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“Eh Whos there” He raised his head and looked at a pile of rubble not too far away.

There were a few cultivators digging for something far away, but they were still discovered by Lin Mo..

They were all extremely nervous, as they could sense a something different about Lin Mos aura.

“We werent spying on you! Weve been here for a few days now, and were only here to test our luck!” The few of them hurriedly explained.

Their strength was by no means impressive.

As a matter of fact, the strongest among them was only at tier 15 of the Dragon Transformation Realm.

The battle that had taken place here had frightened them greatly, so much so that they stayed as far away from it as possible.

However, with the battle now over, they decided to gather their courage to score some damaged artifacts or other treasures of note.

Upon hearing this, Lin Mo decided against bullying them for info.

Instead, he decided to trade their information for the broken but serviceable artifacts he had found lying around earlier.

“Regarding that unicorn that you mentioned, is it the huge corpse that was dug up in the Spirit Burial Valley half a month ago” A person asked in puzzlement.

“Half a month ago Spirit Burial Valley” Lin Mo was surprised.

What kind of place was this How long had he been in seclusion…

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Noticing that Lin Mo was truly clueless, one of the cultivators then brought out an incomplete hand-drawn map and said, “This is the Spirit Burial Valley.”

“Half a month ago, this place was filled with multicolored light.

Countless cultivators were attracted to the spot, and it was there that they dug up a unicorns skeleton.”

However, rather than bringing about countless opportunities for the people, it had instead invited a massacre.

Many people wanted to monopolize the unicorns skeleton for themselves, and it had resulted in endless disputes.

After fighting for three days and three nights, the blood of the slaughtered crowd was all absorbed by the unicorn.

As a result, the skeleton sank into the ground, and after one final bout, everyone deserted the area.

Hearing that, Lin Mo nodded and commented, “Looks like Ive been in seclusion for more than half a month…”

“Youve been in seclusion for half a month, you say What a pity.

Quite a number of treasures had appeared here, including several tier 1 spirit herbs.”

“Thats right.

You might have stood a chance to obtain one if you were present back then.” Someone added.

It was rumored that the area could no longer be called the Ancient Flame Ruins.

It was more apt to call it a shattered plane.

After all, the only reason it was called the Ancient Flame Ruins in the first place was due to the Ancient Flame Sect of eons past claiming it first.

Their actions had discredited the true powerhouse, the actual creator of this plane of existence.

It was likely that the creator of the plane had surpassed the Nirvana Realm, but being an entity that dated ages ago, it was hard to verify the truth of the matter…

“A total of five tier 1 spirit herbs appeared here and it caused quite a sensation.

Even the imperial family of the Yanhuang Divine Empire joined in.” One of the cultivators complained with great envy.

“The young master of the imperial capitals Chen Manor had also appeared, and he brought along several of his followers to forcefully snatch one of the herbs for himself.”

“As for the other herbs, they were obtained by the Mu clan, Sima clan, and the Su clan of Ancient Flame City respectively.”

The cultivators discussed animatedly.

The battle at that time was very intense.

Heck, it was to the extent that those below tier 20 of the Dragon Transformation Realm were incapable of participating in the battle.

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“If those below tier 20 of the Dragon Transformation Realm are not allowed to participate in the battle, then what makes you think that I stood a chance to obtain the herbs” Lin Mo asked with a smile.

Lin Mo had never hidden his aura.

Although he was only at tier 16 of the Dragon Transformation Realm, his combat strength was extraordinary, but even so, he doubted that he could actually come out on top in such a fearsome battle.

“Im sure you wouldnt have participated in the battle alone, sir.

After all, youre so powerful.

You must have a strong backing,” one of the cultivators chimed.

“Haha, I indeed come from a powerful background, but its a shame that I cant rely on them…” Lin Mo laughed out loud.

Before he gained enough power, his relationship with Jiang Xiyue must not be made public.

As far as the outside world was concerned, he was only Jiang Xiyues subordinate.

Therefore, he could not borrow too much of Jiang Xiyues power, or else he might meet with misfortune.

“Sir, dont you have any elders to follow Thats a pity.

Youll miss a lot of opportunities…” The cultivators shook their head in pity.

“In any case, do you know where those people went after they left this area” Lin Mo asked.

His question also served the purpose of inquiring about the whereabouts of the tier nine demonic beast egg he had previously heard about.

If it was possible, he would like to get involved in acquiring it.

“Sir, you missed it again…”

Upon hearing this, the cultivators exchanged gazes at one another.

They started to feel that the world was going against Lin Mo..

“Just seven days ago, the tier 9 demonic beast egg hatched, and it resulted in an all-out-battle that lasted five days and five nights…”

“It cant be…” Lin Mo was speechless, to think that he actually missed out on this many opportunities during his seclusion…

“But I heard that the demonic beast egg was vanquished at the very end of the fight.

It was said to have been destroyed by a little girl, I dont know if its true or not.”

Lin Mo inquired further as he was rather curious about the persons identity.

“That little girl was only at tier 5 of the Dragon Transformation Realm, and she wore scarlet armor.

She was not particularly strong.”

“But her elder sister was truly a powerhouse.

That white-clothed woman cut open a path with a spear and successfully snatched the Demonic Beast Egg.”

The few of them had looks of admiration.

This kind of fighting strength was probably what they had devoted their lives to pursue…

“Why do they sound so much like Bai Luo and Lin Die…”

Lin Mo was speechless.

They sounded really similar.

Moreover, Bai Luo definitely would definitely not miss out on such a big event.

“What happened to the sisters” Lin Mo asked.

“They escaped successfully.

Its very likely that they have gone to the far end of the mountain range.

There is a huge natural lake there that contains immense spiritual energy,” someone replied.

Lin Mo recognized that place.

The map of the Ancient Flame Ruins indicated that the Ancient Flame Sect was established on that very lake.

However, the lamentable thing was that when the lake erupted, the immense power that was contained within it killed countless members of the sect.

It was so powerful that even the sects leader was incapable of holding it back.

As a result of their heavy casualties, the Ancient Flame Sect disbanded shortly after.

However, the news from there spread out.

It was said that it was a natural Dragon Transformation pool that contained True Nirvana Blood.

So long as one made contact with the blood, they would immediately reach the Nirvana Realm.

Because of this, countless people fought for the map of the Ancient Flame Ruins, causing the map to be incomplete for a long time.

However, now that the pool had been discovered, it was a heavily guarded region.

“Many thanks.”

Lin Mo thanked the cultivators and left.

“That pair of sisters should be Lil Die and Bai Luo.

However, where did Yan Rong go” He muttered softly to himself.

The spiritual energy in the mountain range was dense.

The deeper they went, the thicker the fog formed by the spiritual energy.

The so-called Dragon Transformation pool was actually a blood-red lake with a diameter of 1,000 meters.

The water in the pool shone a crimson red, and the top of the lake was covered by the fog all year round.

In the fog, one could see a strand of golden luster.

On the periphery of the lake, there were many small pools, and there were many spiritual herbs nearby.

Some people even found spiritual herbs that were half a step into the spiritual-grade.

“Are you kidding me Didnt they claim that there were spirit herbs everywhere” Lin Mo cursed loudly.

He had already been at the lake for several days.

However, the most precious spirit herb he had encountered was still a low-grade rank 7 Cold Spirit Herb.

Other than that, there was nothing else worth noting.

Moreover, he had been attacked by quite a number of people, and he was starting to grow frustrated.

At the same time, Lin Mo also became vigilant.

Although his strength had increased greatly, he dared not act too recklessly.

While the youngsters were of little threat to him, he was especially wary for the elders who were at least tier 20 and above.

There were even some who were on the same level as the Su familys old ancestor, Su Hanhai.

He was the kind of expert that Lin Mo needed to be on guard against, otherwise, Lin Mo might get himself killed before he could even realize what had happened.


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