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Lin Mo suddenly thought of something.

His gaze was fixed on the center of the chamber they were in, beyond the screen of light, and of the scene within it.

There was not a single trace of blood to be seen.

Back when the fifth elder of the Primordial Sun Holy Land, Su Hanhai, and even Elder Mo had first appeared, they were all injured.

An intense battle had definitely erupted inside, and he was certain that there was fresh blood splattered everywhere.

However, as far as he can see, there were no bloodstains.

“Lin Mo, look behind you.”

At this moment, Bai Luos voice rang out.

Lin Mo turned around, and to his surprise, the bloodstains behind him had also disappeared.

Since they had not entered the palaces inner chamber prior to the final heirlooms appearance, they were unaware of the happenings that had taken place in there.

However, that was not the case for the outside of the palace.

After all, they had fought there.

From what they could recall, the outside of the palace was supposed to be filled with a rich flowery fragrance as well as spirit herbs sprouting everywhere.

However, in this moment, the spirit herbs had withered, and it seemed to be devoid of any form of wildlife.

Some of the corpses of the recently deceased had already decomposed into withered, brittle bones.

All it took was a breeze for them to scatter and disappear without a trace.

Seeing this, Lin Mo hurriedly checked his collection of resources.

Much to his relief, all of the items he had collected earlier were still present and safe.


“How strange.

This area was still full of vitality just moments ago, but now, it completely barren.” Lin Mo was shocked.

What exactly had happened here.

Perhaps it was a sign that something big was about to take place…

“I believe that the best course of action that we can take is to wake up the disciples of the Su clan and the Purple Moon Holy Land,” Bai Luo suggested.

Although the disciples were of decent talent, as things stood, they were rather weak.

Moreover, the martial arts that they were capable of using were not particularly good.

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If possible, Lin Mo would rather not see them perish in such a place.

After all, they were both friendly factions affiliated with him, and their existence was a rarity among these parts.

“I have two spirit-grade manuals on me, one containing a cultivation technique and the other containing a martial art technique.

Use them as compensation to try and convince them to leave.”

Bai Luo provided Lin Mo with capital, just in case he was unable to convince them to leave.

It was one thing if something had actually happened and Lin Mo would be thanked for saving them.

However, if nothing happened, Lin Mo would likely draw plenty of flak for disrupting their cultivation.

Thus, Bai Luo had offered up her manuals as a way to appease them.

“Good idea.

Please watch over Lil Die and Yan Rong for me.” Lin Mo nodded, it was all up to him now.

He slowly searched and woke up the disciples of the Su family and the Purple Moon Holy Land one by one.

As expected, the disciples were outraged at having Lin Mo interfere with their comprehension of martial arts and cultivation techniques.

“The situation has changed.

I think its best that all of you leave the main hall.” Lin Mo explained himself.

The disciples of the Su clan did as they were told.

They listened to Lin Mos advice and left the area, much to most onlookers astonishment.

As for the Purple Moon Holy Land, an elder had come up to Lin Mo to seek an even more detailed explanation.

“Im Li Su, the ninth elder of the Purple Moon Holy Land.

I might not be as powerful as the elders from other factions, but Im no push-over either.

Lin Mo, what are you trying to pull here” The old woman said with a frown.

Lin Mo had interrupted her while she was halfway through comprehending a spirit-grade cultivation technique.

As such, she was very angry at him.

“Here, take this spirit-grade cultivation technique and martial arts manual as compensation.

But please, leave this place.

Theres something strange going on here.”

Lin Mo responded while handing over the cultivation technique and martial art manuals to the elder, startling her.

“What makes you think so” Li Su was shocked.

Realizing that Lin Mo was being serious, she quickly restrained her temper.

“I dont know either, but things are looking bad here, no harm in being careful.”

Lin Mo responded and watched the elder leave.

After going through all the normal disciples, Lin Mo then slowly walked up to the first row of cultivators.

It was there that he realized that Su Hanhai and the other high-ranking cultivators had already entered a deep-state of cultivation.

“Youve sensed it too, havent you”

Upon reaching the first row, Lin Mo encountered a young man standing in front of an old man with a solemn gaze.

“And, you are” Lin Mo was stunned.

He did not recognize the person.

“Number 18 on the Board of Fame, Qi Tao of the Green Sea Palace.” The young man smiled as he revealed his identity.


Lin Mo was startled.

He did not expect to encounter yet another top ranker in the ruins.

“Something feels off here.

Look here,” Qi Tao pointed at the old man in front of him.

Following the direction that Qi Tao was pointing, Lin Mo noticed a pool of blood in front of the old man.

It was not just him.

There were pools of blood in front of all the tier 30 and tier 31 powerhouses.

“This is their blood essence that was forcefully extracted from them.” Bai Luo had arrived with Lin Mos Origin Spirit Puppets tailing her.

Lin Die had finished comprehending her Dao principles, and as for Yan Rong, after investigating and finding out that he was only comprehending a spirit-grade cultivation technique, she forcefully snapped him out of his trance.

Bai Luo only went after Lin Mo once she had escorted both of the them out.

“Thats right.

I tried to wake up the elder of my Green Sea Palace, but it was useless.

He seemed to be caught in a deep trance, and his blood essence was constantly being forced out of him.” Qi Tao said with a helpless expression.

“We should check up on them as well.”

Lin Mo and Bai Luo exchanged glances with each other, immediately understanding what they needed to do.

They went their separate ways to look for Qin Yu and Su Hanhai.

After hesitating for a moment, they then reached out with their hands and tapped at the space between their brows.


Lin Mos finger was flicked away.

He attempted to use his spiritual energy to invade Qin Yus mind space, but it was to no avail.

“How could this happen” Lin Mo was shocked.

Even those who had gone extremely deep into their secluded cultivation would not be this unresponsive to outside stimuli.

“I cant wake him up.” Bai Luo had also returned.

She shook her head, indicating that her efforts to wake up Su Hanhai had failed.


At this moment, another wave of fluctuations spread out from the light screen.

Seemingly possessed, the powerhouses seated at the first row cut their fingers and forced out a drop of their blood essence.

However, the same phenomenon soon extended to those seated at the back rows as well.

They also began to cut themselves to drip their blood essence.

The moment their blood essence touched the ground, they were immediately absorbed by the earth, disappearing without a trace.

The scene was highly abnormal, and it caused Lin Mo and the other conscious cultivators to be alarmed.


Qi Tao let out a powerful roar and unleashed a huge amount of his aura to force the unconscious people awake.

Unfortunately, even with his powerful spiritual energy,no one had woken up.

“Damn it, what sorcery is this” Qi Tao roared furiously.

Furthermore, the speed at which everyones blood essence was being depleted was also ramping up.

Some were already tuning pale.

Despite this, the cultivators were still fully concentrated in trying to comprehend whatever technique that the light screen was showing them.

“Lets join powers and attack the light screen.”

Lin Mo promptly suggested.

The trio brought out their spirit-grade weapons together.

In Qi Taos case, his weapon was a pair of war hammers which exuded a golden glow.

The three of them dared not waste any more time.

Immediately after unsheathing their weapons, they then leaped into the air and executed their spirit-grade martial arts.

“Golden Scale Sword Technique!”

“Silver Dragon Piercing Sun!”

“Raging Wave Strike!”

Terrifying waves of energy were unleashed in that moment.

All three of them had executed the most powerful move in their arsenal.


Despite this, however, all their attacks had managed to do was leave behind tiny ripples across the light screens surface.

Once the energy ripples dissipated, the light screen looked as good as new.

Their attacks had been completely ineffective.

“This isnt something we can break.” Bai Luo immediately shook her head and gave up on the idea of shattering the screen.

Furthermore, thinking back to when the fifth elder had attacked Lin Mo, his attack, too, had been completely nullified by the screen of light.

“Cough! Gak! Ack…” A violent coughing sound could be heard.

One of the cultivators sitting at the front suddenly opened his eyes and coughed up a mouthful of black blood.

“How vicious…”

That person was Kong Xiu from the Peacock Spirit Clan.

He had snapped out of his trance, and his entire body trembled as it happened.

He took out a spirit pill and consumed it.

Only then did he gradually recover.


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