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“Senior Kong Lei seems to be going easy on the youngster.

Let me take on Lin Mo instead.”

Yuan Cang flew up and arrived at Kong Leis side, intending to take his place.

His body emitted a scorching aura like a blazing sun.

Divine Flames rippled across his skin, and he was incomparably resplendent.

Lin Mo had once fought with his younger brother, Yuan Hong, and killed him.

Both of them had a dense fire elemental aura.

However, Yuan Cangs aura was clearly stronger than Yuan Hongs, and it was not just a little stronger.

Under Kong Xius instructions, Kong Lei relented his position to Yuan Cang and had him deal with Lin Mo instead.

Everyones interest was piqued.

The previous fight had featured a senior fighting against a junior.

Although it was a spectacular battle, Lin Mo was constantly in the spotlight.

As a result, Kong Lei had inadvertently became the stepping stone for Lin Mos reputation.

Now that Yuan Cang was making a move, perhaps everyone would finally be able to witness a battle for the ages.

The battle was about to erupt.

Yuan Cang was well aware of Lin Mos strength.

As such, he unleashed his full strength right from the start, causing blazing flames to gush out.

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On the other side, the numerous elders of the Primordial Sun Holy Land also became nervous as they watched the great battle unfold above them.

This was especially true for the leading elder of the Primordial Sun Holy Lands expedition team, who was looking at Su Hanhai very nervously.

He was only at the 28th tier of the Dragon Transformation Realm, and as such, if it came to it, he would not be a match for Su Hanhai.

Should Yuan Cang win the battle and stoke Su Hanhais ire, the Primordial Sun Holy Land would most likely be wiped out.


Yuan Cangs weapon was a blazing long spear.

The tip of the spear was engulfed in flames, and it emitted a scintillating divine glow.

The body of the spear was engraved with fire runes, and the power it exuded was tremendous.

The expressions of everyone present changed.

His weapon was a tier 9 divine spear.

It was rare to see a tier 9 magic weapon within the Yanhuang Divine Empire.

In addition to Yuan Cangs already powerful combat strength, the spear had served to enhance his combat prowess even further.

Sword Qi shot up like a rainbow, piercing through the flames and blocking the falling spear shadows.

Lin Mos expression was calm.

He no longer required the assistance of his Origin Spirit Puppet to deal with Yuan Cang.

Although he was aware of Yuan Cangs strength, he was not afraid of him.

Now that he had mastered a fraction of the God Devouring Bodys power, Lin Mos combat prowess had increased exponentially.

Moreover, after exchanging several blows with Kong Lei, the image of the Penta-elemental Divine Light was concretely imprinted on his mind.

After reliving the scene, Lin Mo felt as if he had gained a newfound understanding of the technique.

However, his understanding had only extended to the primordial elemental runes utilized in the technique.

The divine light portion of the technique was still a complete mystery to him.

Lin Mo leaped into action.

While observing Yuan Cangs flames, he sheathed Plain White Snow and spread out his Soul Devouring Art, consuming all the spiritual energy around him, and forming a barrier against Yuan Cangs flames.

While all this was happening, all kinds of runes and symbols gradually appeared in Lin Mos mind.

They were all the fundamental runes of creation.


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A flow of energy erupted from within Lin Mos body.

It was both mystical and organic in nature.

It felt as if it had been dwelling within Lin Mos body the whole time.

“God Devouring Body… Soul Devouring Technique… Consume both heaven and earth…”

At this moment, Lin Mos body radiated an even more intense wave of power.

His energy rolled off his body and enveloped the sky in a multitude of colors.

The power of the five fundamental elements manifested within his body.

It was the power he had devoured while he was fighting against Kong Lei.

The true power of the God Devouring Body was not to devour an opponents power to supplement their own.

Rather, it was to turn something meant to harm oneself into their own power.

It would fuse the power meant for harm into ones own body, and while the power could not be utilized, it was more than capable of strengthening oneself.

“God Devouring Body… Soul Devouring Technique… Consume both heaven and earth…”

Following Lin Mos outburst of power, he then raised his hand and blocked Yuan Cangs flaming long spear with the tip of his finger.

“Huh How did this kid suddenly become this powerful”

Yuan Cang could not comprehend what was happening.

All he knew was that Lin Mo was now superior to him.

Lin Mo opened his eyes.

His eyes were deep and his pupils were like an abyss.

It was as if they contained boundless strength.

Yuan Cangs expression was solemn.

Lin Mos aura caused the flames around him to dim.

Yuan Cang was as if his strength was being drained.

Although it was not obvious, to Yuan Cang, it seemed like… His spiritual energy was being devoured by Lin Mo bit by bit…

“Dragon Thrust!”

With a roar, Yuan Cang thrust his flaming spear forward in an attempt to force Lin Mo back…


Lin Mo raised his head.

His black hair fluttered in the wind, and so too did the clothes on his body.

A ball of pitch-black spiritual energy manifested in his hands, turning into a black hole that met the spear head-on.

The technique did not generate any sort of explosion, nor were there any manifestation of runic symbols.

Silence fell upon the skies.

Once Yuan Cangs long spear came into contact with the black hole in Lin Mos hand, the flames on its tip were rapidly extinguished.

However, only Yuan Cang, who was the wielder of the technique, understood that the flames were not being extinguish, but rather, they were being consumed.

Yuan Cangs attack contained an extremely terrifying amount of energy, but it was unable to break through Lin Mos defense.

It was too strange.

Lin Mos fighting style was completely different from before.

Back when he was fighting against Kong Lei, he unleashed blast after blast of Sword Qi.

He stood tall in the air and was as steady as Mount Tai.

However, his current fighting style produced no sound nor movement.

His black holes seemed to be able to destroy everything, and Yuan Cangs flames were unable to penetrate them.

When Yuan Cangs attack had finally exhausted its power, the long spear hummed, and it was able to break free from the black hole.

The black hole in Lin Mos hand also disappeared shortly after.

“Yuan Cangs powerful attack was completely nullified…”

Everyone turned pale with fright.

After a long period of time, they finally heaved a sigh of relief.

Lin Mo was powerful.

“Hes indeed very powerful…”

An old man appeared in front of Yuan Cang and prevented him from making any rash moves.

“Its an elder from the Primordial Sun Holy Land, Zhang Zhong!” An onlooker exclaimed.

Zhang Zhongs sudden appearance had left many confused.

Could he be planning to make a move

However, if that was the case, the Su familys patriarch would probably not let him off easily.

The Primordial Sun elder was at the 28th tier of the Dragon Transformation Realm.

Regardless of how powerful Lin Mo was, surely he was no match for the elder.

“Yuan Cang, you still have a bright future ahead of you.

Dont get too invested into this battle.” Zhang Zhong commented.

He did not want the two of them to continue fighting.

“Elder Zhang Zhong, move aside.

Do you really think that Im not his match” Yuan Cang said coldly.

Although Lin Mos methods were strange, Yuan Cang too, was not utilizing his full strength.

It was unknown who would emerge victorious at the end of it all.

In the distance, Su Hanhais brows were also furrowed.

He was keeping a close eye on the Primordial Sun duo.

Noticing Su Hanhais gaze, sweat gradually appeared on Zhang Zhongs forehead.

He could not afford to attract Su Hanhais ire.

He needed to tread carefully…

“Holy son, the Dragon Transformation Pool will open in a day.

Even if you win, you will be exhausted and likely too injured to participate.”

“Its not worth it to miss out on an opportunity as rare as this,” Zhang Zhong added, unwilling to give in.

“In that case, lets put a stop to this brawl, shall we”

Noticing Zhang Zhongs eagerness to put a stop to the battle, Su Hanhai interjected himself into their conversation.

He too, did not wish for Lin Mo to fight any longer.

“You can forget about a ceasefire.”

Kong Xiu, who was standing afar, refused to back down.


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