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“Im too greedy.

Theres always a limit to how much the Dragon Transformation Realm can improve ones physical body.

Had I actually improved by leaps and bounds just from cultivating from scratch, Im sure everyone would have done the same as well.”

Lin Mo smiled and accepted the results.

Were it actually possible to recultivate constantly, then those who possessed the most resources would likely reign over the world.

However, recultivating was a once-in-a-lifetime event.

Recultivating was a phenomena akin to the metamorphosis of caterpillars.

It was a one-time-thing that had the opportunity to change ones lives forever.


A light bulb flickered above Lin Mos head.

Was this not the same for Lin Die How could she transform nine times then

Lin die could undergo metamorphosis for a total of nine times.

Although each attempt was a life and death battle, the fact still remained that she had nine opportunities to break out of her cocoon to become a butterfly.

This was equivalent to breaking through into the Nirvana Realm nine times.

As expected of a prized beast that was raised by the heavens, her upper limit of growth was terrifying.

However, the price she had to pay was also very heavy.

Just like the life or death ordeal that Lin Mo was facing, no one could help her whenever she entered such a state…


Lin Mos thoughts wandered astray, and many more things crossed his mind.

Lin Die was able to break through the cocoon to become a butterfly because of her innate divine ability.

However, who was to say that he could not do so as well

When he first started cultivating, his battle prowess was stronger than most people of his realm.

However, it was also due to his strong cultivation base that had resulted in the God Devouring Body crippling his cultivation base in the first place.

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Due to what he had once lost, he was able to begin stronger anew.

By the time he had started cultivating again, his battle prowess had skyrocketed beyond his peers.

Lin Mo was extremely excited, and a bright light flashed in his eyes.

This was also another path for him to become an ultimate expert.

Unfortunately, this was a hard path to tread.

Without the innate ability of the Colorful Fire Demons, it was extremely difficult, deadly even to reconstruct ones cultivation base.

Back when the God Devouring Body had consumed his cultivation base and vitality, it had put his life in danger.

He had also fallen into the pits of despair because of it.

All the resources and effort that had been poured into him over the years had gone down the drain, and at the end of it all, he needed to rely on a heavenly recovery pill to recover.

Cutting off his cultivation and starting from zero was way too much of a risk for him to do it repeatedly.

Even though it would allow him to improve himself in all aspects.

“Maybe not now, but I guess its worth venturing into in the future.

This is a new path for cultivation, after all…” Lin Mo muttered to himself, looking forward to the future.


On that thought, Lin Mo continued to refine the spiritual energy in his body, raised his cultivation realm, and comprehended the Dao principles.

He thoroughly studied the Golden Scale Sword Technique and memorized all of its contents.

He had even integrated some of the desirable runes for the technique into his Soul Devouring Art, making his sword technique even more powerful than it should have been.

Once the integration was completed, Lin Mo could only sense that the energy of the God Devouring Body within him was moving strangely.

The energy of the spirit pill he refined was being absorbed by the black hole in his dantian.

As it happened, numerous runes began to appear in his Dantian.

They were the runes for stellar Sword Qi, the Dao principles for fire, as well as the new Gold Scale sword technique.

Despite being his dantian, there was not a trace of spiritual energy to be found.

This was the most mysterious part of the God Devouring Body.

After studying the God Devouring Body, Lin Mo was certain that the God Devouring Body had stored the spiritual energy it absorbed somewhere within himself.

The energy stored would eventually be returned to Lin Mo, and it would be integrated with him.

However, doing so required Lin Mo to reach even higher cultivation realms first.


Changes appeared within Lin Mos body once again.

Be it the Golden Scale Technique, the Daoist principles of flames, or even the Stellar Sword Qi, they were all obliterated and returned to the form of primordial runes.

The runes circulated within Lin Mos body, emitting a mysterious light as they did so.

In the end, Lin Mos body began to glow, and wisps of Dao sounds spread out into the distance.

“Ive also made great progress with the Soul Devouring Art.

Sooner or later, this cultivation technique that belongs solely to me will make its mark across the world…”

Lin Mo evolved over and over again, continuously comprehending the God Devouring Body and deducing even more runes.

Although Lin Mo was currently unable to use these runes, they were engraved within his dantian.

As a result of the new runes, the domain that could be deployed by his God Devouring Body had covered an even wider area, and its defensive capabilities had also received a massive boost.

Another half a month passed.

Yan Rong, Lin Die, and Bai Luo came out of their secluded cultivation one after another, and each of their cultivation realms had improved greatly.

Bai Luo had made great progress.

Due to the great importance she had placed in developing cultivation foundations, every step of her cultivation journey had been extremely careful.

As a result of this, she was able to easily reach tier 20 of the Dragon Transformation Realm, achieving the Perfect Realm for it.

If it were not for the fact that she proceeded with each of her cultivation realms cautiously, she would likely have made it to tier 21 instead.

Yan Rongs cultivation was also now at tier 20 of the Dragon Transformation Realm.His aura had become more solid and noticeable because of it.

However, when compared to Bai Luos, all he felt was a sense of defeat.

The aura that Bai Luo emanated was simply terrifying.

Lin Die had also made great progress.

She had broken through her cocoon and become a butterfly for the second time.

It was a perfect breakthrough.

However, due to the amount of spiritual energy she consumed to break out of the cocoon, she had only managed to reach the perfect tier 11 Dragon Transformation Realm.

Among the four of them, she had consumed the most spiritual energy.

No one had expected her cultivation realm to only increase by a single tier.

However, judging from the aura she emanated, no ordinary tier 18 cultivator would be a match for her.

Even though the trio had already exited seclusion, Lin Mo was still cultivating fervently.

Moreover, they could feel the spiritual energy within the valley being drawn towards him.

Left with no other choice, the trio could only hang around and wait out Lin Mos cultivation.

During this time, they hunted wild animals for food and quenched their thirst with Hundred Flowers Wine.

Life was pleasant.

Finally, under Lin Mos whale-like consumption, the spiritual energy within the valley had been completely depleted.

Lin Mo also ended his cultivation around the same time.

He had learned much of the God Devouring Body, and as such, he did not particularly mind his progress with his cultivation realm.

“Youve finally come out of seclusion…”

Lin Mo opened his eyes.

Bai Luo was sitting cross-legged on a rock in front of him and rolling her eyes at him.

She was protecting Lin Mo.

“Haha, Im sorry.

I took too long to comprehend the dao principles.” Lin Mo scratched his head.

He had truly gained a lot from this cultivation session.

Soon after, Yan Rong and Lin Die arrived.

Yan Rong was holding a small grayish-black bird in his hand.

Upon spotting Lin Mo, the bird immediately flew over and stood on its shoulder.

This was the spirit bird that Qianqian used to send messages.

Thought it did not possess much combat power, it made up for it with its speed and ability to cross time and space.

Due to Lin Mos long period of absence, many within the ruins had already forgotten all about him.

On the other hand, Yuan Cang, Ling Feng, and the others gradually rose up and obtained many resources.

Their strength had improved quite a bit.

The spirit bird informed Lin Mo of the news.

During the period of his secluded cultivation, many treasures appeared.

During this period, Elder Mo held an auction of his own and received many treasures.

However, fights were also breaking out more often, and the battles were becoming bloodier.

There was even news of a tier 31 Dragon Transformation Realm powerhouse dying, and it had caused quite a stir.

Despite all this, no one had managed to locate the Ancient Flame Sects heirloom.

“Where are we going next” Bai Luo asked.

“This place holds many secrets, plus the heirloom has yet to appear.

SInce weve already obtained enough treasures, why dont we take a break” Lin Mo suggested.

Although he really wanted to head out and eliminate Yuan Cang…

Yuan Cang had always been surrounded by various disciples and elders of the Primordial Sun Holy Land.

As such, it was difficult to score a one-on-one fight against him.

Moreover, cultivation required a combination of both work and rest.

Now that his strength had increased greatly, he needed to take things slowly for a while.

“Now that you mention it, Im a little hungry…”

Bai Luo licked her lips.

“Then lets wander around the area and hunt some game.

I bet we can make a delicious meal with some spirit herbs.”

Lin Mo suggested cheerfully and they all set out to look for ingredients…


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