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Much of the grievous wounds that Yuan Cang had suffered form had already recovered after taking spirit pills.

However, even back when he was at his peak condition, Yuan Cang was still no match against Lin Mo, let alone now in his recuperating state.

Under the combined attacks of the trio consisting of Lin Mo, Yan Rong, and Lin Die, Yuan Cang was forced to constantly retreat.

His life was on the line.

“You brats are really courting death…”

At this moment, a furious bellow came from afar, and an old man rushed out from within the palace.

The person who had just arrived was the fifth elder of the Primordial Sun Holy Land, and there were some blood stains on his clothes.

Upon spotting the elder, Lin Mo, Yan Rong, and Lin Die immediately abandoned their attack and retreated.

“Fifth Elder, save me.”

Yuan Cang cried out for help, feeling extremely aggrieved.

Being treated in this manner by Lin Mo was simply a great humiliation for him.

“Crying for help are you No matter, you will die today!” Lin Mo snapped at him.

Every time he fought against Yuan Cang, Yuan Cang would be saved at the very end by someone, and he would have no choice but to let him go in frustration.


Their last battle was the closest he had ever been to killing Yuan Cang, and yet, just as he was about to deliver the killing blow, he was interrupted.

And now, history seemed to be repeating itself.

“Bai Luo, look after Lin Die and Yan Rong!”Lin Mo shouted and ordered his puppet to return.

Upon receiving its masters order, it immediately lunged at the fifth elder without any hesitation.

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“How dare you stop me, you piece of junk!” The fifth elder roared angrily and slammed his palm into the Origin Spirit Puppet.


However, much to the fifth elders surprise, the Origin Spirit Puppet did not explode into smithereens as he had expected it to.

Although the puppets chest had caved in and had a palm imprint on it, it had still managed to take on the fifth elders first attack.

This was exactly what Lin Mo wanted.

He had finished charging up his Golden Scale Sword Technique with the time the puppet had bought him.

With that, he then swung down the dazzling golden Sword Qi at Yuan Cang.


Yuan Cang was terrified.

He wanted to retaliate, but the newly inflicted wounds on his body had prevented him from doing so.


Lin Mos Absolute Snow Sword descended, and the golden light that wreathed it had sliced Yuan Cangs body into two halves.

He was dead.

“Haha, your ranking on the Yanhuang Board of Fame is mine now.” Lin Mo laughed smugly as he snatched Yuan Cangs spatial bag away.

Meanwhile, upon noticing that Lin Mos strike had hit its mark, Bai Luo immediately grabbed Lin Die and Yan Rong, and fled the area.

Although the fifth elder possessed movement techniques of his own, they were only of tier 7, and thus, Bai Luos tier 9 Traceless Wind had severely outsped him.

Seeing this, Lin Mo ordered his Origin Spirit Puppet to cover his rear as he turned tail and ran.



The fifth elders furious roar resounded throughout the entire palace, causing everyone who heard his cry to be stunned for a moment.

They were in disbelief.

Just like that, a prodigy of the Yanhuang Board of Fame had perished.

“Oh my God…”

“Was it Lin Mo who did the deed Hes pretty strong, isnt he”

“Haha, nice! The Primordial Sun Holy Land were a pain in the *ss to deal with anyway…”

The bloodshed that was taking place within the palace was temporarily halted as many discussed the sudden turn of events amongst themselves.

While most were reeling over the fact that Yuan Cang had died, the fifth elder was reeling over something else altogether.

It had just dawned on him that while he was fighting for resources within the palace, all other disciples of the Primordial Sun Holy Land had been killed by Lin Mo and his party, leaving him as the only surviving member of their expedition crew.

“Lin Mo, you f*cking scum! I swear that Ill hack you to pieces!” The fifth elder was furious.

At this moment, he had tossed all his desires aside.

No longer did he want any resources from the palace.

All he needed was only Lin Mos head.

“Will Lin Mo be able to escape” One of the many individuals within the palace exclaimed.

A powerhouse at the 31st tier of the Dragon Transformation Realm was going after him.

This was no laughing matter.

No matter how talented Lin Mo was, escaping from the elder would surely prove to be a tall task, if not an impossible one, for him.

Lin Mo would likely be killed by the fifth elder by the end of the day.

As an accomplice, the woman in white who accompanied Lin Mo would likely suffer the same fate.

“Fellow Daoist, please calm down.

Theres no need to make such a big fuss.” Su Hanhai approached the fifth elder with a body full of injuries.

Following closely behind him were Elder Mo and several others.

They were all tier 30 or tier 31 experts.

The appearance of those powerful individuals was accompanied by a mass eruption of power.

Nevertheless, it did little to quell the fifth elders rage.

“Calm down! Calm down! Screw you!” The fifth elder of the Primordial Sun Holy Land cursed loudly, seemingly losing his sense of reason.

The only thoughts running through the elders mind was to kill Lin Mo.

He was on a one-track-mind, obsessing over Lin Mos death.

He would kill Lin Mo, by hook or by crook, regardless of whatever punishment the eighth prince would mete out to him.

“Haha, you really are a bag of bones, arent you, old man How could you not kill me despite possessing that much power at your fingertips”

Lin Mo made sure to taunt the elder while he was fleeing away.

This made the other party furious.

He desperately wanted to kill Lin Mo, but there was nothing he could do.

Lin Mos speed was too fast, and there was no way he could catch up to him.

Furthermore, every time he attempted to use a technique to strike at Lin Mo, his Origin Spirit Puppet would appear to block his attacks.

Lin Mos antics were driving the fifth elder mad.

While he was escaping, Lin Mo noticed that the fifth elder did not possess any special movement techniques, and thus, he felt completely at ease.

It was to the extent upon spotting rare treasures, he would stop and pick them out before turning around to mock at the fifth elder once more.

However, something unexpected happened.

Just as Lin Mo was about to reach the center of the palace, an invisible screen of light had blocked his path…

“What is this” Lin Mo was stunned, and so were the surrounding onlookers.

As a result of the hold-up, the fifth elder had finally caught up to Lin Mo.

The fifth elder launched a powerful fist imbued at Lin Mo, but the latter had skillfully dodged it.

As a result, the elder had ended up hitting the screen of light.


The elders powerful attack had only caused ripples to appear across the light screens surface before disappearing.

The invisible screen of light did not budge at all.

At this moment, waves of fluctuations occurred throughout the palace.

Special scriptures had appeared in all four corners of the palace.

“Profound Sword Dao Principles” Lin Mo was shocked.

He did not expect the grand treasure of the palace to be Daoist techniques.

“Thats not right.

Theyre martial art techniques, at least thats what the runes say.”


Its clearly a cultivation technique.

That evolving screen of light is undoubtedly a powerful cultivation art.”

There were many differing opinions on the truth of the matter.

“The true heirlooms”

Lin Mo was overjoyed.

Were they the final heirlooms

Furthermore, since each person seemed to be seeing something completely different, no one knew what the others had learned unless they explicitly asked.

Many people were pleasantly surprised.

They sat on the ground and began to take in the meaning of the projected runes on the light screen.

However, Lin Mo did not share the same luxury as his fellow cultivators.

This was because not too far away, the fifth elder of the Primordial Sun Holy Land was glaring at him furiously.

A silver light flashed, and Bai Luo had appeared beside Lin Mo with Yan Rong and Lin Die.

They were being hunted down, and now that the final heirloom had appeared, it was obvious that the fifth elder would not let them pick up any meaningful lesson from the heirlooms runes.

“Do you think Im easy to bully” Lin Mo snapped angrily.

He activated his Origin Spirit Puppet, and numerous runes appeared on it.

Seeing this, Bai Luo immediately followed up Lin Mo by firing an orb of white light into the puppets dantian.

Outsiders would not be able to see it clearly, but as the owner of the Origin Spirit Puppet, Lin Mo could clearly detect that Bai Luo had placed a high-grade spiritual stone into the puppet.

Instantly, the damage that had been inflicted upon the puppet began to heal at breakneck speeds.

At the same time, Lin Mo ordered his Origin Spirit Puppet to rise into the air.

Throughout all this, the Origin Spirit Puppets body was glowing brilliantly.

The crowd watched for a while longer before they finally understood what Lin Mo was trying to pull.

“He wants to self-destruct the puppet…” Many onlookers exclaimed in shock.

The puppet was around a tier 26 Dragon Transformation Realm expert in strength, and thus, they found it rather wasteful to make it self-destruct.


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