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Lin Mo had hoarded plenty of resources to himself.

Just the number of spirit-grade treasures alone had already numbered over a dozen.

There was simply too much.

“Some of these are supplied by the eighth prince, whereas some are from the Su family.” Lin Mo said with a smile as he casually made up an excuse.

However, his excuse was not too far-fetched.

After all, with the amount of spirit-grade treasures in his possession, most would immediately assume that it had come from the royal familys coffers.

“Hehe, since youre being so generous, I guess I wont hold back as well.”

Bai Luo smiled and brought out a few ancient recipes.

The recipes contained several explanations about the foundations of cultivation.

Lin Mo was shocked.

These recipes had explained the topic in great detail.

It was clear that whoever had written them was a man of vast knowledge.

“The foundation is very important, especially for those of us who are aiming to enter the Nirvana Realm.

If we dont lay a good foundation now, things will undoubtedly go awry in the future.” Bai Luo warned.

Seeing how generous Lin Mo was with his resources, Bai Luo returned the favor by showing the recipes to the group.

Although the Dragon Transformation Realm might seem like a realm that was focused on honing the spine, in reality, that was not the case.

In truth, it was a realm that required one to hone their entire body.

Every breakthrough that one makes in the Dragon Transformation Realm would be accompanied by an improvement in ones physical body,


If one could ensure that each level was a perfect breakthrough, ones combat prowess would soar exponentially between tiers.

Moreover, ones process in breaking through to the Nirvana Realm would also become much smoother if that was the case.

Basing their decision on the ancient recipes, Lin Mo and his group selected the necessary resources from their stockpile of supplies.

At the same time, Bai Luo had also taken out another 50 high-grade spiritual stones within their spirit array.

Doing so would replenish any lost spiritual energy within the air.

“Its best for you to reconstruct your previous cultivation realms, especially the ones that youvesoared past within a single cultivation session.” Bai Luo warned.

Lin Mo nodded in agreement.

Even though Lin Mo had achieved perfect breakthroughs for all his cultivation realms…

Due to the speed in which he blew past some of them, there was bound to have some flaws in those realms.

With the resources currently at his disposal, Lin Mo felt like it was the perfect opportunity to reconstruct and revisit some of his previous cultivation realms.

“My talent is limited, theres no need to splurge this much resources on me…” Yan Rong was speechless.

He had never imagined that he would see this many resources laid out before him.

As far as he can tell from his memories, even the Qinghuai Holy Land did not possess such a vast amount of resources.

“No need to shy away.

You need to seize this opportunity.” Lin Mo said.

There were more than enough resources to go around.

“Brother Yan Rong, no need to hold yourself back for our sake.

Theres definitely enough resources here.” Lin Die added, prompting Yan Rong to pick his selection of resources.

Lin Mo brought out a jade cauldron, poured in the divine spring water he had obtained earlier, and began selecting spirit herbs.

After making his choice, he then placed the spirit herbs into the cauldron one at a time.

As he did so, the spiritual energy that the cauldron emitted grew denser and denser.

“These ancient recipes of yours are simply amazing.

Id never imagine that we could refine these items without it…” Lin Mo exclaimed.

He was certain that the recipes were worth a huge sum of money.

“Why of course, theyre secrets that are passed down within my family,” Bai Luo responded smugly.

As if she had recalled something, Bai Luo locked gazes at Lin Mo and uttered each word with great emphasis, “Im warning you.

These recipes are only for your personal use.

Should I ever learn that youve attempted to sell them, youll have hell to pay.”

“Got it.”

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Lin Mo agreed gave up on the idea of making a profit from her recipes.

Since this was a token of her goodwill, he would respect her wishes.

Soon, four cauldrons were placed in four corners of the valley.

The four of them continuously picked out spirit herbs for the sake of their cultivation.

In the end, Bai Luo had even gritted her teeth and offered up two unicorn bones for Lin Die and Lin Mo to use.

The two of them were the most talented individuals Bai Luo had met in the Yanhuang Empire.

Since they were friends, she would like the reconstruction of their cultivation realms to go as smoothly as possible.

After thanking Bai Luo for her gift, Lin Mo then headed to his medicinal cauldron.

At this moment, he had already added a large amount of spirit herbs and spirit insects into it.

The liquid within it was beginning to thicken, and the spiritual energy it emitted was so intense that it started to glow.

After throwing the unicorn bones into it, Lin Mo closed the medicinal cauldron and used the special hand seals listed in the ancient recipe to start refining pills.

Even though the official term for it was alchemy, to Lin Mo, it felt no different than randomly tossing resources with high spiritual energy to make a broth.

The spirit pills that were refined through his means would only achieve one effect, which was to contain as much dense and pure heaven and earth spiritual energy as possible.

Half an hour later, intense fluctuations were observed from the cauldron.

Seeing this, Lin Mo hurriedly conjured a seal and unleashed a flame.

At the same time, he lowered his blood onto the cauldron.

At this moment, the cauldron shook violently, and it gave off the faint impression that it was about to explode.

Fortunately, the ancient recipes that Lin Mo had received were very comprehensive.

It had explained the peculiarities to take note off, and thus, Lin Mo was not worried.

Based on the recipes instructions, he was to leave the cauldron alone for a day.

By then, it would no longer shake.

As such, he left the cauldron alone for a day, and by the time he returned, he could smell an extremely rich fragrance coming out of the cauldron.

Upon lifting the cauldrons lid off, a brilliant nine-colored light was emitted, surprising Lin Mo.

Inspecting the cauldrons contents had sown a nine-colored spirit pill the size of a grape lying quietly in the medicinal cauldron.

The multicolored light and fragrance that filled the sky were caused by the spirit pill.

“Thats amazing!”

Lin Mo smiled and grabbed the spirit pill.

Without any hesitation, he swallowed it.

In the blink of an eye, multicolored light spread out from Lin Mos dantian and his spiritual energy surged.

At this moment, even his breathing was infused with multicolored light.

It could be seen just how dense the spiritual energy within his body had become.

Seeing this, Lin Mo silently activated his Soul Devouring Art to collapse his cultivation realms.

He would start from zero once more, relying on his enhanced physique from the God Devouring Body and the spiritual energy from the spirit pill to build up his realms again.

His aura gradually grew stronger.

Before long, he had already reached tier 2 again.

However, with each advancement in his cultivation realm, he made sure to pause his cultivation progress, so that he could fully take in the realms effects.

Moreover, each breakthrough was also a form of endurance training for him.

Each advancement was accompanied by an extreme pain assaulted him, and it had caused Lin Mo to almost withdraw from his cultivation state each time.

Fortunately, he was able to hold on every time.

Through sheer willpower and grit, he was able to endure through the violent spiritual energies washing through his meridians.

His dantian and meridians underwent a metamorphosis time and time again.

At the same time, every time he broke through to the next level, his soul power would also be greatly enhanced.

It was only through this experience that Lin Mo realized just how much he had missed out in his previous cultivation attempts.

Now that he was cultivating from zero, his soul power was becoming stronger and stronger, and it had far surpassed whatever he had in the past.

Lin Mo closed his eyes.

He did not know how much time had passed, but he was still cultivating his own realm at an unhurried pace.

Despite his unhurried pace, Lin Mo progressed rapidly.

Before long, Lin Mo had already reached tier 17 of the Dragon Transformation Realm, and not long after, he had officially stepped into tier 18 of the Dragon Transformation Realm.

The spirit concentration realm had used up ten days of Lin Mos time, and it had greatly benefited his soul.

On the other hand, the half a month he had spent cultivating the Dragon Transformation Realm had resulted in a transformation of his body, making it incomparably sparkling, divine even.

However, this also made him sigh.

The strength that he had acquired from his God Devouring Body had already allowed him to surpass most people in the first place.

Although his body had become stronger as a result of his cultivation, he had also reached his current limit.

There was no way for him to improve anymore.


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