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A soft noise rang out in the air as the assassins tier 9 dagger had its top half sliced off.

Despite intercepting Lin Mos blade with his dagger, however, Lin Mos Sword Qi still barreled forward at the same intensity, cutting into the assassins chest.

“How could it be…”

The assassin stared at Lin Mo, his eyes filled with shock.

“Werent you guys plotting to kill me Well, here I am at your doorstep.

Come at me then,” Lin Mo taunted.

He expanded his God Devouring Bodys domain even further, restricting the assassins movements.

In addition, Lin Mo had also let his spiritual energy surge, so that he could end the battle as quickly as possible.

During his first fight with Yuan Cang, Lin Mos domain was already strong enough to block Yuan Cangs spirit-grade weapons attacks.

And now, Lin Mo was even more powerful.

He had already surrounded the assassin within his domain, and there was practically no chance for the assassin to escape his hold.


Absolute Snow Longsword was extremely sharp.

In a single slash, Lin Mo had already killed the assassin.

The assassin could not accept the outcome, but it was too late.

All he could do was lament his inadequacy as he collapsed into a pool of his blood.


At the same time, Bai Luo had also taken care of the other assassin.

With their opponents handled, Bai Luo and Lin Mo then went ahead to support Lin Die and Yan Rong.

Ling Feng was a genius who had made it into the Yanhuang Board of Fame.

On the other hand, Lin DIes cultivation realm was low, and Yan Rongs talents were lackluster.

Even though they were both working together, it was all they could do to barely rein in Ling Feng and prevent him from escaping.

Lin Mo and Bai Luo flew over.

Under their combined assault, it had only taken them three moves to take down Ling Feng.

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A face filled with hatred could be seen as he collapsed onto the ground.

“Im sensing an ill omen…”

Lin Die voiced her thoughts aloud.

An inexplicable sense of fear had crept onto her, and she wanted nothing more than to leave the area as soon as possible.

“Its time to leave.

The Primordial Sun Holy Land has probably caught wind of us.”

Bai Luos expression turned grim.

She trusted Lin dies intuition with all her heart.

She brought out a talisman and poured her spiritual energy into it.

A resplendent white light instantly spread out, enveloping everyone in the party.

In the next moment, a ripple in space formed, and a powerful aura spread out.

A huge golden palm appeared in the sky and slammed down brutally.

“Tier 31 Dragon Transformation Realm!” Lin Mo was shocked upon spotting the assailant.

He did not expect defeating those three individuals would draw the attention of such a powerful entity.

Unfortunately for the old man, however, he was too late.

Bai Luos talisman had already taken effect, and before the palm could even reach them, Lin Mo and his party had already disappeared.

Around 15 minutes later, Lin Mo and his party on top of a huge mountain peak.

Upon leaving their pocket dimension, the space talisman in Bai Luos hand also lit up and disappeared.

“Thats the fourth elder of the Primordial Sun Holy Land, who is also Yuan Hongs master.

He is at tier 30 of the Dragon Transformation Realm.”

Yan Rong came back to his senses and informed everyone.

As the eldest disciple of the Qinghuai Holy Land, this was common knowledge to him.

“We almost died there.

I had to spend a space talisman just to keep our lives.”

Bai Luos face was full of heartache.

Most of the talismans that were related to space manipulation were usually tier 9 talismans.

However, the fact that it had allowed them to traverse through space for a full fifteen minutes had meant that it was of a higher rank, likely a spirit-grade talisman.

Nevertheless, it was a necessary expense.

Had they been caught by the elder, they would undoubtedly have perished.

“Damn the Primordial Sun Holy Land.

We must make them pay for this.”

Bai Luo said with a heartache.

The Spirit Grade Talisman was her get-out-of-jail card for whatever insurmountable troubles she faced while traveling the continent.

Now that it was gone, her family would definitely not feel at ease having her travel around alone.

“Lets move.


It would only take 5 minutes or so for the elder from the Primordial Sun Holy Land to catch up to us,” Bai Luo reminded.

A powerhouse at the 30th tier of the Dragon Transformation Realm was not to be taken lightly.They could travel great distances in a single step.

All they had managed to achieve was to buy themselves some time.

Should the elder catch up to them again, Bai Luo would be forced to use another trump card.

“5 minutes huh Lets bring out the spirit formation that we used while we were cultivating in the valley.

Were going to set up a trap.” Lin Mo said.

Being forced to use a spirit-grade talisman had displeased him greatly.

What made him even more displeased was that the elder was still going after them.

Since that was the case, he would make sure to leave some surprises for her.

“It wont be easy to do damage to a tier 31 Dragon Transformation Realm expert.

Unless… Did you upgrade your Origin Spirit Puppet again”

Bai Luo asked curiously.

“No, well be using this.

This is one of my trump cards, a tier 9 attack talisman.”

Lin Mo smiled and brought out a talisman.

It emitted a cold light as a dangerous aura permeated into the air.

“Where did you get it from”

Bai Luo was shocked.

The item was incredible.

Level 9 attack talismans were practically forbidden items in the Yanhuang Empire.

The only ones who would use them were those who were unafraid of the royal family, such as the Secret Ghost Sect.

Even so, they dared not sell it for fear of incurring the royal familys wrath.

As such, the fact that Lin Mo had owned one was simply unbelievable.

“Ill Explain later.

Well focus on setting up the formation for now,” Lin Mo urged.

Bai Luo took out the formation disk and dug out a cave abode beneath the mountain peak.

Once she was done, she then used the formation disk to seal the caves entrance.

“Alright, what next” After setting up, Bai Luo asked.

“Ill have the Origin Spirit Puppet take the talisman and the Absolute Snow Sword, and hide it within the formation.

Ill have it ambush the elder once he breaks the formations seal.”

Lin Mos plan was well thought out.

The most a tier 9 offensive talisman could do damage to were those who were in tier 30 of the Dragon Transformation Realm.

So long as the elder did not take any defensive measures, he was bound to be heavily injured by the talisman.

Should that happen, Lin Mo will order his puppet to go in for the kill.

“What a devious plan.

I like it.” Bai Luo chuckled and left the area together with Lin Mo.

Once the Origin Spirit Puppet had been properly hidden, the two of them then enveloped the party with their auras and perfectly concealed their presence.

Moreover, as an extra measure, Lin Mo had even activated his God Devouring Bodys domain.

Doing so would make even Nirvana Realm experts hard-pressed to locate them.

“Hes here.

Hes so fast.”

After hiding for less than a minute, a powerful aura soon enveloped the area.

Several mountains collapsed due to the sheer pressure of the aura.

Levitating in mid-air was an elder who had eyes blazing like torches as he scanned around the area.

“The fluctuation of space stops here.

Their aura has disappeared.

I cant detect them.”

The elder muttered to herself, but he soon found himself puzzled.

He could feel a disturbance in the spiritual energy of the area.

It felt unlike any other place he had been to before.

He was filled with doubts.

He searched around the area and unleashed his powerful soul energy, checking to see if there were any anomalies.

“Eh This seems to be the source of the spiritual energy fluctuation.” The elders heart stirred at the unusual phenomenon.

He arrived at the mountain peak Lin Mo and the party were at earlier and looked down.

Lin Mo smiled at the sight.

He was looking forward to it.

The moment the elder activated the trap, he would give him the last surprise hell ever experience.

“Hurry up and go.

Its at the bottom of the mountain.

Dont be afraid.” Bai Luo muttered in a low voice, looking forward to what was to come.

Suddenly, the old man lifted the mountain, shattering it and revealing the hidden formation below.

“Haha, I found it.”

The old man laughed pompously.

He did not suspect a single thing.

The journey he had taken to reach the area must have taken a huge toll on him.

This reason he had put in this much effort to chase after them was so that he could capture Lin Mo and the others in one fell swoop.

Soon after, he started to approach the formation.

With a powerful thrust of his palm, he smashed the formations seal.


The earth shook.

The power contained within the palm strike was extremely powerful, and it had cracked the very earth it made contact with.

In the next moment, a crack appeared on the formation and a figure rushed out from within.

The talisman in the figures palm flickered, and it emitted an intense radiance.


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