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After watching Fourth Blade leave, Lin Mo looked at the others and said, “You guys can leave after half an hour.”

With that, Lin Mo left without looking back.

He made sure to give the instruction in an icy tone.

Upon hearing those words, the remaining mercenaries stood stock-still at their spots.

“You guys are free to disobey mean.

However, do note that there are consequences if I were to catch you in the act…”

The grounds went dead silent after that.

If those guys were brave, they would undoubtedly chase after Fourth Blades group.

However, judging by how they had reacted to his instructions, it was clear that they did not have the gall to do so.

In reality, they had no intention of going after Fourth Blade.

Once their half an hour waiting period had gone by, they brought out their hand-drawn maps and looked for treasures elsewhere.

Lin Mo rushed back to the Dragon Transformation Pool.

Along the way, he encountered some spirit herbs and picked them up, delaying his progress.

By the time he had arrived, the Dragon Transformation Pool was already on the verge of opening up.

A very powerful aura emanated from it.

It felt as if it could erupt at any moment.

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The moment Lin Mo arrived, the jade talisman that Bai Luo had given him fluctuated.

Clearly, Bai Luo and Lin Die were nearby.

However, Lin Mo had not discovered them.

Clearly, they were hiding themselves.

“Looks like the tier 9 demonic beast egg is in Lin Dies hands, and it seems that it has drawn quite a large amount of attention of them…”

Lin Mo sighed.

From the looks of things, he needed to take the initiative to show himself, or otherwise, it would be difficult for him to locate Bai Luo and the others…

However, just as Lin Mo was about to hide himself, he sensed a cold and sinister gaze directed towards him.

“Lin Mo, you really are a greedy b*stard.

Yuan Hongs Blazing Flame Spirit Snake Bow has my mark on it, yet you still dare to carry it on you.”

Yuan Cang revealed himself and roared furiously at him.

“Yuan Hong died at your hands…” Yuan Cang said coldly.

The entire place was in an uproar.

Everyone kept their distance from Lin Mo, not daring to stand beside him.

That was because, on the other side, the Peacock Spirit Clans leader was directing the same cold gaze as Yuan Cang towards him.

“Brat, did you kill my son, Kong Xuan”

The clan leader let out an angry roar.

His figure instantly appeared in front of Lin Mo as he thrusted out his hand to grab Lin Mo.

“So fast…”

Lin Mo was shocked.

The speed the clan leader was so fast that it looked like he had teleported.

A stellar Sword Qi slashed out in front of Lin Mo.

Using the momentum from the Sword Qi, he generated an up thrust that brought him backwards, allowing him to narrowly avoid the clan leaders claws.

Following this, Lin Mo activated Traceless Wind to retreat several steps.

However, before he could notice, the Peacock Spirit Clans leader was already blocking Lin Mos retreat path.

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“Fellow Daoist Kong Xiu, is there any chance that this is a misunderstanding”

The space in front of Lin Mo rippled as an old man appeared to block the Peacock Spirit Clan leaders attack.

At this point, Lin Mo finally heaved a sigh of relief.

The person who made a move was the Su clans patriarch, Su Hanhai.

He had already noticed Lin Mo the moment he appeared.

Up until the point when Lin Mos identity was exposed, he was hesitating whether or not he should make a move.

After giving it much thought, he decided that he should extend a helping hand.

After all, the Su clan were Lin Mos collaborators, and at the same time, as a family loyal to the eighth prince, not making a move now was tantamount to betrayal.

If Lin Mo was deeply loved by the eighth prince, then the Su clan was finished.

“Su Hanhai, you dare stop me”

The Peacock clan leader flew into a rage and exchanged a palm strike with Su Hanhai.

The two of them were evenly matched, with Su Hanhai being slightly on top.

While repelling Kong Xiu, he also protected Lin Mo behind him.

“Its not to stop you, but rather, its more of the fact that this person must not be harmed.” Su Hanhai explained indifferently.

Although the Peacock Spirit Clan was strong, the eastern continent was the territory of the four Great Divine Empires.

They were currently in the Yanhuang Divine Empire, a territory where relationships and ties to the imperial family were highly complicated.

Many had pledged their loyalty to the imperial family in order to survive, which caused the network of relationships within the empire to become highly tangled.

In the Peacock Spirit Clans case, they were relying on the influence of a fossil-level ancestor who had yet to pass away, which was why they were safe and sound.

However, this premise was only true if they do not provoke those whom they could not afford to offend…

“Senior Su, there is no misunderstanding here.

Lin Mo has indeed murdered my brother and Kong Xuan, so why arent we allowed to exact our revenge on him”

Yuan Cang spoke out as killing intent surged within his eyes.

The death of his brother Yuan Hong, had resulted in the Primordial Sun Holy Land forming good ties with the Peacock Spirit Clan.

As such, they were not afraid of the eighth princes backing that Lin Mo had.

After all, the Primordial Sun Holy Land was also backed by an imperial family member of their own.

Although they were not a prince, they were still a highly favored imperial consort.

Moreover, with the foundation that the Primordial Holy Land possessed, they truly had no reason to fear the eighth prince…

“You…” Su Hanhai was at a loss for words for a moment.

In order to avoid Kong Xius pursuit, Lin Mo had already been exposed himself as being in tier 16 Perfect Realm of the Dragon Transformation Realm.

Now that he had been exposed by Yuan Cang, even if he wanted to change the truth, he would not be able to do so.

Refusing to admit it now would only bring more trouble later on.

“It was indeed I who killed them.

However, they were the ones who made the first move,” Lin Mo said.

He admitted his actions openly and even took out Yuan Hongs Blazing Flame Spirit Snake Bow.


Everyone was boiling with excitement as they looked at Lin Mo in disbelief.

Just what kind of background did Lin Mo hail from

Could he be a prince who was concealing his identity

Otherwise, why would he boldly admit that he had killed the Peacock Spirit Clan leaders son in front of everyone…

“They were trying to kill me, so I killed them instead.

If clan leader Kong Xiu still wishes to seek revenge, feel free to come at me,” Lin Mo stated frankly.

“However, Id advise you not to look down on me.

If you end up losing, your reputation would suffer quite a massive blow.”

Lin Mo was blatantly taunting Kong Xiu, causing Su Hanhai to be in a difficult position.

“Little friend Lin Mo, what are you trying to do” Su Hanhai transmitted his question to Lin Mo helplessly.

He was really in a dilemma.

He needed to stop the two sides from exchanging blows.

However, should the Sima Clan or Mu Clan elders launch a sneak attack while he was handling Kong Xiu, things would take a massive turn for the worst.

“Elder Su, dont worry.

Just go along with me.”

Lin Mo said in a low voice.

He had a plan up his sleeves.

One had to know that he was still in possession of a tier 9 attack talisman that he had received from the systems rebate.

The power that it possessed was equivalent to a full-powered attack from a tier 30 Dragon Transformation Realm martial artist.

Although it was still a little lacking, if used as a sneak attack, it would still do massive damage to someone at the 31st tier of the Dragon Transformation Realm.

In addition to the terrain of the Dragon Transformation Pool, the mist lingering above had also made from a great hiding spot.

Lin Mo leaped up and activated Traceless Wind.

“HMPH, none who threaten me can hope to survive.”

The clan leader snorted and waved his hand.

Several experts immediately flew out from the Peacock Spirit clans ranks.

The first who went after Lin Mo was an expert at the 22nd tier of the Dragon Transformation Realm.

Five-colored divine light appeared on his body as he circulated the power of the five elements within him.

“I wont bully the weak.

Kong Lei, capture him.

Whoever that dares to interfere will be at war with the entirety of the Peacock Spirit Clan.”

Kong Xiu directed those words at Su Hanhai.

His intentions were crystal clear.

“Yes, clan leader.” The man Called Kong Lei nodded.


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