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Lin Mos appearance had attracted the attention of many.

Upon his appearance, a yellow-robed old man immediately rushed over and glared down at him.

“Hmph, how bold of you to appear here.

I didnt actually think that youd come.”

Two individuals tailed behind the old man, their auras intense and intimidating.

These three people spread out and surrounded Lin Mo and his party.

Each of them possessed the strength of a tier 27 Dragon Transformation Realm cultivator.

“Who are you” Lin Mo looked at the three of them, not understanding what was going on.

“Humph, Ghost Bug Master is a distinguished guest of our clan.

What do you have to say about killing him”

The three of them took a step forward and attacked Lin Mo, unleashing a dense sword rain at him.

They used their full strength right from the get go in order to kill Lin Mo immediately.

Upon confirming their intents, Lin Mo summoned his Origin Spirit Puppet to intercept their attacks.

The ground below then trembled and it sunk even deeper.

The Blood Qi circulating in the air became even denser.

The final heirloom was about to appear.

If Lin Mo were to hold back now, he would most likely miss his shot at obtaining the heirloom.


Thus, Bai Luo and Lin Mo attacked together.

Bai Luo locked onto her target and lunged forward with her bright silver spear.

The Absolute Snow Sword in Lin Mos hand shone brightly.

Lin Mo unleashed his full strength.

The yellow-robed elder was surrounded by Sword Qi the moment he approached.

In an instant, flames filled the sky, and behind those flames were a densely packed wave of Sword Qis.

The yellow-robed old man retreated, not daring to receive Lin Mos attack head-on.

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This was because Lin Mos flames had grown stronger since he last fought Yuan Cang.

Moreover, his strength had also risen by a whole new level.

The old mans expression was unsightly.

There were many burns on his robes, and his skin was charred black.

Although this made him angry, more than anything else, he was also shocked.

This was because he knew that Lin Mos talent was extraordinary, and he was respected among the younger generation.

Furthermore, he held a spirit-grade weapon in his hands, and his battle prowess was extremely strong.

The regular folks around Lin Mo retreated, worried that they would be caught in Lin Mos crosshairs.

“Hmph! Who do you think you are! You still think that youll live even after provoking this many people” The disciples of the Primordial Sun Holy Land were also making their move.

The elders took advantage of the chaos to surround Lin Mos group.

With the appearance of the heirloom just moments away, the royal family and the Su family would be too preoccupied to deal with the Primordial Sun Holy Land.

This was as good an opportunity as any to bring down Lin Mo for good.

“Hehe, who do I think I am Ive already killed your fourth elder, lest you forget.” Lin Mo did not hold back and revealed his feats.

“Hmph, I will avenge the fourth elder.” Yuan Cang walked over with a spear in hand as he glared at Lin Mo.

The fight that was about to ensue between two geniuses had drawn the attention of many, including some experts as well.

The two of them were undoubtedly the top prodigies within the ruins.

Their last battle had remained unsettled due to theinterference of outside forces.

As such, this battle was somewhat a continuation of their previous one.

“Is that so But before you avenge him, you should first collect his corpse.” Lin Mo stated with an expressionless face.

He raised his hand and threw out a blurry, round object.

Yuan Cang was caught off guard.

He did not understand Lin Mos words, and thus, he caught the object with his spiritual energy.

After wiping off the blood stains on it, the people of the Primordial Sun Holy Land were left at a loss for words.


“How could this be”


Including Yuan Cang, the disciples of the Primordial Sun Holy Land had flames of fury spewing out of their eyes.

What Lin Mo had thrown out was actually the head of the fourth elder.

He was a top-tier powerhouse at tier 30 of the Dragon Transformation Realm.

Moreover, he possessed a vast amount of life energy.

Had he obtained enough resources, he would likely have ascended to the Nirvana Realm in the future.

Unfortunately, he had suddenly disappeared after going after Lin Mo.

Initially, the Primordial Sun Holy Land had assumed that the fourth elder had activated a ruin trap somewhere or he was caught in a long drawn-out battle against a powerful demonic beast.

Contrary to their expectations, however, he had been killed by Lin Mo.

“Lin Mo, I swear by my name of Yuan Cang that I will definitely crush your bones and scatter your ashes today.” Yuan Cang roared furiously and pressed forward.

“Hehe, what a coincidence.

I also wish to kill you by the end of today as well.” Lin Mo nodded.

This was a prime opportunity to take down Yuan Cang for good.


A continuous buzzing sound was emanating from within the sunken ground.

As the ground sank deeper and deeper, the heirloom, a piece of land was gradually floating up.

Despite already spotting the land, no one made any reckless moves, and everyone was eyeing it with great anticipation.

“Lin Mo, prepare to die.”

Despite the appearance of the heirloom land, Yuan Cangs attention was fully placed on Lin Mo.

He gripped the long spear in his hand and charged forward.


A ball of fire formed.

Yuan Cangs strength had improved once again, and he was now at tier 19 of the Dragon Transformation Realm.

He was still 1 tier ahead of Lin Mo compared to his previous battle.


Lin Mo launched his fist forward, firing a gout of flame of his own.

Everyones eyes were filled with shock.

Lin Mo had improved tremendously as well.

Although his realm was still a step below Yuan Cang, the flame he had unleashed was at least on par with Yuan Cangs.

Booming sounds resounded and the earth trembled.

The battle had shocked everyone present in the area.

Countless people looked over, wanting to see what the battle between the two geniuses would look like.

At the same time, there were also people who were looking forward to see Lin Mos talents on full display.

After all, despite hailing from a family in a small city, he was actually going toe-to-toe against the Holy Son of a Holy Land.


Sword Qi and spear shadows buzzed as they continuously clashed.

This time, Lin Mos weapon was on par if not better than Yuan Cangs.

Moreover, his spiritual energy was abundant, and his God Devouring Body was circulating in full swing, unleashing a powerful domain that had suppressed all flow of spiritual energy within it.

Everyone felt a piercing pain in their eardrums.

The collision of the weapons was obscenely loud, and those who were sensitive to such loud noises had already left the area.

Lin Mo laughed heartily.

His long hair was disheveled, and there was a ring of black holes around his body, protecting him.

Yuan Cangs entire body was bathed in flames, and he was full of vigor.

He brandished his long spear, looking like an unrivalled king.

In just a mere instant, the two had exchanged more than ten blows with one another.

The collision of their weapons caused sparks to fly in all directions, and powerful runes were projected in the air.

Flames erupted, shaking the heavens and earth.

The people of the Yuan Yang Holy Land were shocked, feeling incredulous.

What kind of technique was Lin Mo using Were they the Daoist flame principles

The Daoist flame principles were a set of primordial principles that Yuan Cang had been born with the innate ability to comprehend.

They were capable of increasing ones combat prowess, and it was the crux of Yuan Cangs power, earning him a standing within the Yanhuang Board of Flame.

Furthermore, as Yuan Cangs strength increased, the cultivation technique that he was born with also became more and more profound, evolving together with him.

In spite of this, Lin Mo seemed to be able to use those flames effortlessly.

What kind of talent did Lin Mo possessed

Naturally, the disciples still believed that Yuan Cang would win.

This was because the Holy Lord of the Primordial Sun Holy Land had claimed that Yuan Cang would eventually reach the Nirvana Realm in the future, and would maybe even surpass the Nirvana Realm.

Moreover, from the disciples observations, every time Yuan Cang made a breakthrough, his power would surge immensely, and the Daoist flames within him would integrate the principles of Dao smoothly into his body.

Such an ability was a gift from the heavens, and it had enabled him to reach the peak of all his cultivation realms effortlessly.

“Truly formidable.

Lin Mos realm is still one tier lower, and yet, he has already gained the upper hand.”

Some passersby muttered, and their words had angered many disciples from the Primordial Sun Holy Land.

An elder of the Primordial Sun Holy Land opened his eyes.

His killing intent surged as he looked at Lin Mo.

He was ready to finish Lin Mo off at any time.

He could sense that there was more to Lin Mo that meets the eye.

Yuan Cang would likely lose the battle.

Moreover, this was also an opportunity.

As long as he could kill Lin Mo, then all will be well.

Even if the eighth prince were to go after them, all they needed to do was to seek the seventh princes help.

So long as Yuan Cang remained in top form, the seventh prince would not turn them away.

The surrounding crowd was shocked.

Lin Mos name would be famous throughout the world after this battle.

On the other hand, Yuan Cang was already well-renowned prior to this.

After all, he had already ranked within the Yanhuang Board of Fame.


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