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“Where do you think youre Going Whoever dares to offend the Peacock Spirit Clan, regardless of their backing, must die.” Following Kong Leis statement, a five-colored divine ray of light was unleashed, enveloping the air with a torrent of heaven and earth spiritual energy.

Lin Mo waved his fist, unleashing a wave of sword Qi that neutralized Kong Leis moves.

The gap between the two was huge, as they were a full six tiers apart.

If Lin Mo was an ordinary person, the only chance that he had to survive would have been if he had possessed a spirit-grade weapon.

Everyone was shocked.

They could not believe that someone from tier 16 of the Dragon Transformation Realm was able to unleash a wave of Sword Qi this powerful.

It had tore through the sky, and its force was so massive that most stood no chance at defending against it.

Kong Leis figure was forced back, and he had a grave look in his eyes as he stood in mid-air.

Lin Mo was the same.

He was pushed back by the five-colored divine light ray as well.

At this moment, Lin Mos body was filled with boundless Sword Qi.

He held a long sword in his hand and stood there, ready to intercept Kong Leis next attack.

“He is a peerless genius!”

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No one knew who shouted this, but no one refuted the claim.

After all, Lin Mos performance thus far was worthy of such an evaluation.

“Hmph, Im afraid you wont hold this title for long.” Kong Lei sneered as he threw a punch towards Lin Mo.

“Theres naturally a reason for others to call me that.

Otherwise, why wouldnt they bestow the title to you as well” Lin Mo snarkly commented as he raised his fist and threw a similar punch.


A powerful force erupted between the two of them.

The destructive power was astonishing.

The ground below cracked open and was blasted away by the force of their blows.

Sword Qi and penta-elemental light spewed out, causing the onlookers at the bottom to retreat.


Kong Lei was surprised.

He took a closer look at Lin Mo and realized that he was emitting a jet-black spiritual energy.

It was as dark as ink, and it was highly mysterious.

Lin Mo was also stunned.

How could someone of Kong Leis standard be at tier 22 Could he be slacking off in his cultivation…

All else aside, he definitely had not reached the Perfect Realm for his tier.

This also caused his combat strength to decrease drastically.

The strength of his physical body was actually about the same as Lin Mos.

Though the other party was still capable of manipulating the penta-elemental light which was infused with the power of the five elements.

“Humph, youre small fry to me.”

Kong Lei taunted as penta-elemental divine light radiated from his body.

The elements swirled within the light, looking as if it was a mini galaxy slowly gaining powerful momentum.

He was using a powerful move.

The moment he launched his fist forward, the divine peacock light morphed into a ten-feet-large peacock with the power of the five elements condensed within it.

It was more than capable of destroying anything in its path.

However, Lin Mo did not panic.

He directed his attention forward, activating his God Devouring Body and forming a special domain around him.

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At the same time, he also unleashed his Sword Qi.

The Sword Qi was very mysterious.


The battle shocked everyone.

The combat prowess of the Peacock Spirit Clan was not to be trifled with.

As soon as the divine penta-elemental light was unleashed, heaven and earth shook.

Even the Dragon Transformation Pool in the distance shook.

Regardless of the results of the battle, Lin Mo had already made a lasting impression on the folks present.

Even if he were to lose, he would have gone out in a blaze of glory.

After all, Lin Mo had managed to make Kong Lei, who was at tier 22 of the Dragon Transformation Realm go all out.

A person of such talent was comparable to the holy sons of the various holy lands.

One had to factor in the 6 tier gap in cultivation between the two of them.

Such a gap could only be made up by a peerless genius.

The energy of the five elements dissipated in mid-air.

When the dust had settled and when Lin Mo and Kong Leis figures appeared, everyone turned pale with shock and disbelief.

Kong Lei was unscathed as he proudly looked down at everyone in mid-air.

Since he had the advantage in terms of cultivation tiers, such a result was to be expected.

However, Lin Mo was also unscathed.

This left most scratching their heads as they attempted to figure out how Lin Mo had achieved such a feat.

“Lin Mos spiritual energy is so strange.

I cant see through it.”

“Youre not the only one.

Look at the peacock clan leader and the Su clans patriarch.”

Someone reminded them.

At this moment, Kong Xiu and Su Hanhai had looks of confusion on their faces.

It was as if they too, were unable to decipher what was happening.

Everyone was shocked.

Could Lin Mo really be a peerless genius

“Not bad kid, but youre still going to die.

No one can survive the peacock divine light.” Kong Lei stated.

The Peacock Spirit Clan was an extremely powerful race among the demonic beasts.

As such, his statement was not completely baseless.

Kong Lei took a step forward, and a powerful aura spread out as he glared down at Lin Mo.

Peacock divine light erupted, and several inscriptions of Dao principles appeared.

In the end, the principles combined with one another to form a divine blade infused with five elements.

Upon obtaining his weapon, Kong Lei slashed down at Lin Mo.

The five elemental powers spread out, enveloping both heaven and earth.

At this moment, Kong Lei was like a divine entity, delivering judgment unto Lin Mo…

The power contained within the move was immense, and it was hard to resist.

“Enough with this! You stand there all high and mighty when you arent even that strong!”

Lin Mo roared angrily.

His eyes were ice-cold as he unleashed the full power of his God Devouring Body.

Majestic Sword Qi poured out of him and into Plain White Snow.

This was the Sword Qi that was derived from the Soul Devouring Art.

Lin Mo manipulated it such that it would work just like Ten Thousand Stars Arrival.

However, the power of the move was absolutely terrifying.

Lin Mo held the sword in one hand and formed a hand seal with the other.

Following this, he then stepped forward and prepared to face off against Kong Lei.

Lin Mo looked as if he was using the same move as before.

There were no visible changes, but the power behind his blade had increased by a large margin.

Upon exchanging blows, the collision between their attacks created massive shockwaves that gave the onlookers at the bottom quite a fright.

This time, Lin Mos Sword Qi was immensely sharp.

It contained the laws of Dao, which allowed it transcend most techniques and spells.

It was the power of Dao in its pure, unadulterated form.

Everyone knew that most abilities related to raw Dao were essentially spirit-grade.

As such, the move Lin Mo used was either a quasi-spirit-grade move, or a true spirit-grade one…

“How is this possible It should be impossible for a rogue cultivator to acquire a technique of this grade in the Yanhuang Empire!”

“Not necessarily.

Perhaps his luck is extremely good and he has obtained some world-shaking inheritance.”

However, no one could tell what technique Lin Mo was using as his movements were extremely crude.

They were not worthy of being called sword moves.

All that was clear to them was that he was utilizing Sword Qi.

Moreover, it was Sword Qi honed to its limits.

At this moment, Lin Mo was like a sword immortal that had descended to the mortal world.

With a raise of his hand, he cleaved apart the five colored light with his immensely powerful Sword Qi.

Kong Leis expression changed drastically.

His divine peacock light had been broken through.

This had gone completely against his expectations.

After all, even experts of the same realm would find it difficult to cleave apart his divine peacock light with a single sword strike.

After careful consideration, Kong Lei finally realized that his opponent was indeed a peerless genius, one capable of using a spirit-grade cultivation technique.


A pitch-black Sword Qi hurtled over and almost hit Kong Lei.

Fortunately, he had managed to dodge it in time, or else he would have been severely injured.

This caused him to be greatly alarmed.

Especially since he was several tiers higher than Lin Mos cultivation rank.

Had Lin Mo been even a tier higher in rank, would Kong Lei be able to face him

The answer was likely no, and this terrified Kong Lei greatly.

He must cut down Lin Mo in this battle.

If not, he would become an unstoppable monster in the future…

The battle between the two of them came to a halt.

Neither of them attacked again, and instead, they were eyeing each other with great vigilance.


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