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Now, the Duanmu family had arranged for it to be placed at the front.

From this, it could be seen just how many treasures had been purchased.

The Wind Killing Fist was also very attractive.

Lin Mo had just finished speaking when the bidding voices for this batch of items were heard.

The auction instantly became lively.

Quite a number of people were bidding, and they had already forgotten about the unhappiness that had just occurred.

Hearing the shouts around him, Lin Mo nodded his head in satisfaction.

When he raised his head, he realized that Bai Luo was dressed in a black robe.

He had no idea when she had been sitting in the main hall.

As the two of them had cultivated spiritual resonance, they were extremely sensitive to the other partys soul power and aura.

Thus, they were the first to notice it.

“Looks like theres a treasure that she likes…”

Lin Mo smiled.

After using spiritual resonance, since there was an auction item that Bai Luo liked, he naturally would not mind selling it to her.


The Wind Killing Fist was very attractive, and in the blink of an eye, it was raised to the price of 2,500 middle-grade spirit stones.

Lin Mo nodded his head in satisfaction.

After three strikes, the Wind Killing Fist was bought by a middle-aged man in the hall.

[ Congratulations, host, for successfully auctioning the half-step rank 9 fist technique, Wind Killing Fist ]

[ Triggered 3,000 times the auction profit ]

[ Acquired rank 9 middle-grade fist technique, Wind Raging Dragon Fist ]

After triggering the auction rebate, Lin Mo smiled and waved his hand.

The maid once again walked up with a silver plate in her hands.

“Everyone, this next martial art is a little unorthodox.

However, its power is still pretty good.”

Lin Mo introduced it.

He lifted up the red cloth on the silver plate and a scroll that was as red as blood appeared in front of everyone.

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They heard that Yan Rong had obtained this from the inheritance runes.

However, the requirements to cultivate it were extremely harsh.

He felt that it was a waste of time, so he wrote down the cultivation method.

“The martial art of needlework.

I have to say that this is a very obscure martial art.

However, its level isnt low, and it has already reached quasi-spirit-grade.”

“This is something that I brought out from the Ancient Flame Ruins.

Needlework isnt suitable for me, so Im auctioning it off.”

Hearing Lin Mos words, the people at the front immediately became interested.

Most of them had their own factions.

Although they did not know how to learn needlework, it was possible that the younger generation of their families would be interested.

Thus, right after Lin Mo finished his introduction, someone impatiently asked Lin Mo to make a bid.

“Even though this fire cloud needlework is only quasi-spirit-grade, its might isnt any weaker than that of a low-grade spirit rank.”

“Once its fully refined, its might will be extremely considerable.”

“The starting bid is 5,000 mid-grade spirit stones.”

Lin Mo spoke, and the price of 5,000 mid-grade spirit stones caused these people to suck in a breath of cold air.

Even though they all had their own powers and wealth, 5,000 mid-grade spirit stones was still quite a pressure.

“5,100 mid-grade spirit stones.”

Even though some of them were hesitant, there were still people who placed their bids, wanting to compete for this martial art.

“5,200 mid-grade spirit stones.”



The bids rose one after another, and very quickly, the price was raised to 6,000 mid-grade spirit stones.

“The needle technique martial arts is a little unorthodox, but theres no doubt that its powerful.

Our Peacock Spirit Clan will bid 6,500 middle-grade spirit stones.”

The bid from the Peacock Spirit Clan immediately attracted everyones attention.

The person who spoke was Kong Xiu, the leader of the Peacock Spirit Clan.

He was once a genius, but due to his injuries, he stopped at the Nirvana stage.

“Its Kong Xiu…”

Lin Mo was stunned.

This elder had come as well.

Lin Mo was still very concerned about the powerful existence who had turned hostility into friendship with him.

Moreover, if he could obtain the help of the Peacock Spirit clan, Lin Mos strength in the Yanhuang Divine Empire would also increase greatly.

This way, he would be of even greater help to Jiang Xiyue.

“I heard that he has injuries…”Lin Mo muttered to himself as he recalled what Su Hanhai had said before.

Because Kong Xiu had injured his foundation, it resulted in him being unable to advance to the 31st tier of the Dragon Transformation Realm for the rest of his life.

If he could obtain some precious spirit pills that could repair his foundation, it might be of some help to him.

“Hehe, fellow Daoist Kong Xiu is a man, so dont fight with me over it.

Let me obtain this needle technique martial art.”

“6,700 middle-grade spirit stones.”

Another voice sounded, it was another familiar person.

Elder Qin Yu of the Purple Clouds Holy Land was also a powerful being at the 31st tier of the Dragon Transformation Realm.

“Could it be that this senior practices needle techniques” Lin Mo was stunned.

“So its elder Qin Yu of the Purple Clouds Holy Land.” Kong Xiu smiled, and the two of them chatted across the two VIP rooms.

Kong Xiu hesitated for a moment before deciding to give up.

After all, he had bid to increase the collection of the Peacock Spirit clan.

There was no need to offend anyone.

“Since no one is bidding, I shall announce that senior Qin Yu will be the one to…”

Lin Mo raised the auction hammer and was about to drop it.


Before he could finish speaking, a discordant voice was heard, attracting everyones attention.

“This voice is the Mu familys ancestor, Mu Ming.”

“Another ruthless person.”

Everyone gasped in surprise.

Then, Mu Ming slowly said, “I have a friend who seems to be learning needlework.

Fellow Daoist Qin Yu, please part with him.”

“Oh, who is worthy of fellow Daoist Mu Mings bid Dont you know his name” Qin Yu coldly said.

“That person doesnt like to be famous, so theres no need to mention this name,” Mu Ming said indifferently.

Then, he increased the price.

“7,000 middle-grade spirit stones.”

When the Mu family made their move, Elder Qin Yu snorted coldly on the Purple Cloud Holy Lands side.

He was very dissatisfied.

“Elder, we havent gotten in touch with the eighth prince yet.

Although the Mu family is inferior to us, we cant offend…”

A purple-clothed woman spoke up to dissuade Qin Yu.

The Mu family had the fourth prince backing them.

Previously, the Purple Cloud Holy Land had wanted to join the eighth prince, but they had been rejected.

On the contrary, the enemys Qinghuai Holy Land had attracted the attention of the eighth prince.

This was not a good thing for them.

Although they had cooperated with Lin Mo in the ruins, the eighth prince was the one who had truly decided.

If he did not speak, so what if he had a good relationship with Lin Mo

“Qin Yu”

At this moment, a black figure appeared in the VIP room of the Purple Cloud Holy Land.

He wore a bamboo hat and carried a knife on his waist.

“Master, what are you doing here”An old voice sounded, and even Qin Yu was shocked.

“Its you… Master, what can I do for You”

Qin Yu did not dare to be negligent and recognized this persons identity.

There was no way she could not recognize him.

Who else could come before her without her noticing other than the Nirvana realm person who had just appeared

“Lin Mo asked me to deliver a message.

He has a spirit-grade needle technique martial art to be auctioned and two spirit-grade needle weapons.

He will sell the low-grade ones first.”

After Luo Haoyu said that, his figure disappeared, as if he had never been here.

“This is sent by Lin Mo”

The woman who had just persuaded Qin Yu was shocked.

To be able to get a Nirvana stage powerhouse to deliver a message, what exactly was Lin Mos identity by the eighth Princes side

“Forget it.

Since Lin Mo has already said so, if you are still hesitating, you can only be destroyed.” Qin Yu clenched her teeth and made a decision.

“Im very sorry.

I dont want to give up this needle technique.”

“7,500 middle-grade spirit stones.”


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