothes and stood in a valley.

Although the power of his God Slayer Body was not particularly noticeable, should one pay attention, they would realize that the energy in the surroundings seemed to gravitate towards Lin Mo at all times.

Lin Mo stood stock still within the valley.

As he stood there, the spiritual energy of the world naturally drew close to him.

At this moment, he was like a banished immortal.

As he slightly circulated the spiritual energy within his body, a majestic power immediately surged out from within him!

Despite being as still as a mountain, the energy he emanated felt as if he was the wedge of the Heavens!

It felt as if any movement from him was capable of crushing mountains and splitting rivers!


Lin Mo took a step forward, leaving behind a pitch-black afterimage as his actual body quickly faded from view.

He disappeared from where he stood at an unbelievable speed.

In the next moment, the valley where Lin Mo was standing at cracked open as a result of his powerful aura.

Lin Mo stood between heaven and earth like a dormant true dragon.

He looked delicate and agile, but when he unleashed his true power, he was undefeatable.

A cry was heard overhead as a divine bird approached Lin Mo from afar.

Its wings covered the sky and the Sun, and it gave off a ferocious aura.

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It had mistaken the majestic aura that Lin Mo was exuding as supreme treasure and had flew over in an attempt to retrieve said treasure.

Lin Mo raised his head and looked at the divine bird.

It wielded the strength of a tier 18 Dragon Transformation Realm cultivator, and for most, it was undoubtedly a powerful beast.

Despite this, Lin Mo was unperturbed.

With a raise of his hand, divine energy surged forth from Lin Mos body.


The earth shook.

The force generated from the explosion caused some of the surrounding mountains to collapse.

It was an attack from the divine bird!

However, Lin Mos figure did not move at all.

Moreover, he had even managed to attach his spiritual energy to the divine birds body.

In a blink of an eye, the divine bird felt as if it had fallen into quicksand, and it was struggling to break free.

Its strength and power were gradually being sapped by the Soul Devouring Art of his God Slayer Body.

The divine bird was shocked.

It stared at Lin Mo with a trace of fear in its eyes.

Originally thinking that it had found treasure, never in its wildest dreams did it occur to the divine bird that it would encounter such a powerful being.

“Despite possessing a tier 18 Dragon Transformation cultivators level of power, it is still incapable of resisting the God Slayer Bodys power…”

Lin Mo looked at the divine bird and saw despair and fear in its eyes.

“Scram.” Lin Mo glanced at it indifferently and released the shackles of spiritual energy he had placed on the divine bird.

The Divine Bird felt as if it had been granted amnesty.

When it saw that Lin Mo was willing to let it go, it immediately spread its wings and flew high into the sky, not daring to stay for even a second longer.

Lin Mo took a step forward and executed Traceless Wind.

In just a single step, he had managed to travel over thousands of feet.


As he continued traveling, he encountered yet another ferocious creature, a violent giant black ape that stood at several hundred feet tall.

Its body was covered in dense black fur.

The Giant Black Apes huge fist came smashing down towards Lin Mo..

However, Lin Mo had managed to block the apes powerful blow with just his pinky finger.

Tried as it might, the ape was incapable of advancing any closer towards Lin Mo.

The giant black ape was shocked.

It could not believe that a human youth would have strength on par, no, strength that surpassed its own!


In an instant, Lin Mo disappeared.

When he reappeared, he was already behind the giant black ape.

He raised his hand and placed it on its shoulder.

In the next moment, a powerful force erupted and forcefully lifted the giant ape up.

Lin Mo lifted the ape up in the air and threw it towards a distant mountain.

The giant black apes body crashed into the mountain, shattering it in the process.

Giant rocks rolled down, burying the giant apes body.

“My strength has been amplified.

My physical body is probably comparable to some physical body cultivators now…”

Lin Mo was shocked.

He clenched his fist, sensing the power within that was capable of shattering mountains.

Lin Mos combat strength had vastly improved.

All other matters aside, Lin Mo was certain that as he was now, he was capable of escaping any and all fights that he could not possibly win.

After letting go of the giant ape, Lin Mo found a few more powerful demonic beasts to fight.

Among these opponents was a Water Dragon that was equivalent to a tier 20 Dragon Transformation Realm Cultivator in strength.

The two of them exchanged countless blows, shattering the earth and mountains that they stood on as they fought.

After confirming his combat strength with those new opponents, Lin Mo carried onward.

He went to the place where he and Bai Luo had found unicorns.

However, the place was already in a mess.

Traces of battle could be seen all over the area within a thousand miles.

Many cultivators had already left and were nowhere to be seen.

From the broken limbs in the surroundings, it could be seen that the battle here was extremely intense.

“It was fortunate that we left early…” Lin Mo rejoiced, but at the same time, he also felt a sense of regret.

The body of the unicorn had disappeared.

Perhaps it had been taken away by someone, or perhaps it had sunk deep into the ground and was buried deep within it.

After experiencing such a huge battle, Lin Mo was certain that there were no more good treasures left in the area.

As such, he turned around and left.

As he sped along, he found a valley that emitted multicolored light.

However, as expected, the place was a mess.

There was nothing left.

All sorts of broken weapons were strewn across the ground along with the bodies of humans and demonic beasts.

“How tragic.

The Ancient Flame Ruins is even bigger than I had imagined.

Perhaps, the folks from the imperial family have already entered…”

Lin Mo muttered to himself.

Very quickly, he found a corpse in the ruins.

To be more precise, it was the waist token on the corpse that attracted him.

“The imperial familys tormentors token.” Lin Mo was shocked.

To think that someone of their abilities had died here.

“I wonder who was he under Could it be the Emperor himself” Lin Mo had a strange expression on his face as he inspected the token.

He sized up this token from top to bottom, and finally gave up helplessly.

He could not find any clues.

He started to look around again, and Lin Mo only found a few relatively intact tier 7 weapons.

Other than that, there were no other items of note.

However, the location was still a treasure trove that was filled with plenty of spiritual energy.

Had he chosen to seclude himself there, he might have cultivated even faster.


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