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“Senior Kong Xiu, youre awake” Qi Tao was overjoyed.

Their joint attack that he thought was ineffective had actually been slightly useful.

“Its you three”

Kong Xiu was stunned.

The moment he turned around and spotted Lin Mo, his face immediately darkened.

“You sure you want to treat me like that I just saved you.” Lin Mo curled his lips.

At the same time, he felt a bitter taste in his mouth.

Out of all the people who could be saved, why not Elder Mo, who was the strongest individual present

He was half a step into the Nirvana Realm, and yet, he still woke up later than Kong Xiu.

Kong Xiu looked at Lin Mos expression and snorted coldly, “Arent you supposed to be a smart one You should know that the speed of ones awakening depends on ones talent, right The better ones talent is, the earlier theyll finish comprehending the light screens contents.”

“Oh, so what youre saying is that the three of us are superior to you” Lin Mo sneered as he retorted.


Kong Xiu was mad, but he did not know how to refute the claim.

He had indeed been entranced by the light screens contents.

Although he could sense that something odd was happening, he had no means of escaping from its clutches.

It was only due to the waning of the light screens power caused by the juniors joint attack that had given him enough wiggle room to break free.


“Senior, the most important thing right now is to solve this problem.” Bai Luo walked forward and gave him a faint smile.

She pointed at the spot in the back where the disciples of the Peacock Spirit Clan were.

The members of his clan were trapped and were unable to break free.

After all, if even their leader had struggled to escape its clutches, what chance did the weaker disciples have

“This is the Dutian God Slaying Formation.

Its one of the most enigmatic killing formations since ancient times,” Kong Xiu said.

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He was not sure at first, but after experiencing its effects first-hand and seeing the situation his clan members were in, he immediately understood.

“A Dutian God Slaying Formation How could such a formation exist in the eastern continent” Bai Luo was shocked.

This was impossible.

The eastern continent was supposed to be extremely weak in the past.

Even an organization as huge as the Ancient Flame Sect should not wield this much power.

“I dont understand.” Lin Mo waved his hand.

Qi Tao also nodded.

They did not understand what Bai Luo and Kong Xiu were going on about.

“Hehe, the little girls knowledge is quite broad.”

Kong Xiu looked at Bai Luo in approval and explained, “The Dutian God Slaying Formation is an ancient forbidden formation.

It is extremely powerful and should not be underestimated.”

The most important thing was that once the formation was activated, it would trap the people caught it in and use their blood essence to maintain the formation.

Once it had completely drained the blood essence of its victims, the Dutian God Slaying Formation would explode.

When that happened, the weakened victims within the formation stood no chance of surviving it.

Moreover, the formation they were currently in was only an incomplete version of the Dutian God Slaying Formation.

Had it been the proper version, no one would have been able to escape.

“Then do you know how to break the formation” Qi Tao asked.

This was the most crucial part.

“At our level of strength No.

You guys should come with me.

I can bring you guys out.” Kong Xiu answered.

He looked at Lin Mo.

Since Lin Mo had saved his life, he was willing to turn him from an enemy to a friend.

Although he had lost a son, as the leader of the clan, he knew very well what the consequences of offending a peerless genius were.

He only had two choices, one was to exterminate Lin Mo now, while he was still weak, or two, to befriend him.

Otherwise, the peacock spirit clan was destined to be annihilated in the future once Lin Mo had become too strong for his clan to take down.

“Youre letting go of your grudge against me for killing your son” Lin Mo was shocked.

“Dont you humans have a saying about repaying kindness with kindness Well, as the savior of my life, it would be distasteful for me to continue holding a grudge over you.

Plus, Im pretty sure the fault lies with Kong Xuan anyway.

His skills were inferior, and so, he lost, simple as that…” Kong Xiu shook his head.

He was really grateful to Lin Mo and the other two youths for saving his life.

He was the final bastion for the Peacock Spirit Clans survival, after all.

The clan could not do without him.

If he were to weigh the continuation of his race and his own son, he could clearly distinguish which was of greater importance.

“Lets go.

Theres no need to linger here a second longer.

The Dutain God Slaying Formation cannot be broken.” Kong Xiu shook his head.


The Dutian God Slaying Formation was set up by an owner of the God Devouring Body back in ancient times.

Although this is just an incomplete version of the formation, judging by its strength, well need to at least be in the Nirvana Realm to stand a chance in breaking it…”

Bai Luo shook her head.

She really did not expect such a powerful formation to be hidden away in the small eastern continent.

“God-devouring Body”

Upon hearing those words, Lin Mo cried out in surprise.

“Dont make a fuss.

Wielders of the God Devouring Body have long gone extinct.

Theres nothing to worry about,” Kong Xiu stated.

“Are none of you… Curious about the domain that I usually use in battles” Lin Mo raised his head and looked at everyone.

“Could it be that you possess the God Devouring Body” Bai Luo had a look of disbelief.

How could a wielder of the God Devouring Body be born in such a small family

Due to the amount of resources it consumed, even organizations as huge as holy lands could not afford to raise a wielder of such an ability.

Moreover, the more an individual advanced, the more resources it consumed.

At some point, even a nation like the Yanhuang Divine Empire would be unable to afford it…

“Why not” Lin Mo grinned, leaking one of his secrets.

He then activated his God Devouring Body, indicating that he was not lying to them.

“How is this possible” Qi Tao and Kong Xiu were shocked and they looked at Lin Mo in disbelief.

An individual possessing such a physique could not have possibly survived within an ordinary family.

From the background checks they had done on Lin Mo, they were certain that he was a disciple of the Lin family, and from what they investigated, Lin Mo had even been expelled by his family at one point.

His cultivation results were a culmination of his own efforts as well as the spiritual stones he had obtained from hosting auctions.

However, now that the information of him possessing a God Devouring Body had come to light, his abnormal obsession with spiritual stones had finally made sense.

“No wonder youre always so short of spiritual stones…”

Bai Luo nodded.

Everything had finally clicked together.

The devouring God body was constantly cultivating and was extremely taxing on resources.

Even for someone of Bai Luos background, possessing a God Devouring Body would still drain the family coffers dry.

However, Lin Mo had no such background.

“No wonder youve devoted yourself to the eighth prince…”

Bai Luo heaved a sigh, and pointed out a glaring issue to him.

“You cant even afford to take care of yourself.

How can you possibly take care of Lil Die then So, I have a proposal for you.

Why dont you sell her to me instead”

Bai Luo suddenly recalled one of her main goals, which was to take Lil Die away from Lin Mo.

“Bugger off…”

Lin Mo rolled his eyes, before turning to Kong Xiu and asking him a question.

“Senior, how can I break apart this God Slaying Formation”

Su Hanhai had saved him many times, and there was also Qin Yu, a newly formed ally.

They were individuals he absolutely had to save.

“Activate the God Devouring Body and have it surround yourself.

Doing so would grant you entry into the formation, but its also extremely dangerous,” Kong Xiu instructed.

At the same time, he also tried to persuade Lin Mo to give up.

The God Devouring Body was not an easy technique to cultivate, and he was also making plans to invest in Lin Mo in exchange for protecting the Peacock Spirit Clan in the future.

“You guys should leave this place.” Lin Mo nodded in affirmation to Kong Xius instructions before giving instructions of his own.

The Dutian God Slaying Formation was ineffective against a wielder of a God Devouring Body.

It was for this reason that he was able to understand the Dao principles much quicker than the others earlier.

However, his task this time was of a grander scale than understanding Dao principles.

He needed to enter light and destroy the formations core.

“If I can somehow manage to learn how to use the Dutian God Slaying Formation, my combat strength will grow exponentially.”

Lin Mo smiled and expanded his God Devouring Body to cover his body.

In the next moment, he stepped into the light screen.

“What a familiar feeling.

Its of the same origin as the God Devouring Body…”

The moment he entered, Lin Mo sensed an aura that was reminiscent of the God Devouring Body.

The spiritual energy within this area of the palace had already been sucked dry.

It was completely barren.

Lin Mo wandered around the interior of the formation, but still, he was unable to locate its core.

“Damn it, where is it” He cursed angrily.

Worse still, he realized that the interior was gradually devouring his spiritual energy…


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