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With a “snap”,the blade of Plain White Snow shattered, leaving only its hilt intact.

Lin Mo sighed.

He really liked the sword, but now he had no choice but to accept that it was gone for good.

It seemed that through his connections with the seventh prince, Yuan Cang had managed to obtain several benefits, including a spirit-grade weapon.

Regardless, the two did not exchange any words, and had continued to exchange blows.

Lin Mo was in a precarious situation.

All he had at his disposal was a tier 8 longsword, but after intercepting a few of Yuan Cangs strikes, that weapon too, had shattered.

With no other option left, Lin Mo used his God Devouring Body to fuse his flames together, forming a temporary longsword made of the flames.

After fighting him this long, Lin Mo had realized the true extent of Yuan Cangs improvement.

He had gained a massive power boost, and without a suitable weapon, Lin Mo stood no chance against him.

Lin Mos chances were slim.

With each passing moment, his options only dwindled.

He was being pushed into a corner.

“Haha, if you want to blame someone, blame your backer for the lack of resources…” Yuan Cang laughed coldly.

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The seventh Prince had given him a spirit-grade weapon, while the eighth prince could only give Lin Mo a tier 9 one…


Another collision rang out.

Lin Mos arm went numb, and the spiritual energy in his body was greatly depleted.

Killing Yuan Cang was proving more difficult by the second.

Soon, the commotion in the area grew bigger and bigger.

Many people rushed over upon hearing the news, wanting to observe this intense battle.

Among them were a number of young prodigies who had made a name for themselves within the ruins.

“What did you just say Lin Mo is losing because of inferior weapon quality”

“Its a pity.

This Lin Mo person is likely a rogue cultivator.

Hes from a small background, and thus, he doesnt possess good weapons…”

“Thats not right.

He has a weapon, a low-grade tier 9 longsword at that, but it was shattered.”

Someone corrected him.

Rumors traveled fast, and before the battle had even ended, the people within the Dragon Transformation Pool had already caught wind of the situation that was unfolding.

More and more people rushed over, wanting to bear witness to the battle between these two.

From their point of view, Lin Mo was a dark horse.

He had been hightailing it all this time, and he had an impressive track record to boot.

As far as the masses were concerned, there were no limits to his potential.

Although he was at a disadvantage in the battle against Yuan Cang, the gap between them was actually rather small.

This was in spite of Yuan Cang using a spirit-grade weapon against Lin Mo.

The fact that Lin Mo was still holding on made him quite a prodigious talent.

“Its a pity that the world is cruel.

Lin Mos realm is one tier lower, and he doesnt even have a weapon yet.” An old man sighed.

“Thats true.

Lin Mo probably isnt a match for him…” Another person added.

Even so, everyone was very surprised by Lin Mos performance.

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After all, a wandering cultivator was going toe-to-toe against the Holy Son of a Holy Land.

Should Lin Mo survive this battle, his fame would know no bounds, and it was likely that countless forces would try to invite him into their group.

Some large factions had even considered saving Lin Mo and recruiting him into their ranks.

However, as the shockwaves from the battle between Lin Mo and Yuan Cang grew stronger, they soon gave up on this idea.

Although they knew that Lin Mo was very powerful, he would most likely die here and be killed by Yuan Cang.

Furthermore, with this much talent, Lin Mo would most likely be taken under the imperial familys wing.

These factions would stand no chance in recruiting him if that were the case…

Lin Mo surprise over Yuan Cangs strength was growing as the battle went on.

Yuan Cang was extremely powerful, and he was likely one of the strongest enemies he had ever met.

After a bitter battle, Lin Mo was left heavily injured.

Although Yuan Cang was also injured, he had deflected most of the heavy blows with his long spear.

Even so, Yuan Cang was still in a very sorry state.

His clothes were torn, and there were many burn marks across his body.

On the other hand, Lin Mo only had a spear wound on his body.

The spirit-grade long spear was too powerful.

It pierced through the stars and shattered his domain.

“Did I lose because of my weapon”

Lin Mo frowned.

He did not want to admit it, but should this situation continue, he would likely die.

In the next moment, Yuan Cang made his move.

The long spear pierced through the sky and descended to form a flaming dragon once more.

This was the same move that had destroyed Plain White Snow at the start of the battle.

It was extremely powerful.

Lin Mo theorized that it was a quasi-spirit tier that this was at least a quasi-spirit-grade martial art.

In response to this, Lin Mos gaze turned ice-cold, and he transformed his spiritual energy into a long sword that danced about.

He compressed the flames that enveloped it, and soon after, the sword began to shine with the luster of stars.

Gradually, the stars transformed, and the Four Seasons Sword Techniques spring and autumn cycles began to circulate.

Wisps of time principles appeared within it, and Sword Qi surged wildly.

It clashed with the fire dragon, creating a violent explosion.


The two of them were blown away at the same time.

Blood splattered everywhere.

Their collision generated a massive explosion, causing a crater to form at the epicenter of their attacks.

Lin Mo had suffered a heavy injury.

His God Devouring Bodys domain was incapable of blocking the attack fully.

This was the toughest battle that Lin Mo had ever encountered since he started his career.

On the other side, Yuan Cangs hands were twisted, and they were hanging limply on both sides of his body.

The collision had dislocated both of his arms and damaged his meridians.

“What Its actually a draw”

Many people were shocked.

Both of them had used their killing moves, only to end up with a draw.

It was an unbelievable conclusion.

In the distance, the disciples of the Primordial Sun Holy Land were unable to accept the results.

Despite being beat in terms of realms and weapons, Lin Mo was still able to escape from the jaws of death.

“Sigh, I have to hurry up and pick up a spirit-grade martial art…”

Lin Mo laughed bitterly.

He had already used the principles of time, and yet he was still unable to defeat a user of spirit grade martial arts.

Fortunately, their battle had caused his fame to soar.

If he were to hold an auction in the ruins, he was certain that he would gain many customers in the blink of an eye.

“Hehe… Lin Mo, dont tell me that you think its over” Yuan Cangs laughter rang out.

He stood up.

His dislocated arms had been straightened, and all that was left of his wounds were some sword scars across his body.

He then took a step forward and instantly appeared in front of Lin Mo, thrusting his long spear forward.

“Go to hell!” Yuan Cang shouted.

Although he was injured, his fighting strength did not decrease.

Lin Mo gritted his teeth and activated his God Devouring Body.

His domain was formed, trapping the long spear and devouring the surrounding spiritual energy to replenish itself.

An ear-piercing sound of friction was heard.

The long spear pierced into the black hole, and the bright runes above it attacked.


Yuan Cang roared and shook the long spear.

Flames spread out in an attempt to burn away Lin Mos domain and to set Lin Mo ablaze.

The air trembled.

Lin Mo raised his hand to grab the long spear while unleashing flames of his own.

Fresh blood dripped down from his palm.

The tip of the spear became even more sharp and it was stabbing into Lin Mos hands.

The two of them were in a stalemate.

Yuan Cangs attack gradually weakened.

Everyone was shocked.

The domain that surrounded Lin Mos body was so powerful that it seemed to be immune to Yuan Cangs flames.

Not only that, it seemed that anyone who entered the domain would have their spiritual energy sucked dry.

“My strength isnt enough, huh.

It seems I need to grow stronger still…” Yuan Cang spat coldly as Lin Mo blocked his attack once again.

After exchanging one last blow, the two of them separated.

Lin Mo was heavily injured, but the spiritual energy in his body was still abundant.

He stared at everyone in a daze.

On the other hand, Yuan Cangs face was pale.

Although he had the strength to fight, there was not much spiritual energy left in his body.

If this continued, perhaps Yuan Cang would be killed by Lin Mo instead.

Both of them were very strong.

They had used all their trump cards, and in the end, both of them suffered heavy wounds.

“I have to hurry up and get some resources.

I also have to learn the newly acquired tier 9 martial arts,” Lin Mo said to himself.

Although he was heavily injured, he had also gained a lot in this battle.

“Lin Mo, Ill give you time.

Catch up to my cultivation realm and get yourself a good weapon.

When the time comes, Ill kill you,” Yuan Cang said coldly.

“You know that Ill butcher you like a dog if were in the same realm, right” Lin Mo claimed confidently.


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