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8,000 mid-grade spiritual stones was right around the price of the non-damaged version of the Darksteel Flame Ruler.

As such, by making this trade, Lin Mo had effectively covered the cost of the original item, and it was also a great deal for him, since it was now broken.

[ Congratulations, host, for successfully auctioning a low-grade tier 9 Darksteel Flame Ruler ]

[ You have successfully triggered a 3000-fold rebate ]

[ Congratulations, host, for obtaining a high-grade tier 9 Prototype Darksteel Flame Ruler ]

There was a high chance of obtaining the complete form of an item from auctioning its incomplete form.

As a result, Lin Mo now had the means to produce a complete Darksteel Flame Ruler using the prototype he had just obtained.

However, since Lin Mo had yet to learn any forging techniques, by the time he could forge his own weapons, he would likely have already acquired a spirit-grade one.

Hence, the only use of the Prototype Blacksteel Flame Ruler in his possession was merely to serve as a supply of spiritual energy.

The auction proceeded smoothly, and Lin Mos wares were flying off the shelves.

The item that had hyped up the crowd the most was a martial art manual, a spear manual.


“A top-grade tier 9 spear technique, All-out Strike.

I purchased this manual from the Purple Moon Holy Land at a high cost.

Since my friend has already read through it, I no longer have a use for it and wish to auction it off.”

Lin Mos introduction aroused everyones interest.

Almost subconsciously, everyone turned their gazes towards Elder Mo.

Upon confirming that Elder Mo was uninterested in the item, the crowd leaped with excitement and hurriedly ushered Lin Mo to give the starting bid.

“The bids for the top-grade tier 9 spear technique, All-out Strike will start at 12,000 mid-grade spiritual stones.”

“Lin Mo, I have a top-grade tier 9 sword technique on me.

Are you willing to trade that manual with me if I top up another 5,000 mid-grade spiritual stones”

“Hmph, Ill offer a bottle of Yin-yang Divine Spring Water.”

“I also have a high-grade tier 9 martial arts manual.

My young friend, lets trade.”

The moment Lin Mo announced the starting price, a continuous stream of bids rang out from below, each one higher than the previous one.

After thinking through all his options, Lin Mo felt that the bottle of Yin-yang Divine Spring Water would prove the most useful for him.

If he were to immerse himself in the spring water whilst cultivating, there was a high chance that he could comprehend the Dao principles related to the eight-trigrams of Taiji.

It was an extremely precious resource, and thus, Lin Mo had no intentions of auctioning of.

He would use the spring water for his own cultivation purposes.

“Ill take up the bidder who offered the Yin-yang Divine Spring Water.

Let us trade, then.” Lin Mo smiled and tossed his spear technique to the gentleman who had made the offer.

[ Congratulations, host, for successfully auctioning a top-grade tier 9 spear technique, All-out Strike ]

[ 2,000 times auction rebate triggered ]

[ Congratulations, host, for obtaining a spirit-grade tier 1 spear technique, Blazing Divine Spear ]

Although a 2,000 times rebate was a rather small figure, Lin Mo was gladdened by the fact that he had received a spirit-grade technique manual.

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After all, with that manual, the matter of Bai Luos reward would be settled.

“Moving on.”

Lin Mo smiled as he took out a scroll and said, “This manual contains the instructions to learn the top-grade tier 9 sword technique, Gentle Water Arts.”

“Once again, this is an item that I purchased at a high cost from the Purple Moon Holy Land.”

“This is a treasure that no sword cultivator should miss.

It is an amazing item, and Im sure the astute among you could see that it is an item of great value.”

Sword techniques manuals were slightly more valuable than their spear variants due to the difficulty of cultivating sword techniques.

As such, the fact that a top-grade tier 9 sword technique had even existed meant that one should obtain it at all costs.

It was a precious treasure that appeared only once in a blue moon, after all.

Mastering such a technique would last one for a lifetime.

Thus, the moment Lin Mo announced the starting bid at 12,000 mid-grade spiritual stones, all hell broke loose below the stage.

In the end, under Lin Mos watchful eye, an old woman bid 25,000 mid-grade spiritual stones for it.

Everyone sighed.

The price was too high.

They had no means to compete against such a price.

Lin Mo happily completed the transaction with the old woman.

[ Congratulations, host, for successfully auctioning the top-grade tier 9 sword technique, Gentle Water Arts ]

[ You have successfully triggered an 8,000 times rebate ]

[ Congratulations, host, for obtaining the spirit-grade tier 3 sword technique, Golden Scale Arts ]

The 8,000 times rebate from the system had given Lin Mo a spirit-grade tier 3 sword technique.

“Thats great! Now all I need is a weapon…”

Lin Mo was extremely excited.

He had two tier 9 longswords in his inventory.

Should fortune smile upon him, there was a good chance that he would obtain a spirit-grade longsword from the rebate system.

Upon this thought, Lin Mo figured that he might as well try his luck by auctioning a longsword next.

A bidding war was reignited once more, and the attendees were especially eager this time round, including the old woman who had obtained the sword technique earlier.

In the end, the old lady once again made a bold bid to purchase the long sword with 12,000 mid-grade spiritual stones andtwo stalks of high-grade tier 9 spirit herbs.

Unfortunately, the item that Lin Mo had received from the rebate system was rather lackluster as he had only managed to trigger a 500 times rebate.

All he received from auctioning off the high-grade tier 9 sword was another high-grade tier 9 sword.

“Sigh, my luck has failed me this time…” Lin Mo muttered to himself.

“Alright everyone, Im sure that most of you have gotten tired of the constant tier 9 items.

Lets shake things up a bit by auctioning a spirit-grade item next”

Lin Mo said with a smile as he took out a scarlet gourd.

“Scarlet Fire Gourd, a spirit-grade tier 1 weapon.

The starting bid is at 30,000 mid-grade spiritual stones.”

Everyone was shocked by what they were seeing.

This was a true treasure, one that could scarcely be found within the Ancient Flame Ruins.

However, after getting over their initial excitement, a wave of anguish then washed over the crowd.

Since Elder Mo had barely shown any interests in the tier-9 treasures, the crowd immediately understood that he was eyeing the spirit-grade items instead.

In that case, they would rather not cause any trouble to themselves by bidding against Elder Mo.

Recklessly bidding would only draw Elder Mos ire.

He was not an individual to make an enemy of.

“Im sure theres no need to explain what this is.

In that case, let the bidding begin!”

Unlike the competitive atmosphere that emanated from the crowd when tier 9 items were up for bids, there was only silence this time around.

Elder Mo stood up and nodded in satisfaction, saying, “Since its a spirit-grade treasure, then Ill bid 50,000 mid-grade spiritual stones.”

Raising the bid by 20,000 was already a generous move on Elder Mos part.

Lin Mo nodded his head.

Elder Mo did not make things difficult for him.

It seemed that he was trying not to antagonize anyone.

“Alright, Congratulations to Elder Mo for making a successful bid for this spirit-grade treasure.”

After handing over the Scarlet Fire Gourd, Lin Mo avidly waited for the rebate system to kick in.

[ Congratulations to the host for successfully auctioning the spirit-grade tier 1 weapon, Scarlet Fire Gourd ]

[ You have successfully triggered a 4,000 times rebate.


[ Congratulations, host, for obtaining the spirit-grade tier 3 Divine Flame Gourd.


Although a 4,000 times rebate was really good, Lin Mo was not particularly keen on using gourd weapons.

After some thought, he decided that he would hand it over to either Lin Die or Jiang Xiyue.

The following auctions had gone off without a hitch.

Lin Mo had sold off over a hundred tier 9 treasures, and among them, quite a number had resulted in spirit-grade treasures via the rebate system.

Naturally, Lin Mo had offered the spirit-grade treasures off to Elder Mo.

With a sale of over a hundred tier 9 treasures, Lin Mo had made a massive profit, and it left him grinning from ear to ear.

All else aside, he had already accumulated over a hundred even more precious treasures in his stockpile, and there were thirty-odd spirit-grade ones as well.

If he were to add on the items he had received from Bai Luo, Yan Rong, and Lin Dies peddling efforts, there was probably enough tier 8 and tier 9 items to form a small hill.

“The auctions almost coming to an end, and theres only one more item to go.

However, Im sure that this item wont disappoint…”

Indeed, Lin Mo was now on his final item, and it had arrived at the nick of time from the folks of the Purple Moon Holy Land.

Noticing how generous Elder Mo was, Elder Qin Yu decided to auction off her spirit-grade treasure.

“This is a spirit-grade tier one longsword…”


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