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“Hey, Lin Mo, come over and help!”

Bai Luos had called out to Lin Mo before he even had the chance to lay eyes on the manual he had just obtained.

In the distance, Bai Luo was going against several elders of the Primordial Sun Holy Land.

Bai Luo seemed to be on the defensive because she had to protect Yan Rong and Lin Die.

“What a troublesome bunch.”

Lin Mo was furious.

He summoned his Origin Spirit Puppet and ordered it to kill the disciples of the Primordial Sun Holy Land.

“Junior, how dare you!”

The elders of the Primordial Sun Holy Land were furious over Lin Mos deed.

However, as they had their hands tied going against Bai Luo who had gone all out, they could do nothing to help the disciples.

With Lin Mo joining their ranks, the partys combat strength was bolstered immensely, and even Yan Rong and Lin Die could begin engaging the disciples of the Primordial Sun Holy Land.

With the Origin Spirit Puppet protecting them, Lin Mo felt safe leaving them to their own devices.

The three Primordial Sun Holy Land elders going against Bai Luo were all extremely powerful individuals.


“Lets finish this battle quickly.

Once were done here, well go and get rid of Yuan Cang for good.”

Lin Mo and Bai Luo launched a joint-attack against one of the elders.

He was a tier 25 Dragon Transformation Realm cultivator, and he was by no means weak.

A black hole spread out from Lin Mos dantian, consuming the spiritual energy in the area.

Upon unsheathing Absolute Snow Sword, Lin Mo immediately went all out.

Intense flames shot up into the sky, fueled by his immensely powerful Sword Qi.

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Flames erupted from Lin Mos body.

Using his God Devouring Body as a defensive measure and Absolute Snow Sword as a means of offense, Lin Mo went all out against the elder.

After launching his first blow, Lin Mo immediately unleashed his Golden Scale Sword Technique, creating a massive area of effect that the elder could not escape from.

A mere moment later, Lin Mo had already sliced off the elders head.

Lin Mo looted the elders belongings and found two spirit-grade elixirs contained within the elders Interspatial Ring.

Aside from the elixirs, there was also a bloodstained stone within the ring.

“Huh, whered you find such a beauty” Bai Luo asked while tossing a corpse over.

It had taken two elders to match Bai Luos combat prowess.

As such, the moment Lin Mo dragged away one of them, Bai Luo immediately found it much easier to go against her remaining opponents.

“You know what this is” Lin Mo asked.

Although he could store the item within his system space and obtain its full information, he did not mind asking Bai Luo if she knew.

“It is a stone stained with the blood of a Phoenix.

Its an extremely precious jewel that can be sold at astronomical prices.” Bai Luo sized up the stone and commented.

“Oh, what purpose can it serve” Lin Mo was overjoyed.

A stone stained with Phoenix blood was truly a rare treasure.

After all, true Phoenixes were supposed to be stuffs of legends.

He had never expected to encounter one within his entire lifetime, and yet, he had managed to obtain an item related to it.

“Its not from a true Phoenix.

Its likely a third or fourth generation descendant of a true Phoenix.

Though the blood is somewhat impure, its still an extremely precious resource.”

Bai Luo shook her head.

The stone was at least spirit-grade tier 3 in quality.

It was by no means bad.

“Thats good enough.” Lin Mo excitedly exclaimed as he placed the item into his system space.

At the same time, the system notified Lin Mo of the items true stats.

[ The Phoenix Blood Stone contains the blood of a true Phoenixs child.

However, part of it essence has been absorbed before.

Due to this, the item is only graded at spirit-grade tier 3.


Bai Luis observation was slightly off from the truth.

The item actually contained the blood of a first generation descendant, however, since its essence had been absorbed once before, the end result was more or less the same.

“So, what can this item be used for, pray tell” Lin Mo asked.

“It can be used to refine certain weapons.

I guess you can use it to upgrade your Absolute Snow Sword.” Bai Luo answered.

At the same time, she felt a little sad.

There was only one piece, otherwise, she would definitely ask for her share.

“If you want it, I can give it to you,” Lin Mo said with a smile.

However, the hidden meaning behind his words was very clear.

Seeing this, Bai Luo rolled her eyes at Lin Mo and said, “I know I know, youll only give it to me in the form of an auction, right”

“Hehe, you know me very well, Bai Luo!” Lin Mo grinned.

“Fine, fine.

But youd better hand it to me first, after all, from what I recall, you seem to owe me quite a number of high-grade spiritual stones.

You can deduct your payment from there.” Bai Luo chuckled as she grabbed the Phoenix Blood Stone from Lin Mos hands .com

“Haha, I have no problem with that.” Lin Mo chuckled.

However, deep down, Lin Mo was a little worried.

He did not know whether the system would consider it as a legitimate auction transaction.

[ Congratulations, host for successfully auctioning a spirit-grade tier 3 Phoenix Blood Stone ]

[ You have successfully triggered a 6,000 fold rebate ]

[ Congratulations, host, for obtaining a spirit-grade tier 6 Phoenix Blood Stone ]

Lin Mo had received another Phoenix Blood Stone from the rebate system, but it was 3 tiers higher than the one he had auctioned off.

Upon inspecting his system space, he realized that the tier 6 version was vastly different from the tier 3 one.

Without a doubt, the quality of a Phoenix Blood Stone was measured by the richness of the Phoenix blood contained within it.

The Phoenix blood that was contained within his stone was much more precious and richer than Bai Luos stone, and it had definitely warranted a tier 6 ranking.

“Speaking of which, why are you so obsessed with auctions” Bai Luo asked curiously.

Even if he was lacking in spiritual stones, he should not be lacking to such an extent.

“Would you believe me if its simply because Im a businessman whos training himself at all times” Lin Mo asked with a wry smile.

“That sounds very suspicious, but I cant fault your hobbies…” Bai Luo clearly did not believe him, but there was no reason to drill too deep into it.

“Forget it.

You can inform me once you feel like revealing your secret.” Bai Luo waved her hand.

She did not mind.

She had her own secrets as well, after all.

However, since they were friends, so long as the secret would not affect their relationship, she was fine leaving it as is.


With that, Lin Mo and Bai Luo separated once more.

This time, Lin Mo had the Origin Spirit Puppet follow Bai Luo while he acted alone.

After all, Bai Luo was at a higher cultivation realm than him, and her background was definitely more influential than his own.

As such, she was tasked with hunting down the final elder, while Lin Mo would stay behind to watch over Lin Die and Yan Rong.

Now that she had the Origin Spirit Puppet to back her up, Bai Luo could afford to loosen her nerves a little.


Upon arriving at another area, Lin Mo made his move once again to snatch a precious ore from a group of cultivators.

“Cloud Pattern Dao Copper, not bad.”

No wonder there were so many experts fighting over it.

It was truly a precious treasure.

Following this, Lin Mo leaped away and snatched many more prizes from other battle zones.

Both Bai Luo and Lin Mo had acted on the same principles.

Essentially, they would head to wherever there were Primordial Sun Holy Land disciples.

When it came to snatching treasures, their first priority was to kill all of the members from the Primordial Sun Holy Land.

The treasure was a second priority, one that they would gladly forego if it meant that they could kill more Primordial Sun Holy Land members.

Gradually, Yuan Cang realized what was taking place.

However, it was already too late.

All that was left of the elders of the Primordial Sun Holy Land was a single tier 27 powerhouse.

“Lin Mo, youre courting death.”

Yuan Cang roared angrily.

At the same time, he was also shocked by what he was seeing.

Bai Luo who always seemed to have a domineering air around her was dripping with sweat, and her hair was disheveled.

It was a sign that she had expended plenty of spiritual energy throughout her battles, and that her rate of using spirit energy had surpassed what spiritual pills could provide her with.

On the other hand, Lin Mo was still full of vigor and vitality.

He did not look like he had exhausted his spiritual energy at all.

“What on earth is supplying him with this much energy…”

Yuan Cang noticed that something was amiss and looked at Lin Mo with fear in his eyes.

At this moment, there was only one elder left by his side.

The elder was in charge of protecting him and he had not once left his post.”

“Yan Rong, Lil Die, go and help Lin Mo,” Bai Luo said.

Silver armor appeared on her body once again.

She held a long spear in her hand and stood in the air like a Valkyrie.

At this moment, her combat strength had reached its peak.

It even gave people the illusion that she was at tier 27 of the Dragon Transformation Realm…

Seeing this, Lin Mo immediately ordered his Origin Spirit Puppet to back up Bai Luo.

At the same time, he would take on Yuan Cang together with Yan Rong and Lin Die.


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