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Lin Dies voice was extremely soft, and only Bai Luo and Lin Mo could hear it.

Even Yan Rong, who was standing right behind them, had not noticed her speaking.

Hearing those words, Lin Mo frowned.

He looked at the three people standing guard in front of him and walked up to them.

“Were not here to take the spirit herb from you.

Hurry up and pluck it.

Once youre done, please promptly leave.”

This was the most peaceful option available to Lin Mo.

Even though doing so could potentially tip the other party off to the existence of more treasures lying around, it would still avoid unnecessary bloodshed.


After sizing up Lin Mo and Bai Luo, the leader of the trio nodded and accepted Lin Mos offer.

After putting away the flower, they headed in another direction.

Lin Mo watched the three of them closely as they left.Only after they had retreated a certain distance did he finally heave a sigh of relief.

This was a win-win situation for both sides.

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However, the moment Lin Mo and Bai Luo relaxed their guard…

The trio caught on to their lapse in security, and immediately brought out six talismans that emitted powerful auras.

“Divine Talisman! Spirit Explosion Talisman!”

The three of them shouted at the same time.

They moved extremely fast, and in the blink of an eye, they had arrived behind Yan Rong and Lin Die.

The jet-black dagger in their hands emitted a cold glint.

Under the enhancement of the talismans, their attack was exceptionally terrifying.

“Someone from the Secret Ghost Sect” Bai Luos eyes turned cold.

She raised her hand and unleashed a white torrent of energy to attack the assailants.

However, it was too late.

Even if she could kill the three of them at once, she would not be able to stop the attack.

Upon sensing the abnormality, Yan Rong hastily shielded Lin Die with his own body.


The light in their surroundings dimmed instantly as a black hole appeared before the assailants.

Despite having their attacks amplified greatly via the talismans, the appearance of the black hole had instantly reduced their power by half.

By the time their blades had landed on Yan Rongs body, less than one-tenth of the power had remained.


Yan Rong was pushed back by their attacks.

He had protected Lin Die well and had prevented her from suffering any injuries.

As for the three attackers, they were dispatched by Bai Luo immediately after.

Two of them were killed on the spot by her palm strike, and their bodies were torn into pieces.

As for the other person, due to him being at tier 20 of the Dragon Transformation Realm, he quickly realized that something was amiss and had retreated.

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However, it was to no avail, as he was still struck by Bai Luos palm wind.

Her silver-white spiritual energy wreaked havoc within his body and severely injured him.


Before he could react, a pitch-black Sword Qi slashed at him, splitting his body into two halves.

“Brother Yan Rong, are you okay”

Lin Dies concerned voice came from afar.

Lin Mo and Bai Luo quickly went over to check his condition.

Fortunately, the domain formed by Lin Mos God Devouring Body had proven effective, as it had dissipated most of the power behind the assailants attacks.

Otherwise, Yan Rong would have been severely injured, and there was a chance that Lin Die would have died.

“I didnt expect those three people to be the rats of the Secret Ghost Sect.

How disgusting,” Bai Luo angrily spat.

Had Lin Mo not counterattacked quickly and activated the domain, they would likely had lost someone…

“Hmph, once I leave, Ill teach those rats a lesson.” Bai Luo clenched her fists while feeding Yan Rong a spirit pill.

It was at this moment that Bai Luo officially jotted the Secret Ghost Sect down into her kill list.

When she had first come to the eastern continent and entered the Yan Huang Divine Empire, she had brought along plenty of spiritual stones due to her weak cultivation levels.

As a result, she had been targeted repetitively by the Secret Ghost Sect.

Fortunately, the more of their members she killed, the stronger and stronger her cultivation base became.

However, it seemed that the Secret Ghost Sect was still holding a grudge against her.

Perhaps the reason they had acted decisively earlier was due to them seeing through Bai Luos identity.

In that case, she would have to be rid of their enmity once and for all by paying the Secret Ghost Sect a visit before leaving the eastern continent.

“Lets see what good treasures are hiding below.” Seeing that Yan Rong was fine, Lin Mo did not think too much and proceeded to the small hill.

With a raise of his hand, a suction force was generated in Lin Mos hand, and it had sucked up all the soil below.

Mere moments later, a cave that was a hundred meters deep appeared.

“Huh, I found it.”

Lin Mo was delighted.

A large jar that was half the height of an adult flew up.

The moment it appeared, a thick stench of alcohol filled the air, threatening to make Lin Mo drunk.

“What a fragrant wine…” Lin Mo was surprised.

“Quickly! Open it and have a taste.” Bai Luo licked her lips.

“Alright, everyone, have a cup.” Lin Mo smiled and opened the sealed jar.

The intoxicating fragrance of the wine permeated the air.

“My head feels so dizzy…”

Lin Die hurried over.

However, as soon as she smelled the fragrance of the wine, she felt dizzy.

Her small face flushed red, and it was clear that she was already drunk.

“What strong liquor.” Bai Luo and Lin Mo each tasted a cup.

The fragrance lingered on their lips, and multicolored light radiated from their bodies.

“It might be no exaggeration to call this a divine brew…” Lin Mo praised.

The wine was too fragrant.

He did not know when it was buried, but it had been preserved perfectly until now.

“Divine brew, huh Its not bad.

Perhaps to those who are in our realm, it could be considered divine brew.” Bai Luo drank another cup and said somewhat tipsyly.

Yan Rong was also extremely interested in how the wine tasted.

After pouring a cup for himself and Lin Die, he sipped it carefully.

However, he was not as brave as Lin Mo and Bai Luo who were downing one cup after another.

After drinking only one cup, he could feel his entire body heating up.

It was a sign that he was making a breakthrough in his cultivation, and he had advanced from tier 10 to tier 12 of the Dragon Transformation Realm.

Despite this, there was still a large amount of spiritual energy lingering within his body.

As a result, he could only sit on the ground and began cultivating.

Lin Die took small sips, and every sip felt like it set her tongue on flames.

However, upon spotting Lin Mo and Bai Luos intoxicated expressions, she persevered and drank the entire cup.

“Enough, enough.

If I drink any more, Ill collapse…”

After drinking the fifth cup, Bai Luo shook her head.

She could feel spiritual energy running rampant within her, and she felt as if she was about to make a breakthrough.

Lin Mo was the same.

Although his cultivation base was lower than Bai Luos, his God Devouring Body had enabled him to down five cups.

By the end of his drinking session, his head was dizzy, and his body felt bloated.

At the same time, the Soul Devouring Art that he had comprehended while cultivating previously was also quietly running in the background.

Some complicated symbols appeared in front of Lin Mos eyes.

The Soul Devouring Art had advanced a step further.

“Perhaps now, the Soul Devouring Art can finally be considered as a spirit grade cultivation technique.” Lin Mo nodded his head, extremely satisfied.


A crisp sound came from within his body, as if something had shattered.

The barrier of the Dragon Transformation Realms 16th tier shattered, and Lin Mo had risen another tier.

His spine emitted light, and a total of sixteen spine segments were emitting multicolored light.

It made for a dazzling sight.

The 17th section was also faintly glowing.

However, as the realm was still not stable, he needed to stabilize and cultivate it properly.

“Ive done some research.

This is a jar of Hundred Flowers Wine.

Its not brewed by humans, but by a group of ants.” By the time Lin Mo was finished with his cultivation, Bai Luo had already refined the spiritual energy within her body.

It was a tier 7 spirit-grade item.

This was also the reason why just five cups were enough to make two geniuses pass out, forcing them to rely on cultivation to absorb the spiritual energy within the wine.

“Ants can brew wine” Lin Mo was stunned.

There were really all sorts of strange things in the world…


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