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The Ghost Bug Master was so angry that he wanted to attack, but upon spotting Lin Mos surging Sword Qi, he started having second thoughts.

“You mad Come at me with all your bugs then.” Lin Mo taunted calmly.

Following his taunt, Lin Mo attacked with all his strength.

He had activated Traceless Wind, and as such, it was hard to detect his position.

Adding on the power of the God Devouring Body, Lin Mos combat strength could easily crush his opponent.

Sword rays flashed and various multicolored lights appeared.

After forming a black hole above his hand, he threw a punch forward.


Blood dyed the sky.

It was merely a single punch, and yet, the so-called Number One Spirit Insect Master of the Yanhuang Divine Empire had been killed.

By the time his origin soul puppet and Bai Luo had returned to his side, the battle was already over.

Unfortunately, however, they were unable to get rid of Ling Feng.

Upon realizing that the odds were against him, Ling Feng turned tail and ran.

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As for the others that were with him, they had all been killed by the furious Bai Luo.

“I obtained two jade seals from those guys.

We can enter the pool now.” Bai Luo mentioned while waving the two jade seals in her hand.

Now that the four of them had obtained the jade seals, they did not stay for a second longer and immediately head towards the Dragon Transformation Pool.

Another important figure from the Yanhuang Divine Empire had perished, namely Ghost Bug Master, who was the greatest Spirit Insect Master of the empire.

Ling Feng had fled, and Ghost Bug Master had been killed.

It was a very shocking piece of news.

Even those who had already entered the Dragon Transformation Pool were alarmed.

They used all sorts of methods to observe Lin Mo and his gang.

“Is this the Dragon Transformation Pool This is clearly another dimension…” Lin Mo was shocked.

Before entering the Dragon Transformation Pool, Lin Mo and the rest had assumed that they would have to compete against other cultivators to win the resources present within the pool.

Never had they thought that the Dragon Transformation Pool was actually a separate dimension of its own.

“Brother, turn left at the front.

Theres a tier 9 medicinal herb there.” Lin Die said excitedly as soon as she entered the pool.

“This soon”

Lin Mo was surprised at such an early discovery.

The gang quickly followed Lin Dies lead and searched around, and before long, they had found a crabapple flower located within a small pool.

“Green Wave Crabapple, a tier 9 high-grade spiritual medicine.

It contains a trace of Dao principles and if cooked together with other spiritual medicine, the resulting dish is highly delicious and it will allow one to comprehend Dao.”

Bai Luo praised.

She had a set of ancient instructions for utilizing said plant.

Strictly speaking, what she possessed was actually a food recipe, and it was rumored to have passed down from the hands of an ancient saint.

“Hehe, the value of this ancient recipe is even higher than a spirit grade pill recipe.

I can give it to you if you want.” Bai Luo smiled with a crafty glint in her eyes.

Lin Mo felt that her gaze was very unnatural.

Knowing that she had something in mind, he sighed helplessly, “What do you want”

“Only one thing.

Have you mastered the full version of Traceless Wind” Bai Luo stared into Lin Mos eyes and asked seriously.

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Hearing this, Lin Mo jumped in shock.

His eyes flickered, and he tried to act as if nothing had happened, but it was already too late.

“As expected, Ive been suspecting you for a long time…” Bai Luo did not seem surprised upon the revelation.

However, after thinking carefully about it, she realized that there could not possibly be true.

After all, Traceless Winds existence should have been kept under wraps by all costs.

Unless Lin Mo was a genius that came only once every tens of millions of years who had managed to comprehend the essence of Traceless Wind purely from reading its incomplete version.

“Hmm, but that cant be possible.

Had you actually possessed such a level of genius, you wouldve already made it into the Nirvana Realm by now…” Bai Luo shook her head, refusing to believe that Lin Mo had possessed such heaven defying talent.

“Hey, who are you looking down on” Lin Mo rolled his eyes.

Was this little girl looking down on him

“In short, tell me how you learned the complete version of Traceless Wind, and Ill give you the ancient recipe.” Bai Luo stated.

“Tsk, no thanks.” Lin Mo curled his lips, refusing the trade.

Much to his chagrin, however, Bai Luo pulled Lin Die over and constantly emphasized the beauty of the ancient recipe to her.

After pairing it with some ingredients and spirit herbs, she would be able to cultivate and satisfy her stomach.

That way, she would no longer have to devour the corpse of demonic beasts.

Lin Die was aware of Bai Luos goal.

Although she stayed quiet, the audible sound of her gulping down her saliva still betrayed her…

“Big Brother… I think Sister Bai Luo is a good person…”

Lin Die twiddled with her thumbs.

After hesitating for a long time, she finally raised her head and said timidly.


Lin Mo was at a loss for words.

She clearly knew that it was a trap, and yet, she still willingly fell for the bait…

“Its fine if you want to know.

However, youll first have to tell me your true identity and where youre from.”

After pondering for a moment, Lin Mo opened his mouth and offered a counter offer.

It was only fair to trade one secret for the other, after all.

As expected, upon hearing Lin Mos request, Bai Luo immediately shook her head.

“Dont inquire about my background.

Once youre strong enough, youll eventually encounter them.”

After a short interlude, Bai Luo did not pursue the matter further.

Instead, she handed him the recipe and instructed Lin Mo not to spread the recipe around.

“The main ingredients are actually so flexible and replaceable”

Lin Mo was surprised by the recipes contents.

The world was truly full of wonders.

This was a supplementary medicinal recipe.

It could be used to refine pills, and it could also be used as a normal food recipe.

If the effect of the main ingredient was to heal injuries, the recipe had provided complementary ingredients that were meant to increase the main ingredients efficacy.

The recipe could be applied to both cultivation and enlightenment-based ingredients.

“It just so happens that I have a few Silver Arowanas, a Silver Striped Koi, and a stalk of Illusory Spirit Grass.

I should be able to pair them up with this Green Wave Crabapple.

Lets try out the recipe with these ingredients then.”

Lin Mo said with a smile.

After spending so much time with Bai Luo, he felt like he too, had become a foodie.

“Silver Arowanas and an Illusory Spirit Grass.

Both are materials used to cultivate the soul.

Your luck is as great as always.”

Bai Luo and Yan Rong were shocked.

They did not expect Lin Mo to have such a rich stash of resources.

“Quick, quick, Lil Die, hurry up and find more medicinal herbs.

Were eating good today.” Bai Luo swallowed her saliva and urged.

This left Yan Rong at a loss for words.

Were they here to collect treasures, or were they here to enjoy a feast…

“There are medicinal herbs around a kilometer ahead.

From their aura, they seem to be top grade tier 8 materials,” Lin Die sniffed the air and pointed in a certain direction.

Everyone rushed over with the target in mind.

The moment they got close, they smelled a medicinal fragrance.

However, there were already people here.

There were three masked men picking a medicinal herb on a small hill.

Upon spotting Lin Mo and the others, their expressions immediately turned wary.

“Are we going to snatch it” Bai Luo was eager to give it a try.

Although it was a top-grade tier 8 flower, it was not listed within the ancient recipe.

Although it could serve as a replacement ingredient, there was a chance that it would affect the efficacy of the recipe.

Bai Luo was a person who pursued perfection, and thus, she would rather not have the effects of the Silver Arowanas be spoiled.

“Forget it, we wouldnt want to tarnish our reputation…”

Lin Mo thought for a moment before giving up on the idea of snatching it.

He was an auctioneer, and thus, his reputation was worth its weight in gold.

Under most circumstances, Lin Mo would not antagonize anyone unless they had provoked him first.

However, just as he was about to leave, Lin die tugged on Lin Mos sleeve and whispered.

“Brother, there are even more precious materials underground…”


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