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As he went deeper, Lin Mos body was swiftly enveloped by a wave of darkness.

Not a single trace of light could be seen in his surroundings.

This place was chaotic.

Not a single sound could be heard.

When Lin Mo opened his mouth, he could feel himself speaking.

However, his voice could not be heard.

The spiritual energy in his body could not be used, and his surroundings were filled with darkness.

It was hard to imagine how long a person could endure in such an environment.

Walking inside, Lin Mo was aimless.

At first, he was rather flustered, but he quickly calmed down.

If he panicked in such an environment, he would very easily go crazy.

The more this was the case, the more he had to calm down.

Otherwise, he would forever be stuck in the darkness, unable to extricate himself, and would eventually be devoured.

The Dutian God Slaying formation was created using the essence of the God Devouring body as its power.

It was impossible for an ordinary person to replicate it.

What could be set up was definitely the God Devouring Body.

Moreover, it was an existence with powerful combat strength.

Lin Mo walked forward, forgetting about the world and space.

He only knew to walk forward numbly.

He was like an ascetic cultivator, struggling to cross over in the chaotic world.


His footsteps never stopped.

Lin Mos willpower was far beyond that of an ordinary person.

However, he felt as if a long time had passed.

There were a few times when he felt like he wanted to die.

He only felt that the capital God Slaying Formation was the most terrifying cage in the world.

However, as time passed, Lin Mos consciousness became even more resolute.

There was a hint of vigor in his eyes as if he had experienced countless lives before.

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He gradually forgot everything.

He even forgot what he came here for.

In a trance, his subconscious told him to move forward.

“Look at the road with your heart, and stick to your heart.

Everything is an illusion.”

In the dark space, Lin Mo continued to move forward.

The conviction in his heart was telling him to move forward and search…

Behind Lin Mo, a ray of light suddenly appeared.

It descended from the sky.

“This is… Spiritual energy.”

Lin Mo spoke with a hoarse voice.

He felt that he had not spoken for hundreds of years.

At this moment, he could hear his voice and feel the spiritual energy.

His forgotten memories returned to his mind.

“Very tempting…”

Lin Mo looked at the ray of light behind him unwillingly.

He took a few steps forward, wanting to head there.

But in the end, he stopped and shook his head helplessly.

“The road is in my heart, everything is an illusion…”

Lin Mo decisively gave up on the light behind him and lifted his feet to continue moving forward.

Over there, was an even deeper darkness, an endless abyss…

As he took a step forward, the light behind him shattered, and the spiritual energy that he had just sensed disappeared once again.

There was no reluctance in his heart, so Lin Mo continued moving forward, heading deeper into the abyss.

In the next moment, the entire space started to tremble violently.

The endless darkness shattered, and light poured into it.

Light and spiritual energy poured into the crack and spread out, illuminating the entire space.

The spiritual energy that he had lost all returned in the next moment.

He could feel the traces of the laws again.

“So terrifying…”

After knowing everything, Lin Mo let out a long sigh.

It was too dangerous.

It turned out that the Dutian God Slaying Formation was so dangerous that even the God Devouring Body would have trouble with it.

In the endless darkness, there was nothing.

Unable to sense the passage of time, Lin Mo almost failed to walk out.

Moreover, the most dangerous step was the final step.

Facing the light in the darkness, this light of redemption was also a cruel test.

However, in the end, he still relied on his own comprehension to find the correct path.

“This must be the core of the Dutian God Slaying Formation.” Lin Mo raised his head and found a special rune in this mysterious space.

Only at this moment did Lin Mo discover to his surprise that his soul power had already become extremely condensed.

At this moment, he felt that nothing could escape from him.

He could see through everything with a single glance.

This was the greatest reward he had obtained after entering.

“I just dont know how much time has passed outside, and whether Elder Su and the others are still alive…”

Lin Mo felt helpless.

He felt that he had entered for quite some time.

He had lost track of time and space, and he did not know what had happened during this process.

Suddenly, a strange movement appeared in front of him.

It shrank and entered the space between Lin Mos brows.


Before he could comprehend it, the sound of something breaking could be heard.

“Not good, this place is going to collapse.”

Lin Mo was shocked.

The thing that was supporting the Dutian God Slaying Formation was the rune from before.

Now that the rune had entered his body, this place could not hold itself up on any longer.


At the same time, as the crack grew bigger, a terrifying fluctuation swept out.

Lin Mos scalp instantly went numb, and the flaming wings on his back instantly flew out.

Although he had spent many years in the palace, when he flew out, he saw Bai Luo and the others who were just about to leave.


Lin Mo shouted loudly, reminding Bai Luo and the others to run.

At the same time, the Dutian God Slaying Formation was broken, and countless people woke up.

They saw Lin Mo and the others fleeing like crazy, not knowing why.

In front of them, Elder Mo and the other experts felt that something was wrong.

They were so scared that their faces turned pale.

They released themselves and brought their subordinates with them, fleeing for their lives.

Lin Mo and the others rushed to the front, followed by Elder Mo, Kong Xiu, and the others.

Kong Xiu could have left immediately, but when he saw that his clansmen could be taken away, he went back and brought them along, wasting time.

At this moment, the faces of the tier 31 of the Dragon Transformation Realm experts were all filled with fear.

Lin Mo and the others were the same, their hearts palpitating.

The Dutian God Slaying Formation was too terrifying, and it was about to erupt.

This force gave Lin Mo the feeling that it was comparable to a full-strength attack from a Nirvana stage expert.


In the next moment, that palace directly exploded, and a terrifying vortex that could annihilate everything appeared, as if it wanted to devour everything.


The palace exploded, and those who were not protected and were not strong were vaporized on the spot.

Their protective weapons were all destroyed.


Someone roared at the sky, unwilling to give up.

He was swept away by the whirlpool and lost his life completely.

“What did you do” Bai Luo approached Lin Mo and asked in a low voice.

He was very curious.

“Lets not talk about this for now.

How long have I been in there” Lin Mo asked.

This was because he did not know that too much time had passed in the outside world.

“Didnt you just enter The next second, you flew out and shouted for us to run.” Bai Luo frowned, expressing his confusion.

“I obtained a strange rune.

After returning to ancient flame city, well split it up.” Lin Mo thought for a moment and said.

This was very likely the inheritance of the ancient flame ruins.

Otherwise, it would not have exploded the moment he obtained it.

“Really” Bai Luo was shocked.

He obtained it in less than a second after entering


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