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At this moment, a battle erupted in the air in the distance.

There were two figures there.

One of them was dressed in white and had a delicate and charming appearance.

She held a bright silver long spear in hand.

With each thrust and lunge of her spear, the surrounding space seemed to warp, as if it was incapable of withstanding its pressure.

On the other side, a young man held an ancient book, and a white tiger with two wings was located underneath him.

The two of them were embroiled in battle.

It was an intense battle that had taken place right as soon as the Dragon Transformation Pool opened.

Between the two individuals, floated a jade seal infused with dense spiritual energy.

“According to the map, that seal is the key to entering the Dragon Transformation Pool.

Only those who possess the seal are allowed to enter.”

Someone spoke up, wanting to snatch the jade seal for himself.

Meanwhile, many others had shot off in other directions.

This was because when the Dragon Transformation Pool erupted, many jade seals were spat out.

They were the keys to entering the pool.

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While everyone was making their move, Lin Mo was prepared to attack and kill Yuan Cang.

Since they were already enemies, and Jiang Xiyue also wished for him to kill Yuan Cang, there was nothing to hesitate about.

However, just as he was about to make his move, he caught a glimpse of the shocking battle in the distance from the corner of his eye.

“Its Bai Luo.”

Lin Mo was surprised.

How did the little girl provoke such a powerful person.

“Hes holding an ancient book in his hand.

That must make him the individual ranked 15th on Yanhuang Board of Fame, the Wandering Cultivator, Ling Feng.”

Although he was stated as a wandering cultivator in the ranking board, very few had believed the statement to be true.

Most reckoned that he was in the imperial familys pockets, as he would likely have been eliminated had that not been the case.

Lin Mo decided to assist Bai Luo without an ounce of hesitation.

However, at the next moment, a powerful aura suddenly erupted from behind him.

A punch was aimed at his back.

Lin Mo leaped into the air, dodging the experts attack deftly.

“Kong lei.” Lin Mo had identified his attacker.

“Little b*stard, hand over your life!” Kong lei sneered.

The peacocks divine light shone brightly, threatening to take Lin Mos life.

“Old man, I have business to attend to.

I cant be bothered to waste my time on you.” Lin Mo replied as he flew forward.

Along the way, Lin Mo spotted several jade seals.

However, they were all quickly snatched up by others who then immediately entered the Dragon Transformation Pool.

Time waits for no man.

Lin Mo had no intention of squandering his time to fight against Kong Lei.

Behind him, Kong Lei was anxious and he was chasing after Lin Mo at full speed.

Unfortunately, Lin Mos Traceless Wind was too fast.

Ever since he had gained an understanding of the Soul Devouring Art, Lin Mos physique had gained a massive improvement.

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His speed was way faster than before.

In a blink of an eye, he had already vanished ahead, leaving only afterimages behind.

“B*stard, I swear, the moment I catch you, Ill…” Kong Lei roared angrily.

He knew that he would not be able to catch up to Lin Mo.

On the battlefield in front of Lin Mo, Bai Luo and Ling Fengs battle had already reached its climax.

All sorts of martial art techniques were displayed.

Spear shadows pierced through the sky, but they were unable to land on their target.

Much to everyones surprise, even though the two of them had already received a jade seal each, the battle showed no signs of slowing.

On contrary, it seemed to be intensifying instead.


In front of Lin Mo, a few more figures appeared and blocked his path.

Raising his head, he saw that they were the elders of the Battle Immortal Sect.

They were filled with killing intent as they stared down at Lin Mo.

“Cumbersome flies.” Lin Mo was getting impatient.

It was not a good time for them to show up.

Not wanting to deal with them, Lin Mo shot forward with Traceless Wind once more.

“Strange, why dont I see Lil Die and Yan Rong” Lin Mo retreated to the side.

Even though he had found Bai Luo, Lin Die and Yan Rong were nowhere to be seen.

“Forget it, Ill help Bai Luo to get rid of him first.” Lin Mo did not put too much thought into it.

He unsheathed Plain White Snow and prepared to join the battle.

Suddenly, while Bai Luo was still engaged in combat, a fiery red figure quietly approached her from behind.

Had Lin Mo had not been watching from the side and paying close attention to Bai Luo, he would not have been able to notice.

The assailant was Yuan Cang.

He held a blazing spear in his hand and was prepared to launch a sneak attack on Bai Luo.

Lin Mo immediately shouted to inform Bai Luo.

Bai Luo was too engrossed in battle, and it was likely she had not noticed her ambusher.

As such, Yuan Cangs sneak attack had an extremely high chance of succeeding.


A gentle breeze blew past and Bai Luos figure instantly disappeared, leaving behind only an afterimage.

Yuan Cangs long spear had pierced through the afterimage.

In the next moment, Bai Luo appeared once again with an icy cold expression.

She brought down her spear with full force.

To an outside observer, it did not seem possible for Yuan Cang to dodge the blow.


At the critical moment, Yuan Cang raised his hand to block the long silver spear.

However, in the blink of an eye, his fiery palm had turned into a bloody mess, as it was pierced through by the silver long spear effortlessly.

At this moment, Lin Mos appeared on scene.

Using his pitch-black sword Qi, he helped intercept Ling Feng who was preparing to launch a sneak attack at Bai Luo from behind.

“Hmph, some dignified holy son you are,” Bai Luo commented coldly at Yuan Cangs pathetic appearance.

Her spear intent erupted, and Yuan Cangs body was once again sent flying.

“Why arent you fleeing despite already obtaining a seal” Lin Mo asked with a frown.

She was cutting things dangerously close earlier.

“This b*stard treated Lil Die as an ordinary demonic beast, and actually attempted to buy her and make her a slave.

If it were you, would you be able to endure it”

Bai Luo answered indignantly.

Despite already obtaining a jade seal, she could not swallow her anger.

During their time together, she had grown rather fond of Lil Die.

If it were not for the fact that the little fellow had insisted on following Lin Mo, she would have made Lil Die her own.

As such, the fact that someone had dared to treat Lil Die as a mere slave angered Bai Luo greatly.

She wanted nothing more than to make the person pay for their rude comments.

“Im afraid now is not the time.

Well look for an opportunity next time,” advised Lin mo.

This was no time to be caught in a petty struggle.

Since Bai Luo had the jade seal in her hands, it made her an easy target.

Moreover, to most cultivators present at the pool, she looked like a mere wandering cultivator that had no ties to the Yanhuang Divine Empire.

This made her an easy prey to be targeted upon.

Especially since she had revealed some of the treasures that she possessed.


Bai Luo nodded and prepared to lead Lin Mo back to Lin Die and Yan Rong.


A huge palm of spiritual power was launched over.

It was extremely powerful, and it felt as if the weight of the sky was coming at them.

Lin Mo turned around and found that the people from the Battle Immortal Sect had caught up to him.

Kong Lei was also on the other side, and even a few elders from the Primordial Sun Holy Land were present.

It was clear that these people had formed a temporary alliance to get rid of Lin Mo and Bai Luo.

Lin Mo was furious.

He summoned the Origin Spirit Puppet to go after his enemies.

He had gone through great lengths just to reunite with Bai Luo, and yet, his happy reunion was cut short by all of his cumbersome enemies.

While he was grumbling at the turn of events, he spotted Yuan Cang from within the surrounding crowd.

Locking his aim onto him, Lin Mo then swung his sword, unleashing the power of his God Devouring Body at him.

The power the swing contained was so strong that Yuan Cang had no other choice but to defend himself, as he would likely perish had he taken it in stride.

Ling Feng, who was watching from the back of the surrounding crowd, was shocked.

He did not expect the woman to have a helper.

Moreover, with Lin Mo easily dispatching Yuan Cang, Ling Feng had lost a collaborator to help take down the woman.

With Lin Mo watching her back, Bai Luo was able to launch her attacks without any worries.

Her moves were swift and nimble.

For a moment, Ling Feng was unable to withstand her attacks and was forced into a passive position.

Meanwhile, the situation on Lin Mos side was also proceeding very smoothly.

Although Yuan Cangs divine flames were extremely powerful, he was still unable to block Lin Mos attack.

Sword Qi shot up into the sky and broke through Yuan Cangs defense.

Upon hitting its mark, Lin Mo followed up his attack with a vicious punch that smashed into Yuan Cangs chest.


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