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Those words were extremely arrogant, but it had also showed Lin Mos confidence.

However, no one dared to laugh at him, as Lin Mo had already proven his strength.

Furthermore, Lin Mo had gained the upper hand by the end of the battle.

This was in spite of his cultivation level, his weapon, as well as his martial arts technique being of an inferior rank to Yuan Cangs.

By all accounts, Lin Mo should have lost the battle, and yet, that was not the case.

He had managed to overcome the overwhelming disadvantage he had in the earlier stages of the battle, and should the battle go on, there was a high likelihood that he would have turned the battle around and achieve victory.

Should that happen, news of his feat was bound to spread, earning him a rank on the Yanhuang Board of Fame, and solidifying his position as a god of combat in a single battle.

Yuan Cang of the Primordial Sun Holy Land had gone all out in the battle against Lin Mo.

Despite all the supposed advantages that he had, he was still knocked down a peg by someone a tier below him.

This was shocking news that had the potential to spread Lin Mos name far and wide within the Yanhuang Divine Empire.

In fact, if he could continue to grow while maintaining his status as a rogue cultivator, his status could reach unmeasurable heights, and he might even get the chance to leave the eastern continent…

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The many disciples of the Primordial Sun Holy Land standing in the distance were all silent.

Han Yue shared their silence as well.

Her beautiful eyes widened as she stared at Lin Mo, shocked by how powerful he was.

Although Yuan Cang had the upper hand in the beginning, Lin Mos spiritual energy seemed to be endless.

Together with his domain that could seemingly block everything, he slowly gained the upper hand against Yuan Cang.

“No, youre wrong.

Hes not a rogue cultivator.”

Someone spoke up.

After hearing what he said, some individuals recalled Lin Mos supposed backer.

Back in Lin City, Lin Mo had teamed up with the eighth prince to chase out the second and fourth princes followers out of Lin City.

Even Bloody-handed Cao Zhen of the Yanhuang Wanted List, had been killed as a result of their team-up.

Despite offending the second prince and the fourth prince, Lin Mo was still safe and sound, and he had even come to Ancient Flame City to cultivate further.

All of these signs indicated that Lin Mo was taken under the eighth princes wing.

“Thats right, he has a backer.

Sigh, I thought we couldve recruited a peerless genius into our sect.”

“But I heard that Yuan Cang has a powerful backer of his own.

To think that Lin Mo actually dares to make a move on him.

How bold.”

“Shut up.

Is this something that can be discussed”

Someone interrupted that person on the spot and sternly berated him.

Everyone knew that the internal affairs of the Yanhuang Divine Empire were quite chaotic.

The princes were embroiled in a vicious power struggle, and there were even rumors of the Emperor abdicating the throne to one of the princes.

There were even rumors that on the streets of the imperial city, a seemingly unremarkable beggar could actually be a peerless expert who was under the backing of one of the princes…

“Forget it.

We got a good show out of this fight anyway.”

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“Indeed, and that lady in white at the side there also feels very powerful.”

“Yeah, she might potentially rank in the top 15 of the Yanhuang Board of Fame just from the aura she exudes.

Shes definitely not one to be underestimated.”

“Since it seems that shes part of Lin Mos group, could she also be…”

Upon the reveal of Lin Mos backer, many peoples thoughts soon went into overdrive.

There was more than meets the eye to the eighth princes influence.

She had been known to be a weak backer in the past, but all of a sudden, two peerless geniuses under her wing had appeared.

However, there were also some people who denied that the white-clothed woman was a part of the Yanhuang Divine Empire.

“Qianqian, the eighth prince has hidden her cards rather well, huh.

Those two peerless geniuses, when does she intend on fielding them”

Elder Mo brought some people to watch from afar.

Qianqian was one of them.

He looked at Lin Mo with a hint of fear in his eyes.

Such talent was too great a threat.

Given time, Lin Mo would probably make it into the top ten of the Yanhuang Board of Fame.

As someone devoted to the crown prince, it was his job to keep an eye on, as well as to remove any threats to the crown prince.

However, now that Lin Mo was officially a personnel of the eighth prince, if he were to make a move on him, Elder Mos head would likely end up on the chopping block…

“Elder Mo, please forgive me.

The meeting between Her Highness and Lin Mo was purely by chance.

The two of them hit it off almost instantly, and it is for that reason that theyve befriended one another.” Qianqian said in a neither servile nor overbearing manner.

Elder Mo smiled faintly and said disapprovingly, “Hehe, but he has offended the fourth prince, the second prince, and the seventh prince one after another.

Im afraid he wont be able to live for long…”

“Theres no need for Elder Mo to worry about this.

I heard that he has quite a few treasures on him.

Since Elder Mo has been ordered to collect treasures from this ruin, I believe that you can purchase some from him,” Qianqian continued.

Everyone present was shocked.

They looked at Lin Mo in disbelief.

As more and more people rushed over, waves of powerful auras stared at Lin Mo.

some of them even carried killing intent.


Suddenly, the air trembled and a figure appeared seemingly out of thin air.

It was the patriarch of the Su clan, Su Hanhai.


Su Hanhai let out a cold snort as soon as he appeared.

He looked around him.

A powerful aura surged out from him.

Those who wished to do harm against Lin Mo immediately shrunk back upon spotting Su Hanhai.

“Lets go.

Theres an ancient city ahead.

There are many people there.”

With that, Su Hanhai led Lin Mo and his group and away from the battlefield.

Some people who heard this were also very curious about that ancient city.

They went after Su Hanhai.

“Lets go.

Well follow them and collect treasures as well.” Elder Mo waved his hand and led his group after Su Hanhai.

The elders of the Primordial Sun Holy Land rushed over.

After confirming that Yuan Cang was fine, they heaved a sigh of relief.

They led Yuan Cang and the other disciples away from the area.

With the two stars of the show now gone, there was no point for the others to stay.

Some people left for the ancient city that Su Hanhai had mentioned.

There were many dark green vines crawling all over the ancient city.

Inside, there were broken and dilapidated walls everywhere.

The spiritual energy was quite abundant.

If one cultivated here, the efficiency would be off the charts.

There were many people living inside the ancient city.

Originally, many had assumed the space within the Dragon Transformation Pool to consist of only forests and mountains.

As such, the ancient citys discovery had come as a surprise to them.

Su Hanhai brought Lin Mo to an ancient palace.

The murals in the ancient palace depicted some birds and beasts.

It was extremely quiet there, and there was an air of Zen within the city.

Almost subconsciously, everyone was unwilling to fight in the city, unwilling to destroy its peaceful atmosphere.

This place had also become the stronghold for most settlers.

Some had set up stalls to sell the treasures they had obtained.

If not for the dilapidated buildings and overgrown weeds, this place would have been a bustling city.

“Little friend Lin Mo, are you alright” Su Hanhai looked at Lin Mo, who had finished his cultivation, and asked carefully.

“Elder Su, dont worry.

Im already fine.” Lin Mo stood up.

The injuries on his body had long since recovered.

After changing his clothes, he walked into the ancient hall to check.

“Yuan Cang has become stronger again.

It seems that he has obtained a number of treasures within the Dragon Transformation Pool.”

Su Hanhai said.

Initially, Lin Mos strength had grown so dramatically that Su Hanhai had initially expected Lin Mo to easily trample Yuan Cang.

He did not expect the latter to also improve drastically.

“Dont worry.

The next time we meet, Ill kill him.” Lin Mo nodded.

Yuan Cang had indeed grown stronger.

Moreover, he also had a spirit-grade cultivation method and martial arts.

That long spear of his was also a spirit grade weapon, and it made for a difficult weapon to go against.

At this moment, the ancient city was in an uproar, and everyone was talking about Lin Mo.


Lin Mos combat strength was extraordinary, despite his cultivation realm lagging behind.

Despite all his disadvantages, he still manage to eke out a draw in his battle against Yuan Cang.

This was not something that could be done easily.

Even the top ten individuals in the Yanhuang Board of Fame would be hard-pressed to survive against Yuan Cang with all the disadvantages that Lin Mo was under.


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