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There were all kinds of spirit herbs in the Dragon Transformation Pools pocket dimension, most of which were spirit-grade and were extremely precious.

There were many spirit insects and strange beasts, and the resources were abundant.

Lin Mo wanted to stay inside as long as possible to search for resources.

“Not necessarily.

There might be something preventing the Nirvana Realm demonic beasts from making their move.” Bai Luo shook her head, not entirely certain that they should be wary of such a threat.

Following that, the gang followed their original plan and searched for treasures.

Occasionally, they would stop and get a feel of the ruins history.

Nevertheless, their main priority was to locate treasures and to improve their own strengths.

“Big Brother, Im sensing powerful auras around here.” Lin Die turned her head around suddenly and mentioned to Lin Mo.

Along the way, they had harvested quite a lot of treasures.

Within Lin Mos ring were piles upon piles of spiritual herbs and exotic insects.

In addition, it had also contained some special ores, all of which were precious treasures.

The treasures were all found by Lin Die.

Lin Mo and Bai Luos job was only to repel any demonic beasts that appeared.

Not long after, they arrived at a lake and spotted a huge stone tablet erected in the middle of it.

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“Could that be the secret realms grand treasure, the Ancient Flame Sects heirloom”

Someone shouted from behind, drawing attention to the lake before them.

The stone tablet was emitting a blood-red glow.

The special patterns on it made people suspect that it was the Ancient Flame Sects heirloom.

Rumors had it that the Ancient Flame Sect used to be a massive sect back in ancient times.

Should one obtain the heirloom, the hope was that they would be able to take on the entirely eastern continent, and if not, they would still be able to bring down the Yanhuang Divine Empire.

The stone stele shook, spilling blood energy into the air and projecting runes in the air.

Many sensed the commotion and rushed over upon hearing the sound.

“With runes this complex, theres a high likelihood that it details a spirit-grade martial art technique.

We mustnt miss it!”

Someone exclaimed.

Many peoples eyes turned green with greed and they immediately rushed forward.

A flash of light ensued, and a silhouette appeared momentarily before vanishing away.

At the same time, the runes that the tablet had projected expanded forward and enveloped the entire lake.

“Not good, someone beat us to it.”

Many peoples hearts skipped upon noticing the silhouette.

There was a high likelihood that the tablet had detailed a spirit-grade martial art.

Due to this, it would be a pity if it was snatched away by someone else.

Lin Mo was a little anxious.

He wanted to rush out as well, but he still held himself back.

Bai Luo was fiddling with some sort of trinket.

She claimed that it would allow her to view the situation within the lake clearly.

However, in the next moment, the entire lake lit up, and a terrifying killing intent filled the air.

Those who had attempted to enter the lake exploded into pieces, scattering their bloody bits in all directions.

It was a horrendous sight to look at.

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Even those who were located a distance away had been injured by the explosions.

Many had been incapacitated because of it.

Everyone was stunned.

The entire lake was now a danger zone.

Any weaklings who stepped in there would instantly lose their lives.

“Its a tier 9 killing formation, but it was dispelled after the explosions had taken place.”

Bai Luo had seen the situation within.

At the same time, she also realized that the onlookers speculation might be right on the money.

With runes that complex, there really was a chance that the tablet had contained a spirit-grade martial art technique.

“Lets go in and take a look.”

Many people retreated, fearing for their lives.

Not Lin Mo, however.

Using his Origin Spirit Puppet and his God Devouring Body, Lin Mo created a domain to protect everyone, allowing them to pass through the red barrier of runes and to enter the lake.

It was at this moment that they saw the true situation within the lake.

More than half of the people who had rushed in earlier had died, and they were killed by the killing formation.

The so-called spirit-grade martial arts was a gimmick, as only half of its inscriptions were legible.

“This is a trap.”

Rage welled up within the crowd upon realizing the true nature of the situation.

After all, they had suffered great losses despite not even facing the enemy head-on.

In the middle of the lake, a young man walked out and casually kicked away the corpses that were strewn across the lake.

After looting the corpses of the dead, the young man then looked up and give the crowd a sinister grin.

“Oh, this is great.

All of you have gathered together.

Thisll make things easier for me.” The young man stated out loud.

He was around the same age as Lin Mo and Bai Luo, and his handsome face looked rather pale.

“It was all you!”


The remaining people were furious.

“Kill him!” A person roared in anger.

He pulled out his long saber and slashed at the young man.

The others also made their move.

Anger flared within them.

“Hehe, so eager to die.”

The young man smiled disdainfully as a cruel expression extended across his pale face.

“Go to hell!” The crowd attacked the young man.

Among the crowd was a cultivator at the 25th tier of the Dragon Transformation Realm, He possessed terrifying strength.

Although he was heavily injured, the strength of his blows were still extremely powerful.

“Are you guys this eager to hand me your cultivation resources” The young man chuckled.

Just as he was about to make his move, he suddenly widened his eyes as if he had sensed something.

He looked at Lin Mo and Bai Luo, who were watching coldly from afar, with a hint of fear in his eyes.

In the end, he chuckled softly and directed his words towards Lin Mos group, “Fellow Daoist, as the saying goes, sharing is caring.

That domain of yours is rather powerful, so Ill be leaving the remaining resources here to you.”

With that, the young man brought out a talisman and vanished into thin air.

It took a while for Lin Mo to process the turn of events.

He exclaimed, “Weve been had…”

Bai Luo was also caught off guard.

With the young man gone, the crowd that was burning with rage had no other target to direct their hatred to besides Lin Mo and his group.

Moreover, the abrupt nature of his appearance had also robbed all chance for Lin Mo and his group to explain himself.

Seeing this scene, Lin Mo sighed.

The ruins were truly a perilous place.

“Forget it.

Theres no point in trying to explain.

Lets just deal with them.”

Lin Mo was not afraid.

He expanded his God Devouring Domain to protect Lin Die as well.

The ruins were a dangerous place.

His top priority at this moment was to defeat the enemies before him and to leave the area safely.

At the same time, he was also extremely cautious against the young man.

The next time they met, he would not let him off so easily.

“Feel free to attack, and dont leave any survivors.”

Bai Luo also had the same thoughts as Lin Mo.

the two of them leaped into action at the same time, launching a vicious counterattack against their assailants.

The two of them had easily defeated their opponents, including the tier 25 powerhouse.

No matter how strong he was, he could not unleash his full combat strength due to his heavy injuries.

Moreover, with the God Devouring Body, Plain White Snow, and Traceless wind at his disposal, Lin Mo was able to easily defeat all his foes.

Lin Mo and Bai Luo had also made sure to loot the bodies of their defeated enemies.

While doing so, they discovered two quasi-spirit-grade herbs.

They were a rare and precious find.

Since Lin Mo had sold off the spirit-grade Blood Lotus previously, the two stalks of spirit herbs had now belonged to Bai Luo instead.


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