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“Go to Hell!” Yuan Hong roared angrily.

The arrow that was already as huge as a boulder welled up with even more power.

The young man from the Spirit Peacock tribe also unleashed his full power.

Five-colored divine light circulated, and the power of the five elements shot out.

However, what they did not expect was that there was a black-hole-like domain surrounding Lin Mos body.

Any power that entered this domain would be restricted and would be continuously devoured.

In the end, their attacks were easily neutralized by a single swing from Lin Mos sword.

“How is this possible”

The two of them were dumbfounded and their faces were warped in shock.

What kind of move was this Was it a martial art Or was it a domain that came with a cultivation technique

Wasnt this a little too powerful At least half of their attacks had been absorbed by this black-hole-like domain.

On the other hand, Lin Mos face was still at a healthy complexion.

Although he had just dissipated their attacks with his sword, he did not seem to have used up much energy.

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“What kind of forbidden spell is this” Yuan Hongs heart trembled as a thought came to mind.

Could Lin Mo be from a powerful background as well

“My turn!”

Lin Mo shouted loudly.

He had given them their chance, now, it was his turn to attack.

Despite being one against two, he had the upper hand.

This was how much Lin Mo had improved since their last encounter.

His physical body had long been strengthened to its peak after being damaged by the God Slayer Body several times.

Moreover, in a battle where spiritual energy was a necessity, why would he, an individual with the Soul Devouring Art have to fear his opponents


After changing a dozen or so blows, Yuan Hong coughed out blood and staggered backwards.

His left shoulder had been struck by the Plain White Snow sword, and a huge wound had appeared.

The young man from the Peacock Spirit Clan was not in much of a better shape, and his face was contorted in pain.

His hands had been shattered after clashing with Lin Mo several times…

One had to know that he was a demonic beast in human form.

Although the Peacock Spirit Clan did not specialize in honing their physical bodies, they were still extremely powerful in their own right.

Right now, he had only exchanged a dozen blows with Lin Mo, and yet, his bones had already been shattered.

“Looks like you two arent all that youve propped up yourselves to be.

Anyhow, Ill be taking your lives.” Lin Mo stated.

These words were like sharp knives stabbing into the hearts of the two of them.

They were both top-notch geniuses, worthy of respect within the Yanhuang Divine Empire.

As such, the fact that they were defeated this effortlessly against someone from an unknown background in a two on one fight was rather dispiriting…

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“Lin Mo, I will definitely make you pay for the humiliation youve brought on me.” Yuan Hong roared furiously as the expression on his face gradually turned savage.

In the center of his palm was a jade green talisman.

It shone brilliantly for an instant before finally expanding and exploding in front of him, instantly engulfing Lin Mo…

“This is at least a tier 9 offensive talisman…” Lin Mo was shocked.

Lin Mo was extremely familiar with the aura coming from this type of talisman.

A tier 9 offensive talisman was sufficient to deal with an expert above tier 25 of the Dragon Transformation Realm.

Upon learning that Yuan Hong held such a powerful trump card, Lin Mo was once again reminded not to act recklessly.

He immediately brought out his Origin Soul Puppet and activated the tier 8 defensive amulet he had obtained from a previous auction.


A terrifying explosion rang out, as the aura of the talisman engulfed both Lin Mo and his Origin Soul Puppet.

“Huh! How is this possible” Yuan Hong was shocked by what he was seeing.

The item he possessed was indeed a tier 9 offensive talisman, and it was incomparably powerful.

He was certain that his sneak attack had caught Lin Mo off-guard, so even if he were to summon his puppet, there was no way he would be able to block it completely.

“This is a talisman given to me by the Secret Ghost Sect, how did you manage to block it” Yuan Hongs body was trembling.

Hearing this, Lin Mos eyes glinted with killing intent as he dispersed the talismans aura and rushed forward.

Utilizing Traceless Wind, Lin Mo bounded forward and appeared behind Yuan Hong.

With a thrust of his palm, he sent Yuan Hong flying into the aura that the tier 9 talisman had generated.


Yuan Hong cried out miserably.

He was immediately affected by the aura, and his body was quickly covered in blood as he cried out repeatedly in pain.

Fortunately for him, the strongest attack of the talisman was the first explosion it had generated, the very same attack that Lin Mo had blocked using his puppet and the tier 8 defensive amulet.

The remaining effects were neutralized by his God Slayer Body, and thus, Lin Mo was able to escape unscathed.

“Even if its a sneak attack, youre still no match for me.

Now, its time for you to pass on.”

Lin Mo sneered as he slashed down with his sword, splitting Yuan Hongs body cleanly into two halves.

“Uh… Ah.”

Yuan Hong cried out in pain as he crawled with great difficulty, trying to get away from the place where the tier 9 talisman had exploded.


In the next moment, Lin Mo followed up with another slash, which detached Yuan Hongs head from his body.

Even his soul was unable to escape as Lin Mo had destroyed it with his powerful sword Qi.

“Did the Primordial Sun Holy Land make a deal with the Secret Ghost Sect” Lin Mo was a little surprised.

The Yan Huang Divine Empires network of connections was really chaotic.

The Secret Ghost Sect clearly refused to make any talismans above level seven.

However, Yuan Hong had the Secret Ghost Sects talisman on him…

At this moment, in front of the dragon transformation pool, there was a large group of people sitting cross-legged.

Suddenly, one of the young men opened his eyes and could not help but let out a long cry.

Everyone was stunned.

Was this not the Saint of the Yuan Yang Sacred Land, Yuan Cang Why did he lose his composure

“Yuan Cang, whats wrong” An elder frowned.

How could the Saint lose his composure like this

“Yuan Hong… was killed,” Yuan Cang stated in a grim tone.

Just a moment ago, he had felt the death of his brother.

He was certain of it…


Everyone was shocked and found it unbelievable.

Who would dare to attack the people of the Primordial Sun Holy Land And it was Yuan Cangs younger brother, Yuan Hong, no less.

Furthermore, Yuan Hongs combat strength was extremely powerful.

He was known as the second Saint of the Yuan Yang Holy Land.

He could go toe-to-toe with the princes and princesses of the royal family.

Could it be…

No one dared to voice their thoughts.

They worried that they would lose their lives if they were to speak out of turn.

“To think that you are royalty within the Peacock Spirit Clan.”

On the other side, Lin Mo had forced the Peacock Spirit Clan youth to revert to his demonic beast form, but the latter no longer had the will to fight Lin Mo.

Lin Mo activated Traceless Wind countless times to block the young Peacock Spirit Clan member from escaping.

“After killing you, Ill gift your body to Lil Die as a present.

Im sure the body of the Peacock Spirit Clans royalty would make for a great cultivation resource for her.” Lin Mo wiped his saliva greedily as he thought about the possibilities.

Speaking of which, the taste of a peacock demonic beast should be pretty good, right


The five-colored peacock let out an angry cry.

He was a royalty amongst the Peacock Spirit Clan!

In the future, he might even evolve into a nine-colored peacock, but as of this moment, he was being suppressed by a mere human.

Such humiliation was simply too great for him to bear.

“Its over.”

After suppressing the five-colored peacock once again, Lin Mo lost his patience.

He swung Plain White Snow and beheaded the beast.

As for the peacocks two previous servants he had encountered initially, they had already perished a while back.

The battlefield finally quieted down.

After packing up his spoils of war, Lin Mo walked to the side of the pond he had spotted earlier.

As expected, the Silver Arowanas had already escaped.

With such a huge commotion, it was impossible for the Silver Arowanas to remain where they were.

“What a pity…”

Lin Mo sighed.

The chance to increase ones spirit energy was something that was hard to come by.

he did not know when would he obtain such an opportunity again…

At the edge of the Dragon Transformation Pool, not long after Yuan Cangs outburst, another old man flew into a rage as he shot up from his seat.

“Who dares kill my son”

This was the leader of the Peacock Spirit Clan.

He was at tier 31 of the Dragon Transformation Realm.

He was not someone that most would dare to provoke.

As such, his exclamation left most people in shock.

Who would dare to kill his son


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