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Su Hanhai received the scroll as if he had been granted amnesty.

From that point onward, so long as the eighth prince retained her standing, the Su family would be kept safe.

The only scenario that Su Hanhai had to be cautious about was the other princes taking out the eight prince…

However, this was not something that he should or could dictate.

The only choice he had in this matter was to do his job to the best of his ability, and the rest was all up to fate…

Lin Mo took over the scroll as well.

He was curious as to what Jiang Xiyue had sent over.

He opened it up and saw that it was not a mission, but a list.

“Yanhuang Board of Fame”

More than 90% of the geniuses in the Yanhuang Dynasty were recorded on it.

Anyone who was registered in the list were among the best of the best.

His interest was piqued.

He searched through the list and before long, he found a familiar name.

23rd place: Yuan Cang of the Primordial Sun Holy Land.

The moment he was born, Divine Flames filled the sky, infusing him with the principles of Dao, and forming a spirit-grade cultivation technique in his body.

This news shocked Lin Mo greatly.

To think that his spirit-grade cultivation technique had come about naturally…

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“No wonder his flames were that strong.

Had I not possessed the God Devouring Body, I would likely have steered away from him,” Lin Mo muttered to himself.

At the same time, even someone as powerful as Yuan Cang was unable to make it into the top 20 within the ranking board.

The Yanhuang Divine Empire was indeed filled with various powerhouses.

Despite the royal familys efforts to cull external influences, many powerful individuals were still born.

18th on the ranking list: Qi Tao of the Green Sea Palace.

Through the innate properties of his cultivated attribute, he had once defeated Yuan Cang in a single move.

12th on the ranking list: The second young master of the Heavenly King Mansion, Jin Yu.

He had once received praise from the emperor and was lucky enough to receive permission to enter the royal scripture depository to pick out a spirit-grade martial art of his choice.

8th place on the ranking list: The first young master of the Heavenly King Mansion, Jin Lie, a friend of the crown prince.

6th place on the ranking list: Jiang Xiyue

1st place on the ranking list: Crown prince, Jiang Cheng

As he scanned through the list, Lin Mo discovered Jiang Xiyue being listed in 6th place, and this had shocked him.

It was through this that he realized his behavior back in Lin City was no different from courting death…

At that time, Jiang Xiyues was around the 12th tier of the Dragon Transformation Realm…

“Damn, is the royal family actually rich in resources, or is she really that talented…” Lin Mo praised.

At the same time, there was a message on the side of the scroll, instructing him to kill a certain someone if he had the chance.

“Yuan Cang is a good friend of the seventh prince.

The Primordial Sun Holy Land has already forged close ties to the seventh prince.

Should the opportunity present itself, eliminate Yuan Cang.”

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This was not an order.

In fact, at this point of their relationship, Jiang Xiyue would never order Lin Mo to do anything.

However, Lin Mo would not refuse such a request.

Coincidentally, he also had a bone to pick with Yuan Cang.

As such, he would gladly find an opportunity to kill him in the Ancient Flame Ruins.

“Your subordinate accepts the order.

I will definitely assist Lin Mo!”

Upon reading through the contents of the scroll, Su Hanhai responded respectfully.

The order he received was very simple.

No matter what Lin Mo had set off to do, he was to do his best to assist him.

Should he do as he was told, the Su family would become the number one family reigning over the Ancient Flame City.

Although he did not understand where the eighth princes confidence for such a claim had come from, since it was an order, he would gladly carry it out.

“Okay, this is from Her Highness.

Consider it a gift for your loyalty.”

Qianqian brought out two jade bottles which were emitting extremely rich in heaven and earth spiritual energy, causing Su Hanhai and Lin Mo to widen their eyes.

“A tier 9 top-grade spirit pill, a Nurturing Pill.

When attempting to breakthrough into the Nirvana Realm, this pill is capable of raising the odds of success by around 20%.”

Qianqian explained what she knew about the item.

Since Su Hanhai was only one step away from entering the Nirvana Realm, the Nurturing Pill was perfect for him.

Moreover, Su Hanhais body had also suffered very serious internal injuries, life-threatening ones at that.

Should his injuries remain untreated, breaking through to the Nirvana Realm would always pose a problem for him.

“In addition, Her Highness is aware that you are currently wounded.

To treat these injuries, Her Highness has prepared a tier 9 low-grade Earth Core Pill for you.”

Once Qianqian had finished explaining, she handed a jade bottle to Su Hanhai and said, “The ruins are full of dangers.

Your injuries will undoubtedly be a burden for you.

As such, please take this Earth Core Pill as soon as possible.”

“As for the Nurturing Pill, Ill give it to you once youve assisted Lin Mo and turned the Su family into the number one family in Ancient Flame City.”

Naturally, Qianqian would not give him all his rewards in one go.

However, since the treatment for Su Hanhais injuries could not be delayed, she had chosen to give him the Earth Core Pill first.

Nevertheless, that reward alone was already enough to bring Su Hanhai to the verge of tears.

They were tears of gratitude.

Now, with the temptation of the Nurturing Pill, how could he not work hard

“I appreciate the eighth princes kindness,” Su Hanhai responded excitedly and swallowed the Earth Core Pill whole.

He was extremely excited.

The injuries that had troubled him for years was finally recovering.

How could he not be excited Although there was a risk in being loyal to the eighth prince, the benefits had more than outweighed the cons…

“Alright, I have to go now.

This is for you.”

Following this, Qianqian grabbed a spatial bag and handed it to Lin Mo.

“Keep 30 percent of the spiritual stone profits for yourself.

Hand the rest back over to Her Highness.”

It was through this that Lin Mo learned of the purpose of the imperial familys visit.

It was to attend the auctions taking place in the ruins.

Due to the opening of the ruins, it was only a matter of time before a hoard of tier 9 treasures would appear in the markets.

There might even be an oversupply of them.

It was likely that there quite a number of spirit-grade treasures would appear among them.

As such, the emperor had sent men over to search for these spirit grade treasures, and naturally, the auction houses were the first choice for them to investigate.

Should the auctioneers be sensible enough to sell their goods to the imperial family, they would be able to obtain a considerable amount of profit.

On the other hand, should they actively act against the emperors interests, they would be disposed of…

“The old emperor is really a narrow-minded fool…”Lin Mo ridiculed.

By doing so, would the emperor not chase all the geniuses within the Yanhuang Empire away

“I dont know what hell do.”

Qianqian curled her lips.

Once she was done with her explanations, she turned around and left.

Lin Mo looked at the treasures within the spatial bag and was immediately shocked.

There were not many treasures, numbering only to around a hundred of them.

However, without exception, they were all tier 9 treasures.

It was a shocking, no, terrifying sight to behold.

Lin Mo even found a scroll.

Although it was incomplete, it was nevertheless a shocking discovery.

After all, it was a spirit-grade martial art scroll.

This made Lin Mo extremely excited.

By auctioning the item off, he would be able to obtain a complete spirit-grade martial art scroll.

This was a prospect that excited him greatly…

“Elder Su, lets go.”

Lin Mo and Su Hanhai had returned to the Dragon Transformation Pool.

This time, no one looked for trouble with them.

Due to Qianqians appearance, very few had dared to provoke Lin Mo…

However, Yuan Cang was constantly glaring at Lin Mo with a face full of anger.

He looked as if he wanted to eat Lin Mo alive.

However, due to the elders by his side stopping him, he did not make a move.

Ever since the appearance of the royal family member, no more chaos ensued.

No one dared to stir any trouble, and with that, a day had quietly went by.

When the Dragon Transformation Pool was on the verge of opening up, an endless amount of energy erupted, and an intense multicolored light spread out in all directions.

The mist in the sky was instantly absorbed into the Dragon Transformation Pool.

“So the mist actually originates from the Dragon Transformation Pool, huh.”

Lin Mo muttered to himself.

This might not be the first time the Dragon Transformation Pool had every opened.

Over the countless years, it had more than likely erupted countless times.

Each time it erupted, it would spew out the energy it had accumulated, filling the entire space with the spiritual energy of heaven and earth that served to nourish all living things.

In the ensuing eruptions, it would absorb the spiritual energies that remained unabsorbed to form a cycle with no wastage…


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