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A low roar sounded out and a powerful pressure spread across the field just as Lin Mo was about to bring down his blade.

Perhaps everything had been planned in advance, and the newcomer had been hiding in the dark, waiting for this moment to make his move.

In the distant forest, four or five people flew out and quickly rushed over.

What shocked Lin Mo the most was the person who was leading the charge, Elder Mo from the imperial family.

“Hes from the imperial family” Yan Rong was shocked and broke out in cold sweat in Lin Mos place.

Things were still in the clear in the moment as the young man was only injured.

The extent of the young mans injury was light enough that the eighth prince could still cover for Lin Mo.

However, had Lin Mo actually cut down the person, things would have been the complete opposite, to the point that even the eighth prince might not have the power to protect Lin Mo…

After all, in the eyes of the imperial family, Lin Mo was ultimately just a servant…

“Hehe, Lin Mo, right Ill remember you.

Ill get back at you the next time we meet.”

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The youth smiled, and the golden light on his body gradually faded.

It was only now that Lin Mo realized that the young man was not actually his enemy, merely a puppet who had been injected with his enemys blood essence.

“Your Excellency, Jin Lie, your subordinate apologizes for coming late and giving you a scare.”

Elder Mo hurriedly ran over and looked at the young man worriedly.

Even someone as powerful as Elder Mo had been given quite a fright at this moment.

Although he was only a puppet, everyone in the imperial capital knew that the eldest young master of the Heavenly King Manor, Jin Lie, was a temperamental person.

Anyone who crossed him, even if it was just a small offense, would have to pay dearly.

Some might even have to pay with their lives.

“Enough, theres no need to say more.

A loss is a loss.” Jin lie waved his hand, as if he did not care.

At this point, the surrounding crowd panicked and lost their wits.

They knew of the young mans identity.

The eldest young master of the Heavenly King Manor, Jin Lie, was ranked eighth on the Yanhuang Board of Fame.

He was the Crown Princes study companion.

He was an important figure of great status.

He was not to be messed around with.

Although the onlookers knew not of Lin Mos background, nor the reason they had fought, they mourned for Lin Mo.

After all, the fact that someone of unknown status had offended the temperamental Jin Lie was bound for a tough future ahead.

“I cant take these treasures with me anymore.

Since youve defeated me, they now belong to you.

However, do you dare to take them from me”

Jin Lie ignored Elder Mo and stared down at Li Mo with a pale face before throwing out a ring.

Just as Lin Mo had determined, he was merely a puppet that had been injected with Jin Lies blood essence and was powered by a large amount of spiritual stones.

Now that Lin Mo had inflicted a Dao wound onto the puppet, it would soon stop operating.

The puppets trip to the ruins was now effectively over, as it could no longer take any of the treasures it had collected away.

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“Your Excellency Jin Lie, this subordinate can bring these treasures back to you,” Elder Mo hurriedly said.

At the same time, he glared at Lin Mo and coldly snorted, daring him to make a move.

“Enough, youre not from the Heavenly King Manor.

If you do this, rumors will go about.” Jin Lie responded.

Immediately after, he telepathically contacted Lin Mo, “You seem to be a man of great talents, any chance that youd like to change families”

“Among the princes, the eighth princes influence is the weakest.

Its really a pity for you to follow her.

Why dont you join the crown princes sect I can promise that your abilities will soar, and your influence will rival that of a kings.”

Lin Mo smiled upon hearing Jin Lies message.

He extended his hand and accepted the ring in front of him before stating out loud, “Since Ive defeated you, it is only natural for me to claim my spoils of war.

As such, this ring here belongs to me now.”

“As for what will happen in the future, who can say for sure”

Lin Mo grinned and broke the soul imprint on the ring, startling Jin Lie once again.

“Junior, know your limits.

Youve already committed a great crime by injuring His Excellency Jin lie.

You still dare to covet his treasures” Elder Mo warned Lin Mo coldly.

He was very displeased with Lin Mo since he knew not of the lines he should not cross.

Even if with the eighth princes backing, Elder Mo doubted that he would become a man of great renown.

“You need not worry about me, Old Mo.”

Lin Mo smiled once again.

After cupping his fists and saluting, he quickly left with Bai Luo and the others.

As for the blame for ambushing and killing cultivators, Lin Mo would leave it to Jin Lie to handle.

Once Lin Mo and his group was gone, miserable screams rang out from the area.

Lin Mo knew very well that anyone who learned of this incident would be silenced.

True to his expectations, not a single person survived.

Jin Lie was the eldest young master of the Heavenly King Manor and was also the crown princes study companion.

The fact that he had set up an ambush to steal treasures from other cultivators must not be made public.

Since Lin Mo had shown no intention to take the blame, the only way forward was for Jin Lie to kill everyone who knew about the truth of the matter…

“What a ruthless individual.

Were you not under the protection of the eighth prince, Im afraid that we too, would have to die.” Yan Rong said with a chill.

As expected, it was more or less a necessity to have a backer in the Yanhuang Divine Empire in order to survive.

At the very least, had the eighth prince not existed, the Su family would not have devoted themselves to her, and without the Su familys protection, the Mu and Sima families would have already killed Lin Mo…

Eventually, news of the lakeside atrocity had spread.

According to the rumors, the event was orchestrated by an evil individual who forced powerhouses to fight against one another…

The traces of Lin Mo and Jin Lies battle had been erased by Elder Mo.

It was done cleanly, and no one would none the wiser of the events that had transpired.

“Lin Mo, when do you plan to auction those items off Or do you plan on selling some of them to me first” Bai Luo asked.

Bai Luo was very curious about the treasures that Jiang Xiyue had sent over.

After pestering Lin Mo countless times, he had no other choice but to examine the contents that Jiang Xiyue had sent over.

The contents were alright at best.

There were two high-grade tier 9 martial arts manuals contained among the items sent over.

One of them was a sword technique that Jiang Xiyue had specially found for Lin Mo to cultivate.

The other one was a spear technique that Jiang Xiyue had kept in her collection.

She wanted to make use of all the auctions going on within the Ancient Flame Ruins to turn it into spiritual stones.

Naturally, Lin Mo immediately flipped through the sword technique manual.

The spear technique also made Bai Luo very interested.

She had mastered the Profound Spear Technique from before and it had greatly increased her strength.

Her comprehension of the Dao Principles had reached a brand new height because of it.

And now, she had the opportunity to pick up a tier 9 spear technique.

If she could comprehend it, her ability to use the spear would undoubtedly soar.

“If you want to read it, then go ahead.

No need to hold yourself back.

Were all friends here.” Lin Mo smiled and lent the spear technique manual to Bai Luo.

However, since everyones current goal was to locate the Ancient Flame Sects heirloom, none of them had any intention of entering secluded cultivation at this moment.

After all, if they were to miss out on the heirloom, they would regret it for the rest of their lives.

“However, Jin Lie did give me some inspiration.”

Lin Mo muttered to himself.

Jin lie had set up an ambush to kill cultivators and to snatch away their treasures.

It was indeed a despicable act.

However, that was only because he lacked skill.

Had he managed to defeat everyone, there would be no one to tell on him.

Dead men tell no tales, after all.

Lin Mo was somewhat tempted to follow his footsteps.

Even with Lin Dies talents, the speed and efficiency of locating treasures was still lacking.

Lin Mo wanted more.

When the time came, he would sell everything he had collected.

Whatever Bai Luo needed, he could just auction it off.

There was no need to pay in spiritual stones.

Once that happened, the returns he obtained from the rebate system would be insane.

“Are we going to rob others too Thats great! Who should we rob first” Bai Luos interest was piqued, and she wanted to go all out.

“Well, the Primordial Sun Holy Land is definitely one of our targets.

After all, we need to kill Yuan Cang.” Lin Mo answered.

He knew that Yuan Cangs existence must have posed a great threat to Jiang Xiyue.

That was why she had asked him to kill Yuan Cang.


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