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“Its Elder Mo!”

The crowd marveled at the sight.

No one in the ancient city would dare to act so ostentatiously besides members of the royal family.

Elder Mos appearance had cut short Lin Mos opening speech as he had directly urged Lin Mo to begin the auction.

“Since Elder Mo is here, let the auction begin!”

On the stage, Lin Mos lips curled into a grin as he took out the first item to be auctioned and drew everyones attention.

Below the stage, Elder Mo was stunned as he looked at the item in Lin Mos hand with great interest.

“This is actually a medicinal formula!” Elder Mo exclaimed in surprise.

The value of a medicinal formula was very high, even surpassing that of a spirit pill.

If it was given as a gift to some extremely adept alchemists, they would definitely repay the deed in kind.

However, the people present were not interested.

This was because the probability of becoming an alchemist was extremely low, as there were strict compatibility requirements with ones attributes.


At the same time, one also needed to be both strong and rich in soul power.

Just this point alone was enough to make countless people give up on the profession.

“Its a pity, for I am no alchemist.”

Elder Mo sighed.

Although he was interested in the formula, he reined his desires in for the sake of his mission.

“Everyone, this is a high-grade tier 9 pill formula, the Nine Transformation Dragon Pill,” Lin Mo said while holding the pill formula in his hand.

“What, the Nine Transformation Dragon Pill” The crowds eyes widened as they stared at Lin Mo attentively.

“The Nine Transformation Dragon Pill.

This is a heaven-defying spirit pill that can allow one in the Dragon Transformation Realm to break through nine tiers all at once.”

Naturally, there were limitations to its usage.

The highest tier it could reach was the 25th tier of the Dragon Transformation Realm.

Tier 30 and 31 were the choke points for the Dragon Transformation Realm, and they were hard to break out of.

This was due to the fact that both realms relied purely on ones cultivation efforts, and no external items could affect the rate of cultivation at these stages.

That is, of course, only if the external items were of ordinary quality.

If one possessed a spirit grade, or even earth-grade spirit pill, then it would be a different matter altogether.

“Is it really the formula for refining a Nine Transformation Dragon Pill If Its true, Ill buy it, even if I have to go bankrupt to do so…” An old man spoke up in an excited tone.

“Indeed, what a rarity of a first item this is.

Even if all other items are duds, this item alone has already made this auction worthwhile.” Another person exclaimed.

At the same time, everyone turned their gazes to elder Mo.

Everyone present were individuals of a certain level of status and strength, as such, they knew very well of the status and influence that Elder Mo wielded.

Elder Mos interest was equivalent to the imperial familys interest, so to say.

No one would dare to cross the imperial family unless they had a death wish, or if they were doing it as an act of rebellion.

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However, after taking a look at Elder Mos face, the crowd became elated.

After all, Elder Mo seemed to be disinterested in the pill formula.

The old man who was initially tempted by the item laughed out loud on the spot, telling Lin Mo to stop wasting time and quickly announce the price of the item.

“Hehe, since it looks like most of you are aware of what this pill does, Ill cut the introduction short then.

In any case, the starting price for this formula is 10 thousand mid-grade spiritual stones.”

“Since bidding in terms of low-grade spiritual stones would result in very large numbers, well use mid-grade spiritual stones instead, since its more convenient to calculate.” Lin Mo explained himself.

The price of 10 thousand mid-grade spiritual stones was equivalent to 100 million low-grade spiritual stones.

It was a costly expenditure.

“This a fair price of an item of this value.

Ill bid 10,500 mid-grade spiritual stones!”

“11,000 mid-grade spiritual stones.”

Even though many had found the item too expensive, there was a minority who realized the true value of the item and fiercely bid for it.

However, most of those who bid for the item were from Holy Lands or major clans, and those who were rogue cultivators were few and far between.

After all, the item in question was a pill formula, not a spirit pill.

“May I ask if its okay to trade items instead if were lacking in spiritual stones” At this moment, an old man stood up.

His powerful strength shocked Lin Mo.

Lin Mo had not detected the persons presence via his soul power.

Had he not seen him with his naked eyes, he would not even have realized that there was someone there.

“Sure, but it depends on what item youre intending to trade.” Lin Mo nodded.

Naturally, he supported bartering as well.

“I have a pill formula of the same level as the item youre auctioning away.

It is used on puppets and can increase their strength.”

The old man said and briefly introduced the effects of his spirit pill.

At the same time, he added, “If you are willing to trade your formula for mine, Im willing to take a loss and add in another completed spirit pill as well.”

The man spoke his offer with great confidence.

He had been digging into Lin Mo for a while, and from what he had learned, Lin Mo possessed a puppet with formidable combat prowess.

He was certain that Lin Mo would be tempted by his spirit pill formula.

“Oh, are you serious” Lin Mo was taken aback.

He did not expect to obtain such an item to be offered up.

A spirit pill that could increase the strength of a puppet was undoubtedly a beneficial item for him.

“If thats the case, Ill regard your bid as 17 thousand mid-grade spiritual stones.

Is there anyone else who can top this price”

Lin Mo pondered for a moment before setting a price for the old mans treasure.

The crowd fell into silence.

The bid had increased by 6 thousand in a single go.

The increase was too much for anyone to handle.

“Since theres no one else who is willing to bid, this first item will go to this man right here then.” Lin Mo smiled and tossed the pill formula over to the old man.

The old man took it and scanned it with his soul energy.

Nodding in satisfaction, he then brought out a jade bottle and a scroll and tossed it over to Lin Mo.

[ Congratulations, host, for successfully auctioning the high-grade tier 9 Dragon Transformation Pill Formula.


[ You have successfully triggered a 10,000 fold rebate.


[ Congratulations, host, for obtaining a spirit-grade tier 3 Life and Death Nirvana Pill Formula.


“Holy sh*t! A 10 thousand fold rebate right at the start”

Lin Mo was shocked.

A tier 3 spirit-grade item.

This was undoubtedly a good start to the auction.

The rebate system was truly an awesome existence.

Lin Mo looked at the effects of the Life and Death Nirvana Pill, and the joy on his face could no longer be concealed.

The Life and Death Nirvana Pill could increase the success rate of breaking through to the Nirvana Realm by 50% .

Moreover, even if he failed to break through, using the pill would result in no side effects afflicting him.

At the same time, he would also retain much of his accumulated soul energy.

Due to the accumulated energy, the success rate of the next breakthrough would shoot up to a staggering 80%.

With the Life and Death Nirvana Pill in his possession, so long as he did not mess around, he was practically guaranteed to break through into the Nirvana Realm.

The auction continued.

Lin Mo quickly shook off his excitement and brought out yet another auction item.

“This Darksteel Flame Ruler right here was entrusted to me by a friend.

It was obtained from the Ancient Flame Ruins.”

“Its grade is low-grade tier 9.

Moreover, its incomplete, but its still possible to repair it.”

“Plus, even though its only a low-grade tier 9 item, from my experiments with it, its power is comparable to a mid-grade tier 9 item, and its toughness rivals that of a high-grade.”

A fiery-red ruler appeared in Lin Mos hands.

However, it was only a short section, as someone had used a sharp weapon to slice the front of it off, causing it to be damaged piece.

Otherwise, the Darksteel Flame Ruler at its peak would definitely be a high-grade 9th rank weapon.

“Oh, this ruler is rather popular.”

Elder Mo, who had been resting with his eyes closed, suddenly opened his eyes and looked at the ruler.

“Haha, you have a keen eye, Elder Mo.

Indeed, there is more to this Darksteel Flame Ruler than meets the eye.

Before it was damaged, it was a high-grade tier 9 weapon.

Plus, its still rather rough on the edges right now, but with enough refinement, its potential can be unleashed even further.”

As soon as these words were said, the entire crowd was shocked.

“I want it.”

Elder Mo smiled.

This was the first time he had made a move, and it had caused the entire crowd to go silent at his declaration.

This further indicated how much of a treasure the item was.

However, since Elder Mo had already shown interest in the item, naturally, no one dared to participate in the bidding.

“The starting bid for this Darksteel Flame Ruler is 4 thousand mid-grade spiritual stones.” Lin Mo announced.

“Then Ill bid 8 thousand mid-grade spiritual stones.”


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