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As for the rank, this cultivation technique could reach earth-grade tier 9, just one step away from spirit-grade.

“So high”

Lin Mo was extremely shocked.

She was already at earth-grade tier 9, yet this little girl still dared to look down on her…

“Its just earth-rank tier 9, so its just so-so.”

Bai Luo nodded.

Strictly speaking, the incomplete technique they had obtained had only just entered the spirit-grade.

After all, it was an incomplete technique.

It was already considered pretty good to have such a rank.

“Ive already tried.

With our strength, it will basically take us a hundred years to inscribe a spirit-grade martial art…” Bai Luo said.

Right now, they were faced with a problem.

They could not share the martial arts that they had obtained with each other.

This was truly unbearable.

Bai Luo was drooling over Lin Mos Qilin steps.

This was a great killing move.

The complete Qilin technique required a total of nine steps to use the Qilin steps.

Each step would erupt with incomparable power.

And Lin Mo had only obtained four steps.

Even so, it was enough for it to be a spirit-grade martial art.

Moreover, this was a martial art from a divine beast.

If he could collect the complete one, he would be able to dominate a region..

“Theres another method, telepathic resonance…” Lin Die suddenly spoke up.

This was the only other method other than meditation.

However, during the period of telepathic resonance, if anyone were to harbor any malicious thoughts, the result would be devastating.

It could be said that even though ones thoughts were able to comprehend Dao arts together with the other party, the danger was staggering.




Lin Mo and Bai Luo fell into silence.

Hearing those words, Yan Rong was at a loss for words as well.

He was still happily accepting the inheritance runes.

He had already obtained two spirit-grade martial arts, so he had gained a lot.

“Big brother, Big Sister Bai Luo, why arent the two of you saying anything Lets quickly resonate with our spiritual sense,” Lin Die said with a naive look on her face.

She did not understand why the two of them had suddenly stopped talking.

They had just said very amicably that they wanted to give what they had obtained to the other party to comprehend as well…

At the very least, she could not wait any longer.

She was the first to release her divine senses, waiting for Lin Mo and Bai Luo.


The two of them remained silent.

Being urged by Lin Die, they felt a little awkward.

“Were friends, right”

After a long while, Lin Mo was the first to speak.

Bai Luos identity was mysterious.

She came from another continent and had a terrifying background.

Naturally, Lin Mo did not dare to do anything to her.

He was not stupid.

Bai Luo definitely had some kind of restriction on her.

If something happened to her, her elders would definitely know about it.

This was also the reason why he hesitated.

If he even touched Bai Luo, he would definitely be hunted down.

In fact, the entire Eastern Continent might even be destroyed because of this.

However, if Bai Luo made a move against him, he would be fine.

It was just to make Lin die hate her.

There were many ways to control a rare innate beast.

This was nothing at all.

Even if Jiang Xiyue wanted to take revenge, she would probably be powerless…

“I wont let you down…”

Bai Luo was silent for a moment before she said.

She was also taking a risk.

After knowing Lin Mo for so long, she was willing to believe in Lin Mos character.

“Ill go out and protect you guys.”

Yan Rong was very tactful.

After seeing Lin Mo and Bai Luos plans, he temporarily gave up on the inheritance and withdrew from the formation.

The spirit-grade martial arts that he had obtained were easily obtained by Lin Mo and the others.

f he followed Lin Mo, when his strength reached a certain level, he would definitely have a lot of spirit-grade martial arts…

After Yan Rong left, Lin Dies mind was full of questions.

He did not understand why the two of them, who had always been on good terms with each other, were suddenly suspicious of each other.

“Come, lets resonate with our divine thoughts.

Lets meditate together.” Bai Luo smiled and released her divine thoughts.

She was the first to connect with Lin Die.

At first, the two divine thoughts were lightly repelled, but soon, they fused together.

“Big brother, come quickly.

Lets cultivate together.” Lin Die smiled innocently.

His smile was very cute.

Upon seeing this, Lin Mo no longer hesitated and released his divine thoughts.

The three of them fused their divine thoughts together.

At this moment, they knew exactly what the other party was thinking.

Upon seeing this, Lin Mo cast aside his distracting thoughts and began to comprehend the “Cloud Piercing Four Spirits.” in Bai Luos memories.

This was the Vermillion Birds martial art.

With the Vermillion Bird divine flame covering his entire body, he launched four consecutive attacks, each of which was enough to rip the sky and split the earth.

Just as he started to comprehend, Lin Mo was already deeply immersed in it, entering a state of selflessness.

Seeing this, Bai Luos gaze towards Lin Mo gradually softened, and she let down the last guard in her heart.

She started to comprehend the Qilin Steps in Lin Mos divine thoughts, feeling the profoundness within.

As for Lin Die, she had already started to comprehend the Cloud Piercing Four Spirits when she was in contact with Bai Luo.

Whether it was Lin Mo, Bai Luo, or even Yan Rong, she was at ease.

This was because Yan Rong had been teaching her to cultivate from the very beginning.

As for Bai Luo, he had taken care of her meticulously in the secret realm and won her trust.

They fell into silence.

The symbols between the three peoples brows were unceasing, and occasionally, Dao would appear.

They had gained a lot, and smiles appeared on their faces.

Spiritual resonance.

The benefits of this type of cultivation method could be seen.

Lin Mo and the others had obtained a very complete inheritance.

Moreover, Lin Mo and Bai Luo had also exchanged the Dao principles they had comprehended and integrated them into their own cultivation techniques.

The two of them had gained a lot.

As for Lin Die, because she had a natural cultivation technique, she was unable to participate in it, so she felt a little regretful.

Three days passed by in a flash.

A jade talisman flickered, and Yan Rong was transmitting the news from outside.

Today was the day of the auction.

Although Duanmu Jia and Miao Qing could also host the auction.

However, this auction was not simple.

Duanmu Jia could handle it when it came to purchasing treasures.

However, if the auction were to start, Lin Mo would still be needed.

In fact, this was also the reason why Yan Rong sent the message.

First Elder Duanmu Jia, Elder Mo of the Imperial Family, a supreme elder of the peacock spirit clan, and the members of the imperial family of Great Yan Divine Empire.

All of these parties had Nirvana realm experts among them.

Thats right.

After coming out of the mystic realm, Elder Mo of the imperial family had already reached the Nirvana realm after meditating and cultivating.

Although the final Dutian God Slaying Formation was a trap, the bait was still real.

Elder Mo had meditated for such a long time, so he definitely obtained a lot of benefits.

After walking out of the spirit-grade formation, the three of them wore smiles on their faces.

The benefits they obtained this time were too great.

Moreover, during this period of time, Yan Rong had also written down all the inheritances, formations, pill formulas, and so on.

These could all be auctioned.

The only thing that made Lin Mo feel regretful was that the incomplete techniques of the archaic divine beasts could not be sold.

He could not write the incomplete techniques.

These symbols were too mysterious.

Moreover, if they were really sold, the entire eastern continent would probably fall into madness.

People from other continents would also come over, stirring up a bloody storm here.

“Master, youve finally come out…” Yan Rong heaved a sigh of relief.

Lin Mo and Bai Luo were fine.

This was the best result.

“The auction has already started.

Duanmu Jia is holding it now.

Hurry up and go.”

Yan Rong hurriedly said, urging Lin Mo to go over.


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