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“No, a gentleman does not take what belongs to others.

Ill return this Gold Coin Grass to you.” Lin Mo stated with a smile.

His words left both parties stunned and let out a bitter laugh.

“Sir, please dont make fun of us…”

Unexpectedly, Lin Mo waved his hand and added, “Of course, I expect some compensation for attacking me.

How about this then, Ill auction off this Gold Coin Grass right here.”

“The one with the highest bid will get it.

Wouldnt it be the best of both worlds”

Lin Mo clapped his hands and took out the Gold Coin Grass, saying, “Its a tier 8 top-grade Gold Coin Grass.

Its highly beneficial for the cultivation of the soul.”

“The starting price is 8 million low grade spiritual stones.”

Lin Mo announced the start of the auction while everyone was still stunned.

“Sir… Are you serious” A bald mercenary mustered up his courage and asked.

After seeing Lin Mo nod his head, he licked his lips and said, “Then, Ill bid 10 million.”

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“Alright, this brother here says that hell bid 10 million.

Dont you guys want the Gold Coin Grass Hurry up and bid then.

Im being serious here.” Lin Mo laughed.

Upon hearing Lin Mos words, a few of the mercenaries finally relaxed their nerves and participated in the auction.

Perhaps due to both parties wanting to curry favor with Lin Mo, the bidding prices rose at 1 million intervals.

“30 million…”

A middle-aged man made a bid.

The price of 30 million had already far exceeded the market price for the product.

Under normal circumstances, a stalk of Gold Coin Grass would only be sold at around 16 to 18 million spiritual stones.

However, perhaps of their fear towards Lin Mo, they had raised the prices by nearly double the market rate.

“Fourth Blade, do you actually have 30 million spiritual stones Please dont raise the price for no good reason…” Some of the mercenaries commented, doubting the middle-aged mans assets.

“Hmph, Ill have you all know that I managed to discover a small spiritual stone mine a few days ago.

Since it was too much for me to manage alone, I sold it to a Holy Land and managed to receive a handsome pay.” Fourth Blade smugly exclaimed.

Many peoples eyes were filled with envy upon hearing his words.

Even Lin Mo was surprised.

A small-scale spirit mine was capable of generating at least one billion low-grade spiritual stones.

Such a discovery was truly hard to come by.

“Alright, I guess that settles it.

Congratulations to this brother for buying the Gold Coin Grass.

Now, pay up, and well be off to our merry ways.” Lin Mo smiled as he handed the Gold Coin Grass to Fourth Blade.

Upon receiving the pouch filled with spiritual stones from Fourth Blade and confirming its contents, Lin Mo nodded his head in satisfaction.

[ Congratulations to the host for successfully auctioning a tier 8 Gold Coin Grass ]

[ Triggered 3,000 times rebate ]

[ Obtained tier 9 mid-grade Illusory Spirit Grass ]

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A system notification rang out.

He had obtained an Illusory Spirit Grass.

It was a decent item that was also beneficial for the cultivation of the soul.

It could be said to be the evolved version of the Gold Grass Coin.

Seeing this, Lin Mos heart stirred, and he thought of the Silver Arowanas that he had just obtained.

Should he auction off the Silver Arowanas, would he not obtain even better beasts that could increase his soul energy from the systems rebate

“System, is your rebate function based on the effects of the treasures auctioned off” Lin Mo asked inquisitively.

[ The items received from auction rebates will belong to the same type as the items auctioned off.

If the item auctioned off is a damaged treasure, there is a 90% chance of obtaining a fixed one from the rebate system.


The systems reply left Lin Mo at a loss.

The rebate system was not based on an items effect, but their type.

Although Lin Mo was guaranteed to obtain something with of a higher tier than Silver Arowanas, in truth, Lin Mo had preferred to keep the Silver Arowanas as is.

“Forget it, since I have 7 of them, I dont see any harm of auctioning one of them away…”

After making up his mind, Lin Mo raised his head and looked at the group of mercenaries gathered before him.

“Everyone, I have a Silver Arowana that I intend to auction off.

Are you all interested”

Lin Mo said with a smile.

This was a mutated beast that could increase ones soul power.

Furthermore, it was extremely delicious, which was a rarity among cultivation items.

They did not expect Lin Mo to willingly put it up for auction.

This made them very surprised.

“Sir, Silver Arowanas are extremely precious.

Are you sure about this”

Fourth Blade was the first to speak.

He was very interested in the Silver Arowana.

However, they had just offended Lin Mo not long ago, and yet, Lin Mo was now giving them benefits instead…

Sure, Lin Mo would still make money by auctioning the Silver Arowana off, but most would not be willing to part with such a precious item in the first place…

“Im sure that you all have seen that I have seven of these creatures.

As such, it matters little to me if I were to sell one of them away.” Lin Mo waved his hand and brought out a Silver Arowana.

“This Silver Arowana is at least tier 9.

As such, the starting bid is at 15 million low grade spiritual stones.

Sounds reasonable, yes”

In reality, this was indeed a reasonable price.

After venturing for several days in the ruins, those who managed to stay alive had managed to obtain a myriad of precious treasures.

Some had discovered spirit mines, while others had located stashes of spiritual stones within some caves.

Everyone was rich, and they were not lacking in low-grade spiritual stones…

As such, Lin Mo was certain that he could make a killing off them…

“40 million low-grade spiritual stones, this is my absolute limit.

If you guys can outbid me, Ill admit defeat.”

Fourth Blade roared and bid 40 million in one go.

This was his entire fortune.

However, it was for a worthy cause.

After all, by cooking the Gold Coin Grass together with the Silver Arowana, he would gain a massive boost in soul energy.

He would not let such a huge opportunity to raise his soul energy slip by.

In comparison to the potential gains, 70 million spiritual stones was insignificant.

“Looks like that Holy Land has given you quite a hefty reward, huh.”

Lin Mo smiled as he completed the transaction with Fourth Blade.

It was a short auction with no competition.

[ Congratulations, host, for successfully auctioning a tier 9 high-grade Silver Arowana ]

[ Triggered 1,000 times auction rebate ]

[ Obtained tier 9 high-grade Silver Striped Koi ]

Lin Mo had never heard of such an exotic beast before, and thus, he opened his system space to inspect it.

Within his space, swam a one-foot-long silver koi in a ball of water.

Lin Mo felt that he had suffered a loss.

This silver koi was tiny.

Compared to the two-meter-long Silver Arowana, it was pitifully small.

However, once Lin Mo saw the effect of the Silver Striped Koi, his perception was turned on its head.

The Silver Striped Koi contained the power of the heavens and earth.

As such, it would provide a great degree of protection when he eventually makes an attempt to break through the Nirvana Realm.

In fact, it could even provide protection for those who possessed special physiques and were going through life-and-death tribulations.

It was hard to imagine it as a mere food ingredient…

“Perhaps, you were used to refine medicines during ancient times.

I wonder whether there are any foodies who used you as a food ingredient instead…” Lin mo sighed.

The Silver Striped Koi was actually worth it, after all.

However, he did not plan on consuming it anytime soon.

He doubted that he would have any issues breaking into the Nirvana Realm.

Lil Die, on the other hand, was in dire need of it.

Every time she broke through her cocoon to become a butterfly was a life and death test.

The koi was a fail-safe against the worst outcome.

“Sir, are the auctions over Can we leave now”

Fourth Blades voice rang out, interrupting Lin Mos thoughts.

He noticed that the mercenaries were still waiting on the spot.

It was likely that none of them would leave until he gave the word to do so.

“Thats enough.

Fourth Blade, you can be the first to leave.

As an auctioneer, its a basic rule for me to guarantee the safety of my customers.”

Lin Mo waved his hand, dismissing Fourth Blade.

However, whether or not Fourth Blade would survive was none of Lin Mos concern.

After all, as someone who had willingly entered the ruins in search of treasure, it was natural for them to be prepared for the worst.

“Ah alright…”

Fourth Blade took some time to process Lin Mos words.

However, once he finally understood, he thanked Lin Mo profusely and left.


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