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Kong Xius anger flared as he glared down at Lin Mo.

His hatred towards Lin Mo for killing his son was irreconcilable.

The threat of Su Hanhai alone was not enough to dissuade Kong Xiu from seeking revenge against Lin Mo.

“Tsk, old man, do you really think Im afraid of you Come at me if you dare.

Lets see wholl be the one to die today.”

Lin Mo was also mad.

The frustration that was accumulating as a result of constantly being targeted had reached a breaking point, and he had let it all loose at Kong Xiu.

“Kid, youre courting death,” Kong Xiu snapped back.

“Hehe, fellow Daoist Kong Xiu, if you insist on making your move, I wouldnt mind making a move as well.”

“I can you out with Su Hanhai, at the very least..”

A slightly aged voice sounded, attracting everyones gaze.

“Its the Mu familys patriarch, Mu Ming.”

He was yet another powerhouse at the 31st tier of the Dragon Transformation Realm.

There were now three tier 31 powerhouses present on scene.

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The onlookers were very excited.

Powerhouses of this caliber usually kept a low profile.

The opportunity to witness this many of them at action made everyone excited.

“I appreciate your kindness, but I dont have a particularly good impression of your Mu family.”

Kong Xius words stunned Lin Mo.

Joining hands with Mu Ming to get rid of Lin Mo was supposed to be a fantastic proposal.

As such, Lin Mo could not fathom the reason behind Kong Xius refusal.

“Could there be a grudge between the two of them” Lin Mo muttered to himself as he looked at Su Hanhai in the distance.

“Cough cough, this is a grudge between the older generation.

Kong Xiu originally had astonishing talent and wasnt much weaker than Yuan Cang at his age.”

Su Hanhai lowered his voice and explained to Lin Mo about Kong Xius circumstances.

It turned out that the Yanhuang Empire had been suppressing the cultivators within its borders for hundreds of years.

The current emperor was one of the princes who had fought for the throne in the past, and he had once been looked down upon.

Later on, with the help of the Peacock Spirit Clan, the current emperor managed to overturn his predicaments and eventually, he managed to ascend to the throne.

However, upon ascending to the throne, the emperor worried that Kong Xiu would rebel against him.

“Huh” Lin Mo was stunned by the emperors thought process.

“Hear me out.” Su Hanhai smiled.

Kong Xiu naturally did not have any intention of rebelling.

However, since the emperors suspicions were already aroused, there was nothing Kong Xiu could do to convince him otherwise.

After all, Kong Xiu was known as the number one genius of the Yanhuang Divine Empire back then.

His glory surpassed even that of the emperor.

As such, the moment the opportunity to be rid of Kong Xiu presented itself, the emperor immediately seized it.

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One time, when the two of them were out on an excursion, they were ambushed.

Although Kong Xiu tried his best to protect the emperor, the two of them had still ended up getting injured.

“Upon returning to the imperial capital, the emperor used Kong Xius inability to protect him as an excuse to remove his military authority and to retract his official position.”

Su Hanhai shook his head.

He despised the emperors actions.

This was also the reason why he was unwilling to let his family submit to the emperor in the first place.

At that time, Kong Xiu was disheartened.

However, since his opponent was the emperor, he could do nothing to him.

Left with no other choice, he was forced to return to the his clan.

However, while he was recuperating, he realized that his dantian had been severely injured to the point where it was difficult to repair.

The Peacock Spirit Clan used up countless resources just so they could maintain Kong Xius cultivation level.

Nevertheless, the damage had been done.

His talent for cultivation had been crippled.

While the geniuses from his batch had broken into the Nirvana Realm one after another, his progress had halted.

All he could do was to watch with envy as they surpassed him…

“The Mu family is backed by the imperial family.

Due to this, he hates them very much…”

Once Su Hanhai finished speaking, he spotted Kong Xiu glaring at him from afar.

Realizing that Kong Xius temper was flaring at this moment, he tactfully shut his mouth.

“Someone from the imperial family has arrived!”

At this moment, someone announced the imperial familys arrival, startling everyone, including Kong Xiu, Mu Ming, and the other powerhouses…

“Which prince are they affiliated with” Shocked by the announcement, Su Hanhai mentally prayed that it was not a rival faction.

He needed them to be under the eighth prince.

Otherwise, should another powerhouse arrive and attempt to kill Lin Mo, Su Hanhai would be overwhelmed.

“Dont panic, its one of our own.”

Lin Mo comforted him, making Su Hanhai feel at ease.

The crowd opened up a path to reveal more than a dozen people dressed in moon-white clothes riding atop a flying bird.

“Qianqian…” The corner of Lin Mos mouth twitched.

Why is this girl…

At this moment, Qianqian was no longer dressed the same as before.

Instead of her usual attire of black robes, bamboo hat, and an executioners waist tag hanging from her waist, she was now in a moon-white dress.

Her gorgeous presence caused Lin Mo to nod his head in praise.

While on her flying bird, Qianqian looked around before finally locking her gaze onto Lin Mo.

Upon noticing him, her face instantly turned cold, and she gritted her teeth tightly while she glared down at him.


“Qianqian, did any of these people offend you”

An old man sitting at the front turned his head around and said with a smile.

“Elder Mo, hes a friend of mine.

We used to have our differences in the past, but were now friends.” Qianqian bowed her head and answered.


The old man called Elder Mo shifted his gaze towards Lin Mo.

Upon noticing him, Elder Mo narrowed his eyes.

In that instant, Lin Mo felt as if he was about to be seen through.

The old mans strength was extremely terrifying.

However, in the next moment, the Soul Devouring Art in his body activated.

That feeling of prying instantly disappeared, but it still made Lin Mo feel nervous…

“Interesting…” Elder Mo nodded and did not pursue the matter.

His gaze shifted momentarily to Su Hanhai before moving away.

“Hes at least half-a-step into the Nirvana Realm.

hes stronger than me…” Su Hanhai stated.

The old man was truly a terrifying existence.

“How does he compare to the old man who appeared at the last auction” Lin Mo asked.

Luo Haoyus strength was the strongest Lin Mo had ever seen.

Perhaps he was also Jiang Xiyues strongest subordinate…

However, Lin Mo was unable to grasp just how strong he was back then.

“Theres no competition.

The last one was definitely at the Nirvana Realm.

Moreover, he was at a rather high tier of the Nirvana Realm.” Su Hanhai shook his head and said with certainty.

Hearing this, Lin Mo nodded.

His prediction back then was spot-on.

“Qianqian, your friend seems to have encountered some trouble.

Why dont you go down and help him” Elder Mo suggested with a smile.

His expression was very peaceful.


Qianqian bowed respectfully before jumping down from the bird and appearing in front of Lin Mo.

“Cough cough, Miss Qianqian, long time no see.

Theres no need to hate me so much…” Lin Mo was a little embarrassed.

He scratched his nose and said.

“Hmph, you still have the gall to say that” Qianqian glared at Lin Mo before turning to look at Su Hanhai.

In contrast to her earlier behavior, she greeted Su Hanhai respectfully.

“This isnt a good place to talk.

Lets go somewhere else.” Qianqian turned around and spoke to Elder Mo who was on the flying bird.

After getting permission, she left with Lin Mo and Su Hanhai.

At this moment, only Mu Ming was left in the air.

Kong Xiu too, was also standing below and staring blankly as they departed.

Kong Xiu and Yuan Cang were mad, but they dared not act recklessly.

As such, they had no choice but to watch as Qianqian dragged Lin Mo away…

“How dare you use Her Highness reputation as your shield! Worse still, you even solicited the help of MY men, mine! I should execute you right now for this crime!”

Upon their arrival at a hidden area, Qianqian glared down at Lin Mo and chided him.

Su Hanhai immediately bowed and exclaimed, “Young lady, the Su family has sincerely defected to the eighth prince.

Our loyalty is to her Highness and her alone…”

Su Hanhai was terrified.

Should the eighth prince abandon the Su family, they would have to face the Peacock Spirit Clan and the Primordial Sun Holy Land all alone.

Faced with such powerful opponents, they would undoubtedly be exterminated…

Lin Mo was helpless.

Qianqian really knew how to hold a grudge…

“Rise, Elder Su.

Her Highness appreciates your loyalty.” Qianqian helped Su Hanhai up.

“Alright, lets get down to business.

I am both here to help as well as to assign a mission to the both of you.”

Qianqian brought out two scrolls and handed them to Lin Mo and Su Hanhai respectively.


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